Thoth's Truth

A Soul's Journey Across the Universe



Chapter 6

The Adamites, Nodites and the Rise of the Andites – Mansion World Five


Arriving on the fifth sphere represents a big step forward in the life of a surviving mortal, as they progress from mansion world to mansion world. As I explained to Tigh, when the evolutionary worlds reach the level of advancement that this mansion world displays, it represents the early era of a planet being settled in ‘Light and Life.’ This is when the planet reaches its maximum evolutionary potential. The final era (seven) is parallel to the quality of existence on the system capital of Jerusem. Once an inhabited planet reaches that point, it has achieved its goal in evolutionary terms and has seen the amalgamation of its races. A system can only reach this level when all of its inhabited worlds have arrived at this stage. Because of the Lucifer Rebellion, there are 37 inhabited worlds that probably will be late in attaining this goal. It will result in delays to the entire Satania System in reaching this spiritual and intellectual stage. Thus this system will hold back the progressive attainment of its local constellation as well as the other 99. This delay progresses throughout the local universe, then the deferment continues on through the minor and major sectors to the Super-universe itself.


I will now take some time to explain to the reader the last three mansion worlds in general terms. The fifth is at the same level as the beginning of the ‘Light and Life’ phase. Six represents the mid phase, while seven characterizes the climax of this phase in a planetary evolution process. By reaching the seventh, it has schooled every individual, from an assortment of inhabited planets, to be on equal footing with each other. Everything they failed to gain because of their planet’s original status, which had not evolved as easily or, as well as others, this levels the playing field. This process insures that no mortal ascender should be denied that which is essential to his ascending career.


Entering the age of ‘Life and Light,’ represented again by Mansion World Five, all planets at this point, prosper under the reign of the Material Son and Daughter and the rule of the unseeing Planetary Prince. Entering this final period under the inertia of one language, one religion, a world government, gender equality and one blended race, there are still imperfections that need to be resolved. People still die from sickness, accidents, and old age and wildlife has not been entirely subdued to a level of perfection.


Long ago advanced worlds had passed from the stage of primitive to that of progressive. That boundary was crossed when tyranny toward either gender was finally extinguished and there was a balance and harmony that existed between the two. So as any world enters the early stages of ‘Light and Life,’ both men and women equally hold the highest positions in government bodies, administration, schools, universities and commerce.


The administrative, social and economic standing of these planets at this level are at its highest. Industry, art and science flourish and become ethical examples for others. Wars have been left behind in the dustbin of history along with their armies and the numerous police forces, for the citizens have finally become law abiding and governments are slowly becoming obsolete. Within the people themselves, their biological fitness has attained its highest level, while the range of their hearing and vision has increased dramatically.


Beyond mansion world’s five and six, the inhabited worlds finally reach the seventh stage and become fully settled in ‘Light and Life’ and have reached the peak of their evolution. The settled age continues with each planet in the system fallowing suite, until the youngest or most challenged settles in ‘Light and Life’ and for one millennium of system time they have gained this stability. Then all of the inhabited worlds enter the system’s epoch.


When all one-hundred systems in each of the constellations settle in the era of ‘Light and Life,’ it continues up to the level of the universe and when the universe becomes settled, it swings into the recognized super-universe circuits and stabilizes. From here the minor and major sectors will follow suite. None of the seven super-universes has ever reached this level but one can always speculate. As I spoke to Tigh about this subject, there were new nebula and galaxies being created in the vast void of outer space. If I had the perfect seat, I envision it being much like watching a fireworks display back on Earth when out of the darkness, from a sudden point of light, burst forth a shower of celestial activity. Tigh now has a hint of what mansion world seven was going to be like. Now all he has to do is successfully graduate from Mansion World’s Five and Six. There was added motivation now.


Tigh had long ago learned that while traversing the mansion worlds, the standard practice of Nebadon was that ascending mortals lose consciousness prior to being transported. During this period, adjustments and advancements are made to their morontia make up or soul. But he now learned that once ascending beings move on from these mansion worlds, they no longer are required to lose consciousness during the necessary metamorphoses.


