Thoth's Truth

A Soul's Journey Across the Universe



Chapter 8

The System’s Capital, Jerusem – Mansion World Seven


During Tigh’s attendance on mansion world seven he received instruction from many teachers, much of it directed at preparing him for life on the capital, Jerusem. It would be his greatest attainment to date of his post-mortal career. He was told it’s here that everyone becomes equal; all differences that existed amongst individuals, who have been disadvantaged by struggles on their native worlds and hindered them in their growth, are gone. Those from isolated and backward worlds and those from more advanced and progressive spheres, finally come together on equal terms. All of those disadvantages, as a result of an insalubrious environment that they existed in, in a world devoid of structured, spiritual-mentoring, as in the case of Earth, where the spiritual examples are clogged with dogma and motivation is gone for any form of worship, finally he was told it dissipates. It would be an uplifting moment for those who saw the struggles Earthlings went through, but salvation for them was just around the corner.


I made the arrangements and permission was again granted for him to visit Transition World Seven, dedicated to the Universal Father, which you were introduced to in the previous chapter. Up until now everything has been about advancing his cause and improving who he is. Now it’s about changing focus and directing his thoughts toward why he is here and to begin a new spiritual worship of the unseen Father, the Creator, the Architect of the master universe, all-encompassing ‘The All.’ All ascenders will develop an affinity they will increasingly follow, upward and onward on their long ascending calling, spiritually drawn by the gravity of his almighty presence.


Up until now Tigh’s journey had been mostly an individual endeavor. The presence of morontia beings to help him along the way had been helpful and the presence of me has been an example of dedication to his cause. As he prepared for Jerusem and residency there, he started to become involved with various working groups.


Finally the day arrived when the personnel on mansion world seven assembled all the potential ascending beings to the ‘sea of glass.’ They were then sent off knowing they have gained residency on the system capital. For others though, the trip would be delayed. Some would chose to stay back for a while, waiting for a tardy member they have been associated with. Like everyone else this would be Tigh’s first time setting foot on the system’s capital.


He told me it’s been both a joy and a challenge for him progressing up through the mansion worlds, slowly de-materializing at each stop but also de-mortalizing as well. At the start I observed he was mostly human, a mere mortal being without a material body but with a new one, a much more permanent vestibule. As he progressed he was becoming de-materialized. A human mind housed in a morontia body, no longer a mortal vehicle of flesh and blood. That had been left behind a long time ago.


After Tigh had resided on Jerusem for a time, I presented him with a working exercise and a challenge. I asked him if he wouldn’t mind describing in detail his observations of what Jerusem was like for the reader’s sake. He jumped at the opportunity. Especially to pass it on to his fellow Earthlings, who would read this back on his home planet. He had been a writer in the past and he was now excited with another creative project at hand.


This is what he eventually wrote down and passed on to me. He starts out by saying, “Let me take time to explain to the reader that Jerusem, the headquarters of Satania is an architectural sphere and is a typical capital like other such systems in the universe. Outside of its notoriety that its system sovereign, Lucifer, pushed it into rebellion 200,000 years ago, retarding its growth in several fronts, beyond that, it’s similar to most system spheres. Although the local system has had some stormy periods, today it’s administered very effectively and as time passes, the results of the conflict and unrest are being eliminated. Conditions are approaching the heavenly status of traditional experiences associated with some twenty-first-century religious believers like you people who have reached this point and are reading my passage here.


“The physical aspects of Jerusem are much different than that of a material planet like Earth. Everything here is made out of morontia material with some spirit and material additions. It is divided into one thousand latitudinal sectors and one-thousand longitudinal zones. There are seven major capitals located on the surface with seventy minor administration centers. The seven capitals are assigned special and diverse responsibilities and the System Sovereign is present in each capital at least once a year.


“Satania’s year, is one-hundred Jerusem days but because one day here is equal to slightly more than 3 days on Earth, it is approximately 314 days on the capital. The standard weight on Earth is the kilogram and it is approximately 0.727 times as heavy as the system gradant, and a standard Jerusem mile is equal to 7 on Earth.


“Being an artificial or architectural sphere, it’s a well-engineered world that has a splendidly controlled and efficient energy grid. The energy circulates about the sphere in zone channels that tap into the energy charges that weave through space. The resistance created by conducting the energy along its extensive conduits, creates the heat required to maintain a comfortable temperature on the system’s capital. There are two periods in a day; a full light period and a muted light period. The average temperature during the day is around 70 degrees Fahrenheit and drops to around 50 degrees Fahrenheit in the evening.


