And in the Beginning…

An artist has a clear canvas and makes the first stroke. And this was the beginning. In that instant the Universal Father, as a point of brilliant light created the Eternal Son and at that moment, the Universal Father and the Eternal Son brought forth into this world the Infinite Spirit. From this mystical beginning, the central universe commenced its evolutionary existence and gradually the supporting staff came into being.


The Universal Father had a hands-off approach to the events that were now unfolding, but his influence is forever represented in the fragments of himself that he alone created. The Eternal Son is the sovereign of the spirit realm; the Infinite Spirit is the source of mind; while the Thought Adjuster carries a fragment of the Universal Father within all of us.


The stationary Isle of Paradise is the center of the cosmos and surrounding it is Havona. This core acts like a hub from which spirals outward, the seven super-universes and beyond, the endless expanse of outer space with its ever evolving, new creations. The central and super-universes can be referred to as the grand universe and if you include the farthest reaches of outer space and its new formations, you are presented with the vast master universe.


This massive creation is ever increasing, always evolving and is a trillion years old. It’s a giant organism, expanding and contracting, ever so slightly, like respiration; inhaling and exhaling, a two billion year cycle, ebbing for a billion years and flowing for a billion years. Currently we are in the middle of its expansion cycle.


Each Super-universe consists of 10 major sectors and each major sector consists of 100 minor sectors. There are 100 potential universes that can exist in each minor sector, so a super-universe is home to potentially, a 100,000 universes. Your universe, Nebadon, is far removed from the center of its Super-universe, Orvonton and its capital, Uversa. Your system, Satania is on the edge of Orvonton and Earth is on the periphery of the system. From Jerusum, the capital of Satania, it is 200,000 light-years to Uversa, located at the center of the Super-universe and from the edge to the middle, it is 250,000 light-years.


The Eternal Son conceived of a Paradise order of Michael, of Creator Sons that would be the authors to an almost countless number of universes. The Infinite Spirit, the third in the trinity of the Father and Son has a representative on each universe and is known as the Universal Mother Spirit or Daughter of God. One particular Universal Spirit as a Creator Daughter, volunteered to accompany Michael on his mission in support of him as a co-regent on Nebadon, but with ultimate authority residing with the Creator Son. These Sons and Daughters of God choose their evolving realms but these material creations were first predicated and designed by sophisticated entities referred to as ‘Paradise Architects of the Master Universe.’


Nothing can be done by the Creator Son or Daughter until their potential universe has the space energies in place to provide a material foundation for the emerging universe, with sufficient suns, spheres and heavenly bodies to sustain it. For this new universe to endure within its space in the heavens, much manipulation takes place with the different forces at play. This is done so that it fits harmoniously within the other galaxies, constellations, nebula, suns, stars and universes that surround it, and this balancing extends all the way to the center.


It’s at this point that the Creator Son, accompanied by the Creator Daughter, arrives on scene. The energy controllers and power directors that preceded the two, remain in the universe even after the couple’s arrival, to manage the one-hundred power centers.


Once the first creative concept of the universe is formed by the Son and Daughter, the Bright and Morning Star appears as the chief executive of the universe. He becomes the top administrator and is always addressed as Gabriel.


The Son, the highest deity in the universe is responsible for the creation of a certain amount of universal children but the Creator Daughter conceives as well. She is responsible for producing many orders of spirit beings that answer to her direction alone, in conducting the affairs of the universe. Highly regarded in this group are the various orders of Seraphim.


Nebadon is a very young creation and Michael of Nebadon is registered as 611,121 in the grand universe, which has the potential for 700,000 Creator Sons throughout the seven super universes. For him to have this high a registry makes Earth, being 606 out of 619 inhabited planets in your system, a very new and recent event in the hierarchy of the Universal Father’s eventual and everlasting scheme of things.


The creation of Nebadon commenced four-hundred billion years ago. Since establishing the populated realms of the universe, Michael has been dedicated to the administration of all and in conjunction with the Infinite Spirit through the Creator Daughter, has the palette for conceiving a host of spirit entities and celestial personalities. Before any of this happened though, Michael needed to create the artificial headquarter of Salvington, along with its surrounding satellites.


These architectural worlds were designed to have capacity for the spiritual and semi-physical beings of the universe but also those in between, the transitional morontia personalities. Then the one-hundred constellation headquarters were created, along with their many satellites. This was followed by the 10,000 architectural headquarters of the local systems and amongst all of this, their circling mansion and transitional world spheres. From its beginning until this stage was completed, Nebadon’s manufactured spheres took a little over one-billion years to construct and the planetary growth continues to this day.