I must point out to the readers that in all of the morontia phases or transitions, you continue to have contact with, and visibly see material beings in your midst. But as you extend farther into the morontia phase of existence, you gradually come in contact with more and more spirit beings, while leaving behind the material world. And when you reach the boundaries of the spirit realm, you will have seen most of the higher spirit forms.


Tigh had talked previously about the morontia companions and he just wants to add a little more detail through me about them. He found them to be a loyal and intelligent group but on occasion he had heard, they had fallen victim to celestial upheavals and events. Thousands were lost to the Lucifer rebellion and it’s only recently that their numbers have returned to normal levels in this system. And as I have said before, they are very helpful and beneficial to ascending mortals like me.


Like many other categories found in the universe there are seven main functions that morontia companions can be grouped with. For the number seven is a universal one. This is the first understanding you discover when you come through the door. Actually the universality of the number seven and the 11:11 prompt, which is connected to the secondary midwayers, where a couple of things Tigh was aware of before his transition from Earth. He was always fascinated with mysticism and how it functioned and why it was studied by the learned few, while squirreled away in their secret lairs and initiation sites, the Pyramid of Cheops as an example.


The first category of morontia companions is the Pilgrim Guardians that are not assigned as progressors like Tigh’s friend who coordinated much for him as a companion. These companions only administrate. Then there is the second group, the Pilgrim Receivers and Free Associates who Tigh is familiar with. They are there on the first mansion world, assigned as social companions and are often there when you awaken in the presence of your assigned or group seraphim. They can be allotted permanently to anyone while there.


Students from other realms are free to visit any inhabited world, even those isolated like Earth. Because of Michael’s bestowal, it is now a famous and popular destination. Tourists and students are met by the third group, the Hosts of Celestial Visitors. They are dedicated to entertaining these new arrivals and are quite gracious when encountered. Then there is the fourth group who are Coordinators and Liaison Directors who are responsible for gathering groups together in classes, teaching them about the morontia progression and how to socially conduct oneself in this environment. The fifth category is the Interpreters and Translators who in the earlier phase of progression, are utilized and depended on greatly. They know all the local dialects of Nebadon and the first tongue they teach you is that of Satania. They then follow it up with the language of the universe.


The sixth group, the Excursion and Reversion Supervisors act as tour guides. They meet groups and individuals on arrival; designing, organizing and handling everything needed and it makes travel a much more enjoyable experience. At first it took Tigh a while to adjust to being guided as he was someone who traveled on Earth in an independent fashion, but now he seemed spoiled by their manners and conduct. I’ve often seen him walking up to a seraphim transport, heading off for some remote destination with his customary pack on his back, a guidebook in hand, accompanied by a companion.


The final companion group is the Area and Building Custodians and Tostendek, Tigh’s friend back on mansion world one was from this group. As individuals settle into their new surroundings they are allowed to make minor changes to their living spaces and are implemented by these skilled companions. The homes are airy and roofless as the climate is ideal here. These citizens are also responsible for the large open assembly areas, which are variously designed as; squares, and rectangles, triangles or circles, according to their purpose.


Tigh told me that while on Earth he now realizes he was greatly assisted by me and my counterpart. In turn, he’s also grateful to our two lieutenants; a cherub and a sanob who have been dedicated to this project, this life from the start. He came to realize through me, these two valuable assistants would be released as we would be moving on to Jerusem, leaving them behind. He felt some regret toward their situation, much like losing a pet. But I reassured him many of these deserted cherubim and sanobim are often sent to the universal headquarters and re-trained as mansion world teachers. They graduate and then they are commissioned by the Melchizedeks to provide other valuable service. When I told him this, he felt better about their circumstance.