“This fully lite period is maintained for seventy-five percent of the day then gradually declines to a period of minimum light and then slowly brightens up again. The evening could best be described as that of a full moon on a clear night back on Earth. This is a very quiet period for everyone on the capital, considered a period of rest and rehabilitation. The only things that are active during this period are the broadcast-receiving stations that connect Jerusem with its constellation headquarters on Edentia and with Salvington, the capital of the universe.


“The daily lighting fluctuations are not really like night and day on Earth and there are no seasonal changes in temperature, like our experience back on Earth. There are approximately 100,000 power transformers around this world that projects energy upward and fills the planet’s atmosphere, until it reaches the air-ceiling and then it is reflected back down to the surface, undergoing certain changes in the process until you get a gentle, sifting and even light. The intensity of the light could be compared to that of the sun shining on Earth at about 10 o’clock in the morning. The light rays do not seem to come from a specific source but emanates equally in all directions. This light is very much like Earth’s except it carries very little heat.


“Jerusem receives light from space but it is very faint, coming from such sources as nearby suns and brilliant stars but it doesn’t depend on this light in any way. Here they are not hampered, like Earth is, by fluctuations from a nearby sun or threatened by a cooling or dying sun. All of Jerusem’s seven transitional study worlds and their forty-nine satellites are heated, watered, energized and lite by the same technique.


“There are no rugged mountain ranges, like you can find on other evolved worlds like Earth, because there are no earthquakes, rainfall or erosion to form them, the physical features on Jerusem dictate otherwise. That’s not to say there isn’t attractive and splendid highlands to roam about and other unique landforms to explore, it’s totally distinctive to anything you might come to experience on Earth. Many of these places are beyond the imagination of humans and enormous areas are set aside and preserved in their natural state.


“There are no large oceans or seas to sail across, which means, no raging or torrential rivers, rushing toward them but there are thousands of small lakes covering its surface, connected by placid rivers and streams. There is no rain and as a result, no blizzards or storms, but there is one thing that is quite noticeable on Jerusem during the twilight period, after the long day, and that is daily precipitation in the form of dew or condensation that sets down moisture on the land in a gentle fashion. The physical or material plant life and the morontia world of living flora, all require moisture and take some sustenance from the light precipitation dropping from above as water droplets, but most plants absorb moisture through their root system, which is supplied from below. There is a sub-soil system of water circulation that encompasses the entire sphere, although water is also carried on the surface in canals and streams, linking up and connecting with the thousands of sparkling lakes that cover the surface.


“If we visited Mars as material beings in a space ship and wandered its bleak inhospitable surface, we would find little that resembles the lushness of Earth. But as a morontia being, visiting it with its separate morontia flora and fauna fully on display, it would be just as rich and beautiful as on Earth. Actually even more so.


“Jerusem is a three-gas atmosphere that has the same gases as Earth plus an additional gas that is adapted to the respiration of the morontia order of life, and in no way is it unfit to be breathed by the flora and fauna of the material order and their demand for oxygen.


“The transportation system is extensive, connected to the circulating streams of energy that pass along a grid system ten miles apart, both longitudinal and laterally, providing a power source for vehicles, moving objects and people about the sphere. You will always get within five miles of your destination. That’s Jerusem miles of course. The pace of travel is rapid, between two-hundred and five-hundred miles per hour, in machines designed to carry people that tap into the energy grid. The Fandors or passenger birds that became extinct on Earth many thousands of years ago, after the age of Adam and Eve, are prevalent on Jerusem. They are capable of carrying people shorter distances at about one-hundred miles an hour.


“The Material Sons and Daughters that base out of Jerusem have space vehicles to get around in, that travel roughly five-hundred miles an hour. These different means of transportation were required for early morontia and material beings but spirit personalities have always gotten around, by liaison with superior sources and spirit sources of energy. This means of transportation is conducted at blinding speed and celestial beings of spirit order can get anywhere on a planet in this fashion. It is beyond human comprehension.


“There is no organic evolution taking place on architectural worlds so life is not a battle to survive. There is no struggle for existence, no conflicting forms of life and no survival of the fittest. This peaceful existence, allows for creative adaptation for all life forms instead. This is a presage of the harmony, beauty and perfection you encounter on our central and divine universe, at the hub of it all. There is an amazing intermingling of morontia and material lifeforms on Jerusem that have such astonishing contrast in creativity that can only come from highly advanced celestial artisans.


