Thoth's Truth

A Soul's Journey Across the Universe



Chapter 2

Death and Beyond – Mansion World One


Thoth’s vision of the cosmos is the matrix for this story. He starts at the center of everything and expands outward to the periphery of the grand universe. It is an inductive way of looking at things, going from the specific to the general. This story is the opposite and deductive in nature, going from the general to the specific. In other words it goes from Earth, which is situated on the fringe of its system and travels to the center or Isle of Paradise. It all plays out in the following fashion.


My name is Chermella and I was assigned to Tigh early in his adult life, shortly before his climbing accident. My job (there are two of us assigned as a pair) was to navigate him through the many trying times and dangerous moments that unfolded in his life. He lost his way on occasion and struggled to cope with what was laid out before him but he always managed to correct his course. I am a seraph guardian of destiny, or as many of you have come to know through religious teachings, a guardian angel. Yes we exist and this is my narrative, enacted through the life of a man who his friends referred to as Tigh. It was a nickname he garnered early in his adult life.


As angels we do not have material bodies, but we are definite and discrete beings: We are of spirit-nature and origin. Though invisible, we perceive you in the flesh without the aid of transformers or translators; we intellectually understand the mode of mortal life and we even share all of man’s nonsensical emotions and sentiments. We appreciate and greatly enjoy your efforts in music, art, and real humor. We are fully cognizant of your moral struggles and spiritual difficulties. We love human beings and only good can result from your efforts to understand and love us.


We are superior to you in spiritual status but are not your judges or accusers, no matter what your faults are. You do well to love us but you should not adore us; angels are not objects of worship. In nature and personality endowment, we seraphim are just a trifle ahead of mortal races in the scale of creature existence. Indeed, when you are delivered from the flesh, you become very much like us. Throughout the morontia or mental plane of existence and subsequent spirit ascent, your fraternity with us will be ideal; your companionship will be superb.



As I observed, Tigh and his partner set out on a sunny afternoon to do a route on the cliffs at the end of the lake. Halfway up, Nick led out across a small ledge traversing to the left. After establishing a good belay station and setting up an anchor, he signaled for Tigh to start the traverse. The hand holds were extremely small and the foot holds were along a thin ledge of friable rock, which made it tense and dicey. Halfway into the traverse, Tigh stopped as his hand holds we’re getting fewer and smaller and he needed to examine the rock for better choices. He was standing on a small section of the ledge with both hand-holds at eye level when the thin rock under his right foot gave way. It forced him to shift his weight to his arms, putting pressure on his delicate hand holds. He immediately lost his first purchase followed by his second. He was now clawing frantically at the rock trying to gain some grip but he was doomed to failure. At this point his left foothold gave way. He was now moving down, clear of the rock face, in pendulum fashion, feet first and at that point he instinctively wrapped his hands around the rope leading up from his chest. He hit the rock with the right side of his body then there was nothing…….


He found himself in a strange surrounding in front of an illuminating light that revealed what could only be described as a celestial being or entity. He was now in my presence. He was aware he was detached from his physical self. He had just gone through a typical transition experience as he physically lost the spark of life. He now realized he was separate from his body and assumed he was either near death or already dead. I asked him if he had made a choice about his survival. There was no audible voice coming from me, just the thought coalescing in his mind. I already knew the answer, a positive one, and a hint of a smile slowly grew across my face. This made him think I already knew the answer and I had read his mind. He sensed I was an all-knowing oracle. A perception grew within him that all his thoughts were mine too share, as I experienced his awe and wonder in the moment.


To allow him to disconnect from this beguiled twinkling of time, I told him his indwelled spirit would be temporarily departing and that he was going to fall into a deep slumber, but to be prepared for his resurrection again at some point. Before he lost consciousness, I explains to him that his life was going to be under review and judged on its merits by the proper authorities – high celestial beings assigned the task – and an adjudication would be brought forward at the time of his resurrection. I saw his daughter by his bedside, captivated on seeing the subtle but fading look of wonder in his eyes. I ended the moment by telling him, “I see your daughter looking into your eyes now, as their luster slips away and finally they’re fixed. She’s passing her fingers over your eye lids and drawing them closed …..