There are billions of these teachers in Satania. They also teach in pairs and you can find them teaching groups, large assemblies and even individuals. They also teach in three major categories; the schools of doing, the schools of thinking and the schools of feeling. On the constellation schools, these cherubim and sanobim are focused on schools of social adjustment, schools of administration and finally schools of ethics. At the universe level, you find them teaching in schools of divinity, philosophy and pure spirituality. Just like humans, cherubim and sanobim, teachers start at the bottom on the first mansion world and work their way up to finally teach at the universal headquarters of Salvington.


Thinking of Tigh as an example, there is a lot of poor habits human beings create and bring with them from their native world and it takes some effort to wean themselves of these deficiencies. As in Tigh’s case, trying to take the easy way, being unfair at times, avoiding issues, his occasional lack of sincerity, equivocating on matters brought to his attention, and his propensity to procrastinate are some of the more pronounced. At each level, ascenders with immortal intent, must be competent and pass their courses before being entitled to moving on to the next level. Its hard work but they are given ample time for rest, relaxation and playful fun. About half their time is spent in work and the other half allotted to other endeavors. For this reason assistance from cherubim, sanobim and morontia companions are well appreciated by all who come in contact with them.


One group of seraphim that humans will not be aware of on Earth are the Transition Ministers of Seraphim. They are specially trained for service on the morontia worlds and are the sixth of seven Angelic orders. The first group; under the direction of the Transition Ministers are the Seraphic Evangels that help you choose and plan your route from Jerusem to Edentia, the constellation capital and then it’s on to Salvington. You become aware of them on mansion world five. Then there is the long journey commences through the Super-universe to its capital, Uversa and finally that huge crossing to Havona. There will be more than one advisable route or option to choose from and everyone will be permitted choices. If the chosen route meets the ‘four-and-twenty advisors’ on Jerusem’s that’s great, but often it is changed to meet what’s best for the individual’s ascension.


Ascending mortals are never given unrestricted choices and this group of seraphim, are important in helping them plan the right route. This is all done with respect to the ascender’s free will choice, but they also must consider what’s good for the individual and not detrimental or injurious to those around them.


The four-and-twenty advisory group is all immortal ascenders from Earth. Some of them you’ve heard of such as Enoch, Adam and Eve and so on. They are a very important group in guiding the human race along its rightful path. They are stationed on Jerusem and currently sixteen of the positions are filled.


The ascending path chosen, can vary in considerable ways but all routes are seven fold and necessary and can’t be avoided: The first is the mansion worlds, followed next by Jerusem; the third is Edentia and its many satellites; the fourth is Salvington and its massive amount of educational spheres; the fifth is Uversa, then the sixth is the long journey to the central universe and Havona and final the seventh is to the Isle of Paradise, where those ascending immortals come face to face and eye to eye with the Universal Father. At this point they are admitted into the Corp of the Finaliters and go on to servicing the Father, somewhere in the master universe. It’s at this point that if they ever wanted to return to their planet of nativity and visit, they can. They can even be assigned to work there in the future.


When planets draw close to settling in ‘Light and Life,’ interracial marriages and relationships have been encouraged for quite some time, turning the world into a melting pot of racial amalgamation. Tigh comes from a land that practiced multiculturalism and it has been addressed in the country’s constitution. Racial tolerance was well grounded there and interracial marriages were not common but accepted. All of the Nordic nations on Earth are progressive in this matter and it now extends to sexual orientation as well.


Each race has characteristics that are both positive and negative and in this ensuing process, positive traits remain while negative ones are allowed to dissipate. The first group as I said was the Seraphic Evangels. As we approach group two, it’s the seraphim stationed on the mansion worlds that are trained as Racial Interpreters that try to tone the various racial viewpoints. Many inhabited planets in the Satania system are a long way from entering the period of ‘Light and Life’ and so there is a distinct contrast in the various races that needs to be dealt with. Harmonizing them is the responsibility of these racial interpreters.


The third group is the Mind Planners. These seraphim are devoted to the effective grouping of morontia beings and to organizing their teamwork on the mansion worlds. They are the psychologists of the first heaven. The majority of them have had previous experience as guardian angels to the children of time, but their wards, for some reason, failed to personalize. It is the task of the mind planners to study the nature, experience, and status of the Maaesti nurtured souls, in transit through the mansion worlds and to facilitate their grouping for assignment and advancement.