“I struggle to have the right words to describe this place and so proper descriptions evade me at times. My many attempts have left me with an inferior palette of words but I’m making progress. Until you actually get here and experience it, you can hardly entertain any idea or even grasp the concept of such a heavenly world. But just as the step up from a physical world like Earth is such an exhilarating step, so I am told, is the one from Satania to the most remote of the universe’s training worlds surrounding Salvington.


“The Industrial, manufacturing and laboratory sector of the sphere is an extensive area, which has no chimneys belching out smoke or churning out toxic material; everything is recycled and utilized in some form or another. The physical achievements and the mechanical techniques are other-worldly and hard to understand and assimilate for those who choose survival. My stay here and on the various transition worlds is far nearer a material Earth existence, than later life of advancing spirit existence.


“There is a lot of transportation activity on this headquarter world. Departures by seraphim transportation is conducted from only one spot on the capital, from its highest elevation, Mount Seraph at an elevation of 15,000 feet, so it can get pretty busy and crowded. The technique used to send these angelic beings off is beyond description but initial energy is used to break the bonds of gravity and the atmospheric resistance. These transporters take off at about twenty-five standard miles per second of Earth’s time, and do not reach cruising speed until they are over two-thousand miles away and they depart every three seconds of Earth’s time. These departures are carried out throughout the light period and sometimes extending far into the evening period.


“Seraphic transports arrive and depart on what is called the ‘sea of glass,’ a huge and smooth layer of glass that they set down on. Surrounding the area is the receiving stations for the various orders of beings that traverse space by seraphim equipped to transport. The higher spirit forms of celestial beings do not need the assistance of a seraphic transport. To depart they only need to tap into the power gravity grid network that exists throughout the grand universe. Near the polar crystal, receiving station, assigned to arriving student visitors, there’s a tower made of pearl. You can ascend this unbelievable observatory and witness all of the activity playing out before your eyes and the beings that your vision has the range to see. Also at the top is an immense relief map of the entire system capital or headquarters.


“At the other end of the sphere’s pole, opposite the sea of glass, is the sending station for the capital. All broadcasts to the individual inhabited planets, outside of the 37 that were taken into rebellion by their Planetary Princes, are directed from here. Hopefully the ban on communication between the ostracized 37 and its capital will soon be lifted and those residents will understand how they truly are, a small clog in an immense wheel of existence.


“Large portions of Jerusem are set aside as residential areas, while other portions are given over to administrative functions. It’s a huge area to govern and administer over; 619 inhabited planets at this point, 57 architectural spheres including Jerusem and a host of living entities. On Jerusem, as copied on the universe of Nebadon, these zones are broken up into four distinct patterns; the circles which are set aside for non-native residential areas; the squares set up as system executive administration areas; the rectangles as rendezvous locations of lower native life and finally the triangles designating the local systems administration centers.


“This arranging the system’s activities into circles, squares, triangles and rectangles is common on all the 10,000 systems of Nebadon. In another universe something else might prevail, it’s all up to the Creator Son of each universe that is designated by the name, Michael. The creator of the Earth and all the other inhabited planets and artificial spheres in the universe, is identified as a Creator Son, Michael of Nebadon.


“I haven’t mention as of yet, the vast and elegant estates of the Material Sons and Daughters of God, the Adam and Eves who reside permanently here in waiting for their planetary assignment. Nor do I mention the other orders of spirit and near-spirit creatures, such as the spironga, designed to operate on all the system’s morontia spheres. These beings are devoted to spiritual ministry and are extremely helpful to the super-material beings that are visiting or are residents like me. They are to Jerusem, what the midway creatures are on Earth, functioning midway between the material and the spiritual.


“These system capitals are unique in that they contain all three phases of universal existence, the mental or morontia, the spiritual and the material and they are represented and displayed so perfectly. Everyone feels at home here, even such combined beings as the midway creatures of the inhabited planets or the Material Sons and Daughters. It’s a brilliant example of all three types of existences, with their biotic and abiotic components.


“The elaboration and enhancement of the purely spiritual areas, along with that of the great buildings composed of physical base material and those morontia types on display, can hardly be replete with an adequate description, even if they are much less in stature than the spiritual components. If only I had the eyesight to appreciate that of the spirit world. I must take measure by what people tell me about the spiritual appointments of this headquarter world. And Jerusem is just the first step on the long adventure to the supernal perfection of Paradise’s imaginative concept of beauty at its highest level. That is why so many keep coming back to the Finaliter World and sojourn there for a while and much like a drug, get that short window of opportunity to see the spirit world in its many forms, through the ‘visionary miracle manipulation moment.’