Today, Tigh walks among you for his death does not occur for many more years. Time and space are only relative on the material plane. One of the things it allows is for humans to progress in a linear fashion through life with a beginning, middle and an end. Off the dense, material world, your life is much like a book and can be visited at many different points with no regard to time. Here, if you want to see a section just go to the designated page and open it. In this narrative I am presenting to you, it comes ajar soon after his death and his arrival on the first mansion world.


Tigh regained consciousness in what best could be described as a huge assembly hall with no perception of time, feeling like he was in the hub of a bustling railway station. There were many others around him. He had a sense of a new, enhanced manifestation within. He was in the company of two entities, one he recognized as me, as I explained to him that his spirit had returned and it was again indwelled within him. The other was an angelic being like me assigned to the resurrection hall.


It was later that he told me that he recognized who I was referring to that had slipped away and returned now; that inner voice, the master within, the one he had relied on over the years, who gave him direction and consultation, often during troubling and difficult times. He also said it was what he came to rely on later in life, as he sought quiet moments to heal his body, or seek the proper path to travel. He said that back then he was looking for some guidance in his complex material world. With all this baffling wonder going on around him, he was slowly becoming aware of who he was and what his particular circumstance was. He had just experienced transition, his own death.


He had been previously brought before a judicial body and faced the judgement brought down on his life and the dispensation meted out in his case. Others who had decided not to survive were also being dealt with at the time. Those who after their adjudication, were undecided were given time to reflect and make a choice. Many were noticeably confused over it all.


He told me later, he was awash with a sense of well-being, at one it seemed with everything around him and all his senses were heightened. At this point, he became aware of a new body that he was now enclosed within. I told him his Maaesti and he would have a lot to adjust to and to make sure he took small steps for a while. You’re Maaesti and you have a lot to adjust to. I told him I would guide him carefully through this early transition phase. At times he seemed lost and confused about his past and at other times wondered about his future. I told him that over time, the important memories of his past life would reappear but it would be in stages and only those that had value for his continued existence. There is only one past life that has to be dealt with, only one previous existence. He started to slowly understand me and trust this being in front of him. He realized we’d known each other for a while and I had arrived at a critical point in his life and that I had been assigned to him. He had much to learn about his new existence, as the vale of confusion slowly lifted before him.


He asked me if he had died in the climbing accident because he was getting little vignettes of returning memory that seemed to suggest he had lived longer. I assured him he had lived a productive life and that at the point of his transition, this close call had been in the forefront of his mind. He had been dwelling on it at the time of his death. I told him he carried this particular memory with him as he approached physical death. I also said it was shortly before the accident that I was assigned to him on a permanent basis. I emphasized what was most important for him at this stage. He must get to know and further understand his indwelled spirit or what we all refer to as a Maaesti.


I informed him about what had happened. That on his death, his mortal, mind transcripts and the active, memory patterns that he possessed, were transformed from the material realm to the spiritual realm, by his Maaesti. “Your spiritized factors of mind, memory and personality were with your Maaesti while you slumbered.” I continued. “The creature mind-matrix and the passive potentials of your identity that were present in your soul at the time of your death were entrusted to me, a seraph destiny guardian during that period. It is this reunion of your evolving soul under my care and the spirit-mind trust of your Maaesti that allows us to reassemble your personality and constitutes the possibility or potential to resurrect you from the state of a sleeping survivor.” Tigh now realized that it was imperative that he understand more fully, the concept of the Maaesti, as challenging as it was at the time and better communication undertaken between them.


He slowly began to learn more about these mysterious entities that indwelled within human beings. I told him that they are extremely high spirit beings that we seraphim can not see but we can sense their presence and that they carry within them, a fragment of the Universal Father, the great source and center of all creation. I went on to say that they are entirely unique and their bestowal upon human beings enables you, a creature from a course and dense reality, to move toward becoming an ascending mortal on the proper path of existence. I elaborated further, “If the two of you are successful as a team and manage the mansion worlds together and beyond, at some point you will fuse together and be a single, united entity. Your minds will become one. You will then truly become an ascending immortal on the journey up through the grand universe and if things go right, to finally become a member of the Corps of the Finaliters, a grand and splendid kinship to be part of.”