The fourth group is the Morontia Counselors who provide guidance and advice to ascending beings passing through the mansion worlds. There is a superior philosophy that surpasses anything ascenders have been exposed to on evolutionary planets and it is referred to as Morontia Mota. As an analogy, on Earth everyone sees the universe, with but one eye, Mota allows them to see it stereoscopically, with both eyes. Those on the mansion worlds gain cosmic perspective and depth, by overlaying the perceptions of the material life with that of the morontia life. This is facilitated by these hard-working and dedicated counselors.


The fifth group is the Technicians who help new ascenders adjust to the novel and moderately strange setting of the morontia spheres. There is a real contrast between the two realms of physical and morontia that stand out, both from a material, as well as, an energy perspective.


Understanding how energy is generated and where it comes from is a fascinating subject and as everyone progresses, they are brought closer to understanding the role Master Physical Controllers and Morontia Power Supervisors play in the scheme of things. It certainly helps explain the visionary miracle that occurs regularly on the finaliter world. Ascenders must acclimatize to each new world and are assisted by these technicians.


There is an artistic component to keeping records that surround events and facts on the mansion worlds and this is the responsibility of the sixth group. In collaboration with celestial artisans, the Recorder-Teacher group of seraphim assembles the intelligence and co-ordinate the related data collection and even ascenders get involved. They instruct in the competent and well-organized, time tested methods of fact recording that focuses on the borderland transactions of the physical and spiritual worlds and that which transpires between men and angels, going from the physical to the morontia.


Next to the destiny guardians like me, the Ministering Reserves, the seventh group of seraphim, draw closer than anyone else to humans as angelic beings. Many periods of relaxation will be spent in their company, helping deal with disappointments and failures most individuals will experience in trying to advance on schedule at different points in their ascension.


Everyone must always focus on completing their tasks at this heightened level but also they must prepare themselves for advancement. Setbacks occur and many are disappointing and challenging at the time, but they blossom in some strange fashion, to being successful farther along. Tigh realized he couldn’t take himself too seriously here. When he did, on those occasions when he became full of himself, feeling far too important and his ego was trying to express itself again, he realized he was losing valuable energy. He learned to keep his ego in check. There is a saying here; “Self-importance, not work-importance, exhausts immature creatures.”


We talked about it earlier; one of the most important undertakings is to understand morontia philosophy or mota. The highest stage of human philosophy joins precisely with the lowest level of morontia mota. It is a subject that is immediately taught commencing on the first mansion world and expands on to the next. By studying mota you get insight on how to better conduct your life in the morontia plane of existence and facilitate a smoother ascension to strive for. The objective of experiencing this life is not so that you can enjoy endless bliss and everlasting comfort, its hard work.


There is a goal everyone has that’s concealed behind the vail of this universal age, as they transcend forward. It certainly doesn’t make sense to commit so much time and effort into a vast and extensive network of training schools throughout the cosmos, including the teachers and instructors, guides and support staff, dedicated to this challenge, to allow ascending mortals to experience it as an extended meaningless journey of joy, like some religions on Earth portray afterlife. The grand universe can only be navigated by evolving along this long, extensive path of training, gradually and actually participating in each and every step along the way.


In his visits to the various 606 memorials, Tigh found that some history was revealed to him that should have been presented on the previous memorial while at other times historical records from the future were being presented prematurely. This can be explained by the lack of vision that Tigh required in seeing through the opaqueness and the hidden history. Early in his journey he had no idea why. By now he had figured it out. In this case the history went back to the system rebellion and the beginning of the Nodite race on Earth. It allowed, after revisiting the history of Adam and Eve, a better understanding of how things were planned and expected too unfold, as pre-ordained by the Gods.