“The residential areas assigned to the major groups of universe life, are represented by the circle and these circles are divided into seven types: The circles of the Sons of God; the circles of the angels and higher spirits; the circles of the Universe Aids; the circles of the Master Physical Controllers; the circles of the assigned ascending mortals like me, including the midway creatures.; the circles of the curtesy colonies; and finally the circles of the Corps of the Finality.


“When looking at each of the different residential designation types, they all consist of seven concentric and successively elevated circles. These circles vary in size and in the material used but are constructed on the same lines. These concentric circles have extensive promenades and far-reaching enclosures. Being concentric, these circles allow the visitor to see all that is going on before them, especially if purchased on the last and highest promenade.


“Of course I have had the most exposure to the circles of the ascending mortals and immortals while the others would be so laborious for me to explain, so I will tell you about what I’m familiar with. Here the central area of the major circle is represented by a temple assigned to each of the inhabited planets in the system, all 619. They are memorials to each planet and they undergo extensive changes. Even as you watch they are undertaking change. These changes take place as groups of mortal ascenders get together, who are native to that planet, and agree on making alterations or implementing additions to their memorial as new data comes forward.


“The center of these 619 temples is occupied by an immense model of Edentia and its many worlds of ascending culture. This model is an accurate reproduction in an unknown scale of the whole Edentia system. It’s mind-boggling to examine, as it’s a working model that covers an area, forty miles in diameter.


“There are 1,000 executive administrative squares and these are clustered into ten grand sub-groups each. Each of the administrative squares contains 100 sub-divisions and all these structures are transparent, allowing students and visitors to observe the activity. The ten grand divisions are assigned as follows: Physical maintenance and material improvement, the domain of physical power and energy; Arbitration, ethics, and administrative adjudication; Planetary and local affairs; Constellation and universe affairs; Education and other Melchizedek activities; Planetary and system physical progress, the scientific domains of Satania activities; Morontia affairs; Pure spirit activities and ethics; Ascendant ministry; and lastly grand universe philosophy.


“There are one-thousand rectangles on this huge sphere and at the center of each is the vast circular headquarters of the spornagia, and surrounding this within the rectangles are all the other native creatures. The spornagia can best be classified as gardeners and farmers and you would be amazed at the agricultural accomplishments, as they use their land for ornamental and aesthetic purposes. They are responsible for maintaining the large open spaces of Jerusem, acting as landscape gardeners. They use both mechanical as well as animal power in cultivating and working the land. They utilize these animal forms efficiently and effectively but the responsibility for tending to these orders of animal workers falls to the ascending midwayers from different inhabited planets.


“There are only one-hundred minor triangles located on the headquarter world and they are clustered about the ten major ones that direct the local administration. The triangles are surrounded by a panorama display of the system headquarters history. This circular story is missing a little more than two miles of that history, erased because of the rebellion. Apparently this missing section will be restored, when Satania is re-admitted to the constellation’s family of the other ninety-nine loyal systems and the adjudication of the Lucifer rebellion is completed. When this happens, then the 37 isolated worlds can be re-admitted along with the spiritual communion they badly need. Then will communication be restored, along the Satania circuits and finally after this dark period, will light be restored and my planet of nativity will enjoy interplanetary communication with it neighboring inhabited worlds; for as you might have guessed by now, we are not alone in the universe.”


“Spornagia are a unique and necessary creature. Although they are not indwelled by a Maaesti and as such do not possess a soul they live exceptionally long lives of up to 40,000 and 50,000 years old. As they possess no evolving soul and are not indwelled and so do not have a personality, they do display unique characteristics that are identifiable. They have the capacity to evolve and can experience reincarnation and extended identity from one life to another. With the passing of time, their bodies wear out from age and usage and their creators utilizing local Life Carriers can construct a new body, which the spornagia take possession of. They are the only creatures in the universe that experience reincarnation but they react only to the first five of the adjutant mind-spirits; the spirits of intuition, understanding, courage, knowledge and counsel. They are not responsive to the remaining two mind spirits; worship and wisdom.