I continued: “You and your Maaesti, that inner voice you have slowly come to trust, have arrived on this, the first mansion world. From here; on successfully completing your tasks, you will move on to the second mansion world and from there successively continue on up the remaining four, until you arrive on the seventh mansion world. On completing this part of your journey, you will then be transported to the system capital on Jerusem and become a resident there. From now on, you will never again have to experience the transition of death; that great unknown you all face on your first and only life on your native world. You need only to slumber while in transition from each world now. But you will never again see your birth planet as an ascending being in your current form. Here, you’ll be helped along by a host of beings that are here for your convenience and service. These guides and teachers will help you adjust to this new world your now dwelling on and the new body you now possess.


Not until you have reached your ultimate destination drawn by the gravity of God’s immense soul, located at the center of the master universe and have become a finaliter, will you be allowed to return to the world of your nativity. But don’t despair for there is ample time while on the mansion worlds, to reconnect with family and friends, who have accepted survival on passing over. Death is the great mystery, all human beings must endure in their one life on the material plane and how you plan for it is paramount. We know many humans put substantial energy and resources toward their retirement on the physical plane. What they often fail to understand is how important it is to be prepared for surviving death and the adventurous, ensuing afterlife. It’s a wondrous journey that’s undertaken that none could ever comprehend.


Tigh soon came to learn that the first mansion world is what the historical Bible refers to as heaven. It’s a wondrous place that always takes time to adjust to and become familiar with. I could see that little by little he was starting to get his bearings. The resurrection hall is located in the midst of a gigantic temple dedicated to personality assembly. In the resurrection of the sleepers, a number of celestial beings, come together to insure that everything is carried out in proper fashion, enabling human beings to survival as they really are. There are numerous archangels assigned to these halls and he had met one already in the company of me. All these seraphim are there to insure that those who choose survival have a safe transition from death.


To understand the size of where this was taking place, the word epic comes to mind in human terms; it’s a temple with seven huge wings extending a great distance, radiating outward and each wing has the capacity for one-hundred thousand personal resurrection halls or cubicles. And this was just one of many temples dedicated to rebirth. I assured him that his awakening on mansion world one and the profound memory of the event would remain with him forever; throughout eternity, it would be that deeply embedded in his mind. He also found out that when he awoke, he resumed his intellect, training capacity and spiritual development, exactly from the point he was at before death interrupted everything. All his faculties were there. He had only exchanged his material body for a morontia one, which was now his evolved soul.


He also found out that Maaestis carry with them that all important fragment of the Universal Father and that they are the seat of a person’s distinct personality. They are responsible for those spiritualized factors that pertain to human beings, consisting of mind, memory and creature personality. I told him they were the most mysterious component of man’s makeup, long ignored on the material plane and so important to human beings. The idea of the Maaesti has been around since the beginning but had never been embraced properly by mankind’s numerous religions.


As I watched, a group of new arrivals left the resurrection hall including Tigh, guided by a companion of this mansion world. They proceeded to the Melchizedek sector, where they were registered and assigned permanent residency. The Melchizedek function as mobile and advisory review courts of the different realms. These Universal Sons go in small groups to the various inhabited worlds to serve as advisory commissions, to take depositions, to receive suggestions, and to act as counselors, thus helping to compose the major difficulties and settle the serious differences, which arise in the affairs of the evolutionary domains. They are the most resourceful, differentiated and malleable of the celestial orders. There connection to Earth has been significant, particularly during man’s early pre-history.


As soon as they had registered back at the Melchizedek Sector, and were assigned a place to stay, the group was given a standard ten day leave, to freely conduct a personal examination of their new homes and surroundings. With the use of a large registry, they now had the liberty to look up family and friends who might have preceded them here and discover where they are stationed while tasking in there advancement training, upon the mansion worlds. There were many morontia companions about and who acted as a great resource to turn to. Tigh had been temporarily assigned one, who initially helped him in conducting his affairs.


At the end of his fascinating 10-day furlough, he began the next step in his Paradise journey. The mansion worlds are set up as spheres of training and the first one is for personal development and shoring up the defects of a person’s character. Corrections and cures take place as they slowly evolve toward hopefully one day, becoming a perfect being. This happens in very slow increments. How much time Tigh spends on each of these worlds, depends on the judgment that was laid down at his personal dispensation in the presence of me his assigned guardian seraph. It will also depend on how well he adapts and transforms himself on the many mansion worlds dedicated to this process and I will be there to help.