Contrary to what had been stated earlier, the material members of the Prince’s staff were sexual creatures so it had been originally planned for them to procreate with a select stock of the Andonites. All of this was anticipated with the arrival of Adam and Eve. The Life Carriers envisioned a new type of mortal that would embrace the best of the corporeal staff with that of the selected Andonite candidates, both male and female. This new offspring would then be in place when Adam arrived to greatly assist in the biologic upgrade. This new order of planetary creature, would hopefully be the teacher-rulers of human society, greatly elevating the overall greatness of the human races. Because this project had almost completely failed as a result of the rebellion and later the Adamic default, we will never know how elevated Earth’s culture and people could have been. When the corporeal staff decided to reproduce with the best of the human race, it was after the rebellion when Caligastia was defeated and his city, Dalamatia destroyed. They no longer were immortal beings, as they no longer had access to the sustenance derived from the fruit of the ‘tree of life.’


The post-rebellion period on Earth saw many unusual events taking place that became that of legend and myth. While hardly considered “sons of the gods themselves,” the corporeal staff and their early offspring were so regarded by humans at that time. Even their stature came to be magnified by this oral tradition. This is the birth of the universal folk tale of the gods who came down to Earth and there with the daughters of man, created an ancient race of heroes that threaded throughout world mythology. This became even more complicated and confusing with the arrival the Material Sons and the appearance of the Adamites.


Look no further than the Nordic tradition of Thor, Oden and his cohorts; no further than Zeus and his associates up on Mount Olympus. There is Osiris and Isis in the land of the Nile, the Hindu Vedic gods starting with Mitra and Varuna, all of them incorporating the number nine or twelve to highlight the most important ones. You can’t forget the major Sumer gods, the Annunaki, which they thoroughly fleshed out and explored, passing it down through time in their cuneiform writing, highlighting a great and exalted past.


In the Americas you have the feathered serpents that arrived from abroad, mysteriously appearing amongst them and bringing with them advanced concepts, extensive knowledge and improved skills to these local people. Where did they come from and at what point in pre-history did this occur? No doubt from a highly advanced and distant civilization. Quetzalcoatl of Aztec mythology, Kukulkan of Mayan folklore and Viracocha of Inca legend were all described as feathered serpents. The double symbolism used in their name is considered symbolic in describing the dual nature of these deities that arrived in their midst from far away. Being feathered suggests they were of divine nature and had the ability to fly through the sky. Described as being a serpent is the human component of a visiting deity and it also reveals that it could creep on the ground, like all animals of the Earth. Serpent also refers to their knowledge and wisdom.


We know the Prince’s staff carried germ plasm of the Andonites, the first human race. It made sense that if they engaged in reproduction with the local people, their progeny would be representative of one of the two parents of Andonite stock. When the sixty rebel members did lay down with the Andonites, the children were far superior in almost every way to that of their human parents. They were characterized as having not only far superior physicality, but also possessed higher intellectual abilities, as well as, advanced spiritual capabilities. They were also of much greater size.


The pure-line Nodites were a superb race with their large size and abilities but without the sustenance from the ‘tree of life’ each subsequent generation lived shorter and shorter lives, until they pretty well matched that of the other races. Also as they mingled with the other human races their stock deteriorated noticeably. When archaeologists dug up the clay tablet records of these people (Sumerian), they being remnants of the partly Adamite and mostly Nodite, they came across lists of their kings going back deep into the Paleolithic era. As the records of their reigns show, as you go back in time, the length of their rule increases. This lengthening of the older ruler’s time, signifies that some of the earliest Nodite kings did live much longer than their more recent rulers but it also shows a want by these people to extend their lineage back to the great Dalamatia civilization and virtually ignore any Adamic heritage.


Manetho was a Egyptian high priest from Heliopolis and a historian who lived in the third century BC. His Egyptian history, which was written in Greek, contained a list of kings dating back 38,000 years ago. Like the Sumerian List of Kings, these Adamic pharaohs’ in pre-dynastic times, their reign became longer and longer the farther back you go in time. His dynastic list of kings was accepted by scholars, his pre-dynastic period dismissed as mythology.