The Universal Father never intervenes with how a universe is created or governed; he leaves that in the hand of his Creator Sons. These Sons rule over Constellation Fathers who reign over the System Sovereigns who in turn reside over the individual Planetary Princes. That said; the Universal Father does have his presence bestowed in the Thought Adjusters who in turn are indwelled in human beings. These adjusters are largely isolated from the affairs that surround them, such as the ethical concerns of a local universe. They are not directly connected with what transpires at various seraphic levels, nor any other services being conducted on the planets, systems, constellations or universes. Not even the Creator Son has access to these enigmatic entities created by the Universal Father.


All universes of time and space progress along a path of measured evolvement and progressive growth that encompasses the material, spirit and intellectual planes of existence. This is always in recognition of the abilities of the various inhabitants, the innumerable orders of beings and the assorted classification of spheres that exist. Establishing a universe, is embarking on a matchless adventure in space; a celestial mental creation of unbelievable imagination and divine inspiration.
When considering the universe, its constellations, systems, planets, suns, moons and such, you might think that it and its systems exist in uniform physical design but they don’t. In the case of Satania, your system, it isn’t a uniform physical cluster; it’s a collection of over six-hundred individual systems (like your solar system) that have inhabited planets. Nothing is evenly spread out either. In addition to the 44 inhabited planets revolving around a particularly large dark giant, only one system in Satania has four inhabited spheres within, only four in this local system has three inhabited worlds and there are only forty-six that have two inhabited planets. The remaining inhabited spheres are spread amongst the rest.


In the scheme of any local universe, there are two types of journeys that take place; the ascending and descending. There are the divinely perfect personalities that descend from Havona and the central universe and their paths take them through the super-universes and on to the universes, constellations, systems and finally the inhabited planets. Then there is the course, material, primitive beings like humans that begin their ascending course towards Havona and perfection. Each of these two personality groups; one perfect, the other imperfect, needs each other’s cooperation in attaining their ultimate goal. Each requires the other in fulfilling their destiny.


The wisdom of the Universal Father is on display here, for he could make all mortal beings perfect but doesn’t. That would deprive them of beginning at the bottom of living existence on the course material plane and they would miss out in the gradual inward climb, associated with the adventure, experiences and knowledge gained. It applies equally to the Havona entities of perfection, experiencing the descent to the material plane and the understanding, voyage and gnosis they acquire.


For the reader to understand any universe, they must appreciate how it is administered and governed and those celestial beings responsible for moving everything forward. While the Universal Father rules over the vast creation of the master universe, he leaves it up to his Creator Sons to manage the individual universes, 700,000 actual and potential ones. All of these Sons are required to complete seven bestowals (appearances) on various spheres and worlds in their universe. The first bestowal commenced almost one-billion years ago. Because Michael of Nebadon’s seventh and final bestowal was on Earth as Jesus of Nazareth, he is often referred to, in higher celestial circles, as Christ Michael. By many others, Earth is referred to as the ‘Planet of the Cross’.


His first bestowal was as a Melchizedek Son on an inhabited planet in Nebadon. About one-hundred and fifty-thousand years later he appeared on system 11 in constellation 37 as a Lanonandek Son replacing its rebellious leader. His third bestowal was as a Material Son (Adam) on planet 217 in system 87 in constellation 61. His fourth bestowal was as Seraphim attached to a Trinity Teacher Son on world 462 in system 84 in constellation 3. A little over three-hundred million years ago he appeared on Uversa in the super-universe of Orvonton as an ascending mortal being, joining a small group preparing to close in on their long journey to Havona. His sixth bestowal was as a morontia mortal on the capital world of the fifth constellation of Nebadon.


Before his seventh bestowal as Jesus of Nazareth two-thousand years ago as the Son of God, he had gone from the higher realms to the denser worlds experiencing these descending manifestations. The purpose of these creature incarnations is to enable such Sons to become wise, sympathetic, and understanding sovereigns. These divine Sons are innately just, but they become understandingly merciful as a result of these successive bestowal experiences. These bestowals are not essential to the wise, fair, and efficient management of a local universe but they are absolutely necessary to a reasonable, merciful, and understanding administration of such a creation, teeming with its varied forms of life and its myriads of intelligent but imperfect creatures.


On the material plane, Earth is part of a federation of 619 inhabited planets and/or worlds. Earth is number 606 so you are new to the show. This Federation watches over you but by universal law they cannot interfere in any manner unless instructed from much higher in the celestial hierarchy of Nebadon. Many of these worlds have inter-stellar capabilities and some are proficient in intergalactic travel. It’s a benevolent group of material worlds and spheres that because of a super-universal decree have no communication with your planet or the other 36 who fell into rebellion.
The Creator Son resides in the three-fold ‘mansion of light’ on the architectural headquarters of Salvington. And through his seven bestowals, he has experienced incarnations on the material, spirit and morontia planes as an intelligent creature of his universe.