“These service animals or creatures can best be described and display traits that are common in animals you would be familiar with on Earth; the loyal and affectionate dog and the faithful and noble horse and their intelligence level could be compared to chimpanzees. They appreciate the attention they receive from material and semi-material beings like Tigh and other ascenders and they are attractive looking. They have a superb range of vision extending from material beings up to the morontia creatures, spreading to the lower angelic orders, midway creatures and even to some of the lower orders of spirit personalities. They lack the capacity to understand the concept of infinite, especially as it applies to something you would worship, or the concept of eternity.


“It has been mentioned that there are those that believe that these loyal spornagia, in some near or distant universal age, will attain evolutionary destiny, being elevated from their animal level and they will experience, advancing intellectual growth and spiritual attainment.”


I continue where Tigh finished off his writing assignment. Each system in this universe is ruled by a System Sovereign and in this case, it is always a primary Lanonandek Son and on Satania, it is Lanaforge, the successor to the imprisoned Lucifer. Mansurotia is his first assistant and the successor to Satan. Lanaforge is a gracious and brilliant ruler and he has seen rebellion up front and been involved first hand before. In an earlier upheaval, he stood by Michael of Nebadon and in the second system rebellion, which preceded this one, he was first assistant sovereign at the time and it was his System Sovereign who stumbled and fell into darkness. Lanaforge immediately seized the reign of power in government and saved the day, with only a few personalities being drawn into the rebellion. So now he has the distinction of being the only primary Lanonandek in Nebadon who as second in command of a system, did not follow his ruler into mutiny, but stood up for the ordained plan of the Universal Father and that of his Son, Michael.


Lanaforge has shown great interest in the affairs of the isolated worlds and especially Earth, as it was the planet selected for Michael’s bestowal as Joshua ben Joseph, better known as Jesus and has visited it on numerous occasions. As the System Sovereign, he presides over the system council of world leaders, the Planetary Princes and the resident governor generals of the isolated worlds.


Once a week, Lanaforge holds a conclave with a specific group of personalities or different orders of beings residing on Jerusem. There exists a very relaxing and fraternal relationship between the numerous orders of beings and those qualities extend to the System Sovereign. These never-to-be-forgotten occasions are very charming and informational hours that everyone looks forward to. They are conducted on the great gathering field known as the ‘sea of glass’ and are not considered moments of teaching and study, but social and spiritual in nature. Nothing pertaining to ascendant plans of individuals and groups or planetary administration and politics is brought up. It’s a few hours set aside when ascending mortals can enjoy the company of their fellow Jerusemites and have an opportunity to freely mingle and be entertained. Those groups that are not in attendance or invited to these specific sessions, headed by Lanaforge, will often meet at their own headquarters for the same purpose of comradery.


There is an executive group of seven Lanonandeks, led by Lanaforge that presides over the judicial challenges of the rebellion and its aftermath. This group is supported by a twelve member supreme advisory board. The council normally chooses three members to sit on the supreme council on Salvington from each system but since the rebellion; that has been suspended in the case of Satania, and only one executive is assigned as an observer. The other significant council is the six-hundred and nineteen, ‘Four and Twenty Councils’ assigned to each inhabited planet. They reside on Jerusem and not on the individual planets.


This twenty-four member council of advisors that are responsible for Earth have been recruited from the eight human races. They are made up of the following: Onagar, the master mind of the pre-Planetary Prince age, who directed his fellows in the worship of “The Breath Giver”; Mansant, the great teacher of the post-Planetary Prince age on Earth, who pointed his fellows to the veneration of “The Great Light;” Onamonalonton, a far-distant leader of the red man and the one who directed this race from the worship of many gods to the veneration of “The Great Spirit;” Orlandof, a prince of the blue man and their leader, in the recognition of the divinity of “The Supreme Chief;” Porshunta, the oracle of the extinct orange race and the leader of this people in the worship of “The Great Teacher”; Singlangton, the first of the yellow men to teach and lead his people in the worship of “one Truth” instead of the many; Fantad, the deliverer of the green men from darkness and their leader in the worship of “The One Source of Life”; Orvonon, the enlightener of the indigo race and their leader in the onetime service of “The God of Gods”; Adam, the discredited but rehabilitated planetary father of Earth, a Material Son of God who was relegated to the likeness of mortal flesh but who survived and was subsequently elevated to this position by the decree of Michael; Eve, the mother of the violet race of Earth, who suffered the penalty of default with her mate and was also rehabilitated with him and assigned to serve with this group of mortal survivors; Enoch the first of the mortals of Earth to fuse with his Maaesti during mortal life in the flesh; Moses, the emancipator of a remnant of the submerged violet race and the instigator of the revival of the worship of the Universal Father under the name of The God of Israel”; Elijah, a translated soul of brilliant spiritual achievement during the post-Material Son age; Machiventa Melchizedek, the only Son of this order to bestow himself upon the races of Earth; John the Baptist, the forerunner of Michael’s mission on Earth and in the flesh, distant cousin of the Son of Man and finally, 1-2-3 the first, the leader of the loyal midway creatures in the service of Gabriel at the time of the Caligastia betrayal, was elevated to this position by Michael, soon after his entrance upon unconditional sovereignty.