Previously, Tigh had learned internal wars greatly reduced the numbers of the most pure stock of Nodites and as a result had a significant bearing on them failing to establish a pre-Adamic civilization. The sacred scriptures of Hinduism known as the Vedas (Books of Knowledge) describes this period vividly in their contents. After the Adamic default, the Nodites were established in four major centers: The western or Syrian Nodites; The eastern or Elamite Nodites (the Land of Nod); the central or pre-Sumerian Nodites and the northern Nodites and Amadonites often referred to as the Vanites.


The western or Syrian Nodites were those tribes that settled around the Garden of Eden led by Cano the father of Cain, while to the north of them were the tribes of Serapatatia. They had originally travelled north from the vestiges of the Dalamatia civilization. This was the largest group of Nodites to leave Mesopotamia and subsequently united with the many Andonite tribes. These people contributed greatly to the later appearance of the Assyrians.


The eastern or Elamite Nodites were those that dispersed eastward into the land called Elam and here they mixed with the local Elamites. Elam is directly east of the second garden site and extends down the southeastern shore of the Persian Gulf in present day Iran. Thirty or forty thousand years ago these people had largely become Sangik in nature although they had maintained a superior civilization than those around them. Here the migrating Nodites settled and united with the Sangik tribes. At the time of the second garden, it was often referred to as the land of Nod. It was to this land that many Adamites ventured to and the two races made for a very progressive people. It became a custom for the Adamites as the sons of god, to intermarry with the daughters of Nodites as we saw with both Adamson and Cain.


The central or pre-Sumerian Nodites were a small group that remained in the area around the mouth of the Tigris River, where it enters the Persian Gulf and closer to the submerged site of Dalamatia. They persisted there for thousands of years. These Nodites blended with the Adamites to create the Sumerian people of our earliest recollection.


Archaeologists have wondered where the Sumerians had come from; they appeared so suddenly and mysteriously on the scene in Mesopotamia. The truth is that they had never left. They were what were left of a civilization that started its decline 200,000 years ago with the rebellion. Without a trace left behind anywhere else in the world, academia wants you to think these ancient people unexpectedly appear upon the lowest horizon of world history. Out of nowhere arrive a people and culture far superior to any around them about 4,000 B.C., possessing temples, metalwork, agriculture, animal husbandry, pottery, weaving, commercial law, civil codes, religious ceremonies and an old system of writing.


They were also ideally located to trade with India and Arabia and they developed a marine capability unseen elsewhere in the world at the time. These Sumerians knew the Adamic history and the story of the two gardens and even though they inter-married with the Adamites they still regarded the garden dwellers as an alien race. These Sumerians prided themselves in deriving their ancestry from an even older source than the Adamites, the city of Dilmun (Dalamatia). What archaeology will eventually discover are civilizations that date back even further into prehistory, that were more advanced than even the Sumerians as we knew them.


Now that he was caught up on Earth’s pre-history, Tigh told me he could now look at the second Eden as the cradle of civilization. For almost 30,000 years they sent their offspring to the ends of the Earth to spread their knowledge and teach the surrounding tribes advanced concepts and a high example of civilization. They accelerated cultural progress on Earth. The violet race continued to amalgamate with the Nodite and Sangik races that ultimately evolved into the Andites around 15,000 BC. By going back to a period prior to the Andites, 25,000 years ago and freezing events, Tigh got a snapshot of how the different races played out around the world, before the advent of the Andites.


The violet race, which was derived from the Adamites and Adamsonites intermarriage with Nodite, Sangik, and Andonite stock, was centered in the area of the second garden and the cradle for future Occidental and Indian civilizations. There was a secondary center of the violet race or Adamsonites located just east of the southern shore of the Caspian Sea near the Kopet Mountains. These two centers were the source of the cultural bloodlines that extended out to all parts of the world, upgrading everyone they came in contact with.