If Tigh had been of advanced status, from a progressive and highly evolved world and not required to be detained on mansion world one and adhering to the judgment at his dispensation, after ten days he could enter a transitional sleep and be transported to mansion world two. Then on to the third and then the fourth, until he reached his assigned mansion world to begin working toward being a potential, ascending immortal.


For the longest time while on Earth, my subject had believed in reincarnation and that he would be born again and again on Earth until he finally got it right, and everything would be controlled by the law of karma. This was the way he came to terms with the inequality of life on the planet. Tigh was trying to balance this concept of karma in his mind, otherwise life made no sense to him. The arrogance of believing your fortunes we’re the result of your intellect, DNA and station in life, held no sense or validity to him.


In reality, reincarnation is a flawed human attempt at understanding the spiritual balance of all things, not on his home planet as he thought, but in his progression through the universe, particularly the mansion worlds. But then in his physical form back on Earth, through meditation, much reading and long periods of contemplation, he gradually realized that the mansion worlds would take care of any injustice or inequality laid out in his initial life. That realization late in his life, along with his new awareness of a rough and primitive concept of a Maaesti, was satisfying enough for him at the time. It solved many of the mysteries he struggled with so often while on Earth.


He told me he had no recollection of any past lives personally but had read about others who did and that fueled the notion, not only to him but many others, that reincarnation might be valid. He now realizes how flawed that assessment was. He understands now that it wasn’t humans that had the past life experiences, but their associated Maaestis. I explained it to him this way, when he asked me: “If a transitory personality of mortal origin, decides not to survive and thus not be reassembled, does the spirit elements of that non-surviving mortal, would that continue as an integral part of the individual, experiential endowment in the surviving indwelled Maaesti?” He was in plain terms asking, “Are those who have memories of past lives only tapping into the consciousness of their Maaestis?”


I explained further, “Over their lifetime, these individuals who stated they had past life experiences, had just managed a better conduit to their Maaestis and it was the Maaesti’s past life experiences they were tapping into. Not his or hers. Until one of these spirit entities fuses with their ascending host, they may have many of these past lives, absorbed within them from indwelling subjects that for whatever reason did not choose survival. But universal law requires that once Maaestis fuse with their host, those past memories evaporate from the Maaesti’s mind. This new concept required much contemplation on Tigh’s part, before he came to understand the process fully.


To add to the confusion, he was addressing a further complication. I told him there were other beings on other inhabited planets that require an Maaesti only once in their initial life on their native planet and other beings on different worlds that don’t require one at all. These personalities take a different path in attaining the status of an ascending mortal.


Many of these beings were present on the first mansion world but because of language barriers, there was no opportunity for my charge to effectively communicate with them. Shyness set in with him but as he gained command of the new language, he started to feel more comfortable in their company. I refer to him here as a male out of habit but from a gender standpoint, all ascending human beings have no sexual orientation. It only existed while on their native planet.


He told me there were a number of things he was looking forward to finding out; one was to comprehend more about these Maaestis; another was to know how he got transported to this world in the first place, and finally he wanted to know more about angelic beings like me that safeguarded him on Earth. I told him little of my knowledge and experiences, which allowed him to resolve these issues on his own, through proper teaching channels, set up on the mansion worlds. I would fill in his knowledge gaps in degrees later, as we sat around the proverbial campfire talking about these matters.


He now expressed a desire to explore his surroundings and he needed some help. I reminded him about the morontia companions; interesting beings at the disposal of all ascending mortals. I informed him they could be utilized in various ways; they were effective translators, they acted as building custodians, they organized large and small excursions, they conducted tours as guides for both; individuals and groups and finally they were dependable interpreters. Tigh soon befriended one that was the custodian of his building complex. He proved to be extremely invaluable as a friend and confidant.


These super guides are based out of a temple in the center of the administration hub on this world. They are very cooperative and versatile beings and are excellent guides, both on and off the mansion worlds. They often become leisure companions, like Tigh’s contact and friend, Tostendek and a great resource to have on any trip to a huge sphere like Jerusem, the system’s capital, which could be difficult to navigate or find your way around.