As noted before, the Creator Son and Daughter fashioned the Bright and Morning Star as their first creation as a couple. Only one is born in each universe, fully functioning as the chief executive to the Son. This first-born is an extremely versatile and brilliant individual that carries none of the attributes of his parents. He has a special and unique connection with not only the material, evolutionary creatures but with a host of spiritual and seraphic (angelic) orders.
Gabriel is not a creator, he is an administrator of unbelievable capacity and nothing important is decided between the Son and Daughter without his presence. Over his time as chief executive to Michael, he has experienced great growth and been exposed to many experiences, as all do in his position, especially in the field of rebellion.


The Ancients of Days are the rulers of the seven Super-universes. Most matters adjudicated by these assigned high rulers, particularly with regard to mass judgments and dispensational resurrections, are re-delegated to Gabriel and his staff for implementation. He has a countless number of administrative assistants at his disposal, plus any and all orders of celestial beings that function in any universe.

After completing his last bestowal on Earth, Michael finally reigns supreme on Nebadon and the three rebellions he has put down are behind him, most recently the one Lucifer lead. Those from afar, advanced beings who have seen many Creator Sons, say that some will resemble more the Father and some more the Son, but in Michael’s case, he most resembles the Eternal Son and as bestowed upon him, the power of a God.


In conducting his affairs, he travels extensively. While resident in his official headquarters on Salvington, when not conducting his affairs there, he is often on the constellation capitals and their numerous systems. Occasionally he travels back to the Isle of Paradise at the center and sometimes to Uversa to meet with the Ancients of Days. When he is away, his executive, Gabriel functions as the regent.


There exists on universes, ambassadors from the Isle of Paradise and the central universe that derive from the Paradise Trinity of the Universal Father, Eternal Son and Infinite Spirit and are referred to as Union of Days, in this case Immanuel of Salvington. He is technically considered an older brother of Michael and is not subordinate to him. He does not preside over any decision making within the universe, but functions as an advisor to the Sovereign Son, his brother Michael. But at the times of Michael’s bestowals, Immanuel always assumed control over all of Nebadon. There are also ambassadors from the same origin, assigned on each of the one-hundred constellation capitals and they act in the same capacity, as Faithfuls of Days. Like their counterparts, the Unions of Days, they never offer assistance or advice unless requested.


Among the higher orders of the local universe are the Universe Sons of God. They fall under four important groups; the Melchizedeks, the Vorondadeks, the Lanonandeks and the Life Carriers. The Melchizedeks are the most versatile and diversified of the orders. The rulers of the constellations, referred to as the’ Most High’ are of the Vorondadek Order. The System Sovereigns and Planetary Princes are of the Lanonandek Order. The Life Carriers, who bring life to the various planets, are the final order.


Gabriel being the chief executive – the Bright Morning Star – is the true administrator of the universe. When Michael is absent for whatever reason outside of a bestowal, Gabriel becomes acting regent and always seeks the council of Immanuel. The original Melchizedek Son, the Father Melchizedek, is always Gabriel’s first assistant and when he is regent of the universe, his first assistant becomes chief executive.


A system sovereign from the Lanonandek Order, is responsible for the physical well-being of its planetary creatures and deals with any biological issues on all its inhabited planets. The constellation rulers, from the Vorondadek Order, focus on the governmental and social issues that prevail on the different worlds, while the universe is more concerned with the spiritual status of its inhabitants.


Ambassadors are representatives of the countless universes that exist in a super-universe. They are stationed on the different universes and on its Super-universe capital, Uversa. Consuls represent the different constellations and each constellation has a representative on the universe headquarters. Observers are sent from the system capitals to the other systems in the constellation and to Edentia itself, the capital of your constellation.


Salvington has communication with Uversa, the headquarters of the Super-universe, Orvonton, but there are also simultaneous broadcasts directly to the constellation headquarters, the system capitals and each individual inhabited planet. No matter what spiritual status an inhabited planet has, communication is open with the system headquarters. To further clarify this point, interplanetary communication with each other and within a system, is open to all that have this spiritual status but denied to worlds like Earth who are under spiritual quarantine because of the recent rebellion. It should be noted that all high orders of celestial personnel have the capacity to directly communicate with other members of their order throughout the universe.


Unfortunately because of the revolt, Earth is now isolated from the rest of its inhabited cousins in the universe. That is why it is viewed by many of you as being alone in the cosmos with no signals ever being picked up from abroad. Hopefully its status, along with the other 36 errant planets, will improve in the near future.