Just south of the Adamic center in Mesopotamia on the coastal lands adjacent to the Persian Gulf were the remnants of the ancient culture of the old Dalamatia civilization. They had never left. They were the pre-Sumerians and assorted Nodites. With the passing of time this group integrated with the Adamites directly north of them but never gave up their Nodite traditions and religion. Most of the other Nodite centers were eventually absorbed by the violet race.


The Andonites were scattered throughout the Eurasian continent and focused on settling its numerous mountain regions. They had been driven out from the plains of Europe by the Cro-Magnoids and from the fertile river valleys of China by the yellow race. They were also scattered throughout Turkestan. They eventually settled in the northern reaches of Europe and Asia including Iceland and Greenland and the northern extremes of North America.


The red man or race had been driven out of Asia long before the arrival of Adam and were isolated in North America at the time of the Adamic default and no ripple ever affected them outside the arrival of the feathered serpents of folklore, which Tigh thought might have been Adamic in nature.


The yellow race established themselves along the many fertile river valleys of eastern Asia but their most advanced settlements were in the northwest of China on land that bordered Tibet. They were a peaceful people and once they pushed the red race over the Bering land bridge, they settled into a more or less harmonious existence in their numerous settlements.


The Cro-Magnoid or blue race were scattered throughout Europe. There more advanced centers and settlements were located in the northwest and in the fertile river valleys that drained into the northern Mediterranean Basin. They mixed prevalently with the Neanderthals who they also competed with and this cross-breeding greatly diminished their culture. By about 30,000 year ago, Neanderthals had completely disappeared from Europe and a few thousand years later were completely extinct. Always being an aggressive and adventurous people, the blue race explored much of Eurasia.


In pre-Dravidian India there was a complex mix of people throughout the sub-continent, embracing almost all races. It was this mixture of orange, green and indigo races that maintained an above average presence in the area. This could be best described as a melting pot of races and cultures. They also influenced the outlying regions and islands of southern Asia.


The indigo race in northern Africa had their most progressive settlements in areas that are now part of the Sahara Desert. Strains of the now extinct green and orange races were noticeably present in the indigo people. They populated the southern shores of the two Mediterranean Basins and had contact with the blue men from Europe and mingled with the Nodites and Adamites from the east. The Mediterranean area was the most highly blended race of people outside of India. This was the picture of the world just before the advent of the great violet race expansion, twenty-five thousand years ago.


We know that that the Adamites were far above the general populous in terms of culture, knowledge, and a civilized society. This allowed the violet race to come to the forefront. Since every civilization is limited by many factors, including the availability of natural resources, sufficient leisure time to insure inventive nurturing, and the ability to cultivate inherent genius through an evolving process, the Adamites were destined to deteriorate as a civilization. They were not an evolutionary race but one that depended on the presence of Adam. On the other hand, the violet race that was spawned from the Adamites continued to evolve. By 19,000 BC they were still a formidable nation of people settled in the ‘cradle of life’ with a population of four-and-a-half million. They had also poured over four million of their offspring into the surrounding lands, creating new strands of civilization.


With the violet race retaining the Adamic tradition of being a peaceful people, a trait that remained with them for thousands of years, they were reluctant to make territorial gains when crowded by population growth. Instead they released people, as nuggets of knowledge, to the surrounding cultures. These waves of traders, explorers and teachers traveled westward into the Nile Valley and eastward into Asia but their biggest numbers went north. They traveled northward past the Caspian Sea and then westward into Europe.


By 15,000 BC there were more descendants of Adam and Eve in Europe and Central Asia then in Mesopotamia. These racial distributions were like currents in the sea, stirred up by extensive bouts of climate change and population pressures setting the stage for the Andite era on Earth. The Adamites of the violet race were glacial in their migrations compared to the lightning speed of the Andites, which allowed them to retain their Edenic culture and transport it great distances from Mesopotamia.