These companions are trained for service by the Melchizedek Order on a special planet near the universe’s capital of Salvington. As a group, they maintain headquarters on all of the first mansion worlds – 10,000 in this universe alone. There are two types; the ones that often appear retiring and the others that seem to be more aggressive in nature, but they are all of equal status. They are touchingly affectionate to one another but are not sex creatures and they possess distinct personalities.


These entities, more childlike in their manner, are the friends and associates of all who prescribe to an ascending career like Tigh. They are not important to a person’s progress through the local universe. They’re not like me, a seraph guardian, who if so elected, will accompany Tigh on his ascending career. These companions simply act as gracious hosts. As human beings meet more earnest challenges and progressively more difficult tasks on their various training worlds, they will be given opportunities for rest and given time to reflect on any setbacks they encounter on the way. These passive companions are there to help all ascending beings to overcome the many difficulties and obstructions they contend with in their journeys.


They are great coordinators who assist all with their tasks, including social companions who will meet you on a new world, if asked. They act as hosts to celestial visitors and are readily sought as interpreters and translators. One of the first challenges anyone encounters, is learning the local system’s language and everyone is greatly assisted by these beings.


Tigh and Tostendek were frequently together and one day as I attended to other matters, which gave him more freedom, they took off together. He took him to a memorial that was dedicated to planet 606 in the Satania System, which was Tigh’s native planet Earth. Tostendek told him that there was one of these celebratory centers, set up on each of the seven mansion worlds and each one had a display of his planet’s history. There were memorials set up for all 619 inhabited planets in the system. Tostendek explained that on display inside would be a developing account of Earth’s existence and on each subsequent mansion world more would be revealed. It started with man’s earliest history, recorded on mansion world one and progresses to the current status on the seventh. So in stages he would come to know more of man’s early journey and history as a species on Earth. It was a remarkable feature of the mansion worlds. Tigh’s parents preceded him in transition and are currently in slumber waiting for the dispensation roll call of the age. Most of his friends who preceded him were academics and as such either atheists or agnostics. Most of them, I’m assuming, would consider survival as they were upright people, leading decent lives. Most commonly expressed some sort of primitive desire to be reabsorbed again, back into the universe in some capacity, maybe as some sort of released energy at an atomic or subatomic level. Outside of his daughter, Tigh was the only one who really had a spiritual bent in his circle of friends and family. There was one person though who he was sure he could look up. Lyn, who I personally remember fondly in my early relationship with him, had died in the early 1980’s, while in her mid-30’s from cancer and she had lived a tough stretch of years, before finally passing on. They were close and I could say in some ways, kindred spirits. Over the years, they talked about spirituality and compared their own life experiences, as they lived and worked in close proximity to one another in those days. She knew from an early age, she was not destined to experience a long life.


With a little searching he found her in the registry and discovered she was sojourning on mansion world two and immediately got in contact with her. They set up a meeting at the 606 Monument, on mansion world one. It was helpful, for she was familiar with the location from her previous time there.


That’s how Tostendek and Tigh ended up at the monument again. They met her at one of the commissaries located inside the memorial and they had a wonderful time re-uniting. She was as radiantly beautiful now as she was when he had first meet her and now with a morontia body, she was even more stunning. Her dark, smoldering, mischievous eyes hadn’t changed and she retained that easy smile, which on occasion, still portrayed a prankish intent. She asked most of the questions because she wanted to know as much as possible about her family, especially her two children who were so young at the time of her passing. Tigh was close to her brother and filled her in as much as possible. They met several times and she often acted as a guide, whenever they had a chance to venture off together. She had to travel down to his world, being ahead in her ascension, but that was quite manageable. We did arrive on mansion world six shortly before she graduated to seven and they had a chance to visit again. It was a warm and joyful experience for both of them but especially for him, being so new to it all.


I have been based on Earth for quite some time and observed you Earthlings for a while. You have come to recognize only one kind of death, the physical one, of what best could be described as the cessation of all life forces or energies; but really there are three types of death. The first, spiritual or soul death is when a being in their conduct through life, finally rejects life because they become spiritually insolvent, through lifestyle choices they made. They have fancied the darker side of life and their soul has devolved or withered rather than expanded and