Sixteen of the twenty-four seats at the table are filled. All of the selected beings are exempt from continuing the ascension regime for the time being and apparently no one knows how long they are required to serve. Seats 17, 18, 19, and 20 are only temporarily filled on unanimous consent by the sixteen permanent members. These non-permanent seats are now being filled by ascending mortals who have lived since the post-bestowal period, in other words since the time of Jesus. The remaining four seats again are temporary and reserved for ascending beings from Earth who are waiting for future bestowals such as that of a Magisterial or Teacher Son, as well as, the expected era of Light and Life.


While still numbered as a Melchizedek, Machiventa has a seat at the table, who eternally assumed the assignment of service as a mortal ascender, having sojourned on Earth in the likeness of mortal flesh at Salem in the days of Abraham. This Melchizedek was later proclaimed vicegerent Planetary Prince of Earth, with his headquarters on Jerusem and authority to act in behalf of Michael, who is the actual Planetary Prince of Earth, the inhabited world whereon he experienced his terminal bestowal in human form.


What Tigh told me he found most interesting while on Jerusem was the concept of Material Sons and Daughters and their dedication to parenting skills, which is so sadly missing on Earth. What he expressed was that some parents on Earth clearly need courses or instruction on parenting skills that are mandatory for every parent, no matter what station they occupy on advanced worlds. These domains of the Adams attract new arrivals to the system capital, such as Tigh. Each family of Material Sons and Daughters live on an estate and do so up until they are selected for service on the evolutionary worlds, or finally embark on their own paradise-ascension journey.


These beings are really of material status and if they hadn’t defaulted, in the case of Earth, human beings would have come to know them. They would have continued to be immortal, utilizing the’ tree of life’ and remain in their role until the time of Life and Love. If things had gone as planned, they would still be on Earth, guiding all of you to a better future. They are the highest order of beings capable of sexually reproducing on any of the training spheres of an evolving universe. They are the last link that extended down from divine perfection to us, beings from a course material world. They are very close to humans in so many ways and on inhabited planets they are the link between humans and the invisible Planetary Prince and his entourage.


Their service as Material Sons and Daughters is mainly determined by their age. They have no access to the higher realms because of their super-material bodies and it isn’t until they are chosen to start their ascending careers that they have the opportunity to do so. Together with their children, they arouse interest and fascination amongst ascending mortals. They are so similar to what you are physically on Earth that you would find much in common to talk about.


For Tigh who did not have the experience of raising a child from birth, he was exposed to these great super-material beings while residing on one of their estates in the company of many others, experiencing the parenting phase of life. They all took classes from their assigned couple and were exposed to all the parents and children being raised amongst them. No surviving mortal can gain paradise without going through this sublime experience of achieving a parental relationship with a child. It’s the foundation for having any rapport with the Universal Father.


Another important group you have come to know through me, Chermella is the Melchizedeks. They are the directors of a very large group of instructors on Jerusem and all of its surrounding spheres. They run more than thirty different education centers on the capital and join with the Material Sons and Daughters in a supreme effort to qualify ascending mortals to the next level, that of moving on to Edentia and its seventy artificial spheres and their subsequent satellites. I admire the Melchizedek, they seem to be so versatile and Tigh could relate to their esprit de corp. There rugged adaptability to numerous circumstances on different worlds, created lore around them that was picked up by the various ascending beings from the distant planets. It was a role that in many ways mimicked what he worked at in the mountains of North America.


I could see under the supervision of the Melchizedek, the Material Sons and Daughters making a concerted effort, with intense training, to raise the tardy development of ascending mortals like him that are struggling with their deficiencies. No ascending being graduates from Jerusem and moves on to Edentia without all faults, defects or flaws being adequately rectified in the view and oversight of these Sons and Daughters. They must all carry the certificate of having achieved a mota personality, before moving on.