The Andites were the best all-round human stock to appear on Earth since the pure line of the violet people. They took in the highest types of the Nodite and Adamite races, as well as, the yellow and blue races. When the Adamites mixed with the quarrelsome Nodites and after many millenniums, the Andites surfaced, they had the pronounced characteristic of belligerence in their nature. With a roving disposition and a sense of adventure, coupled with their quarrelsome nature, they became the most skilled and astute warriors the planet has ever seen. They were mellowed somewhat by Andonite and Sangik blood but they forever were the ancestors that never quit exploring and challenging the world as they saw it. It is from this great bed of fertility that later, you see the emergence of the Persian State, Alexander the Great and Genghis Khan.


The Turkestan civilization was constantly being revised and revitalized by waves of migrating Andites and later refreshed by the arrival of the Andite cavalrymen, the first people to domesticate the horse. By 12,000 BC three quarters of all Andite stock had moved into northern and eastern Europe. They moved into northern China and India greatly enhancing these two centers of civilization. They moved west into the Nile Valley and settled there, spreading their influence even farther west with the Sangik tribes of the Sahara region. They moved south on either side of the Nile, reaching the sources of the Blue and White Nile in the mountains of Ethiopia and the land surrounding Lake Victoria. They did all this as teachers, traders and missionaries and less as conquerors.


These Andites were the so-called Dravidian and later Aryan conquerors of India. Their presence in central Asia greatly revived the ancestors of the Turanians and they reached the yellow man in China, accessing their land via Sinkiang and skirting the Tibetan plateau. Sporadically, small groups made it to the southern reaches of Asia and southern China, entering Japan, Formosa and the East Indies.


It was a small group of Andites that had set out from Japan that would eventually reach South America. Many left from Japan in small boats and island hopped their way eastward across the Pacific Ocean. They did it in easy stages one at a time. It was when there were many more islands to settle on, as the ocean levels were lower than they are now because of the advancing ice-ages, in the northern hemisphere. Many flourishing centers of civilization grew up on these now submerged islands because of these Andite sailors. Easter Island was long ago, a religious and administrative center of one of these lost groups. Eventually a group of one-hundred and thirty-two reached South America. They intermarried with the natives of the Andes that established the ancestry that would become the Incas and brought with them the knowledge needed.


The last three waves of Andites poured out of Mesopotamia between 8,000 and 6,000 BC. They filed out in many different directions and only one group remained. Sixty-five percent went north again, past the Caspian Sea and west into the steppes of Eastern Europe and on into Western Europe were they conquered and integrated with newly appearing white tribes – the result of a blend of earlier Andites and the remnants of the blue race.


Ten percent moved eastward through the Elamite highlands into Persia and the Iranian plateau, then on past the Kopet Mountains into Turkestan. Many of these included a large group of Sethite priests that eventually made their way into Indian along with their Aryan brethren. Another ten percent kept moving east through Sinkiang and blended with the Andite-yellow inhabitants of China. Another five percent made their way across the northern stretches of the Arabian Peninsula to again settle in the land of the Nile.


The dispersal was almost complete, outside of a superior culture that resided on the coastal district, along the northern end of the Persian Gulf. They represented five percent of the Andite stock and they refused to leave their homes. Pressure from the hill tribes to the east and harassment from tribesman from the west had greatly contributed to this last Andite migration but not altogether, as they were always driven by adventures to see new land. Those that remained were a pure stock of Adamites and Nodites who refused to intermarry with the surrounding tribes and they had a great desire to maintain their ancestry and culture. They were far more advanced militarily then their neighbors and they set up masterful defenses against invasion.


The Andites in the end drained their homeland of viable stock but in doing so they greatly enhanced those around them. In their migrations, they took with them a higher form of religion and spirituality, carried by their Sethite priests and heightened moral practices that greatly improved those they came in contact with. They were highly skilled domesticators of animals and practiced the art of husbandry and were very successful farmers. They contributed advanced manufacturing practices, as well as, superior displays of music and art, with a swashbuckling desire for adventure, all while displaying a great sense of humor. They were the last great race of mankind’s pre-history.