The chronology of all the different planetary worlds and architectural spheres within the universe is looked after by a group of special beings, who compute the different times on each. The standard day in Nebadon is just over eighteen days on Earth. Nebadon time is the standard time for all constellations, but the different systems and their inhabited worlds maintain their own chronology.
Michael has three major concerns; creation, ministry and sustenance. He does not bother with the judicial workings of the universe and he never sits in judgment of his children. Judicial matters are the responsibility of Gabriel and he has entities that are specifically trained to adjudicate in all matters of judgment. Universe courts are restricted and over-seen by judicial oversight from the Super-universe. The local administration in Nebadon is concerned with creation, maintenance, ministry and evolution and has nothing to do with eternal life and extermination, which is the responsibility of the Super-universe’s courts. The right to continued existence or extinction resides with those assigned in the higher courts of Orvonton.


Those local Universe Sons of God, who endanger their status as Sons by default or defection, are never judged at the universe level but from Orvonton. Those local systems and inhabited planets that fall from sedition and rebellion are isolated and readmitted only by those of high assembly on the Super-universe. For everything else, Salvington has the ultimate say and because of such a perfect system, evolving over a span of hundreds of billions of years, there is no escaping the decisions handed down and there is no room for appeal.


The spheres of your universe have a diverse nebular origin. This was managed and put in present alignment, by the intelligent manipulation of the power controllers that produced your present aggregation of space bodies that now function as a unit in its movement, in conjunction with my super-universe, Orvonton. It is easy to observe the demarcations of the super-universe and their major and minor sectors but for the universes, it’s another matter. Nebadon, your particular starry cloud cluster, has increasingly settled into orbit around the minor sector of Orvonton that has Sagittarius at its center.


Nebadon has a number of Physical Controllers that man the one-hundred Supreme Power Centers. These beings receive the incoming lines of power coming from Uversa and transfer the modified power to your constellations and systems. These one-hundred power centers are stationed around Salvington and controlled by a Master Physical Controller from Uversa.


These intelligent beings of energy direction, and power control, must alter their method on each world, in harmony with the physical makeup and design of that particular planet. They calculate utilizing their efficient staff; the influence of highly heated suns, stars, enormous and dark giants, the swarming clouds of space dust, all these material bodies being taken into consideration, when trying to balance all the celestial masses.


The physical characteristics of planets are determined by several factors; the physical environment, its astronomical positioning and how it was created. Some other governing influences are; velocity through space, size, rate of revolution and age. Most planets like Earth have a violent geological past characterized by huge storms, flooding, earthquakes and volcanic activity.


There are close to two-thousand blazing suns, creating light and energy in the Satania system. Of the thirty suns closest to Earth, only three are brighter and Earth’s sun is of average size. These suns act as way stations, directing energy about as is needed and is distributed by the physical controllers. The material composition of all the physical bodies in the universe is similar to that of other universes; from the giant sun Antares, or the dark giants of space, right down to the asteroids themselves. The most recent cosmic event visible from Earth was the brilliant double star explosion or super-nova that occurred in early November, 1572 and lasted for a few days. It was the most recent of eight such events that occurred during your inhabited history.


Earth’s position in the universe is determined by it isolated residency on the peripheral of the Satania system. Its solar system is the second farthest from Jerusem, the capital. Satania is in a similar situation on the outskirt of the constellation Norlatiadek. This constellation is now traversing the outer fringes of the universe. Earth is so new to this game, being one of the last created worlds and for the longest time, low on the totem pole. Michael’s successful bestowal as Jesus more than two-thousand years ago changed all that. Earth has been elevated almost overnight to a position of great universal interest and honor.


Man has a dual nature; with inherited, animal predispositions and the cosmic longing of spirit benefit. While on Earth, you can hardly be expected to fully harmonize the two. But throughout life, the Though Adjuster edges and nudges you along your spiritual pathway, leaving your lower self behind and in its effort, it always leads, it never pushes.


It’s a long struggle for those on Earth, for evolutionary mortals of normal worlds, do not experience the added challenge that you do as Earthlings in your conflict and the continual test in dealing with these two polar opposites, the material and the spiritual. You might envy those from a normal world who are well advanced, helped by significant exposure to Adamic influences, both physically and biologically, but your struggles on Earth will bear fruit in the end.


Much like the story of the tortoise and the hare; sometimes the last and slowest end up first in life’s balancing act. The least advantaged personalities, struggle through life to often become the greatest. That is how Earth can be perceived today. And always remember, human evolution is the result of cosmic inspiration, human imagination, and divine mental creation, and through adversity you really can gain the stars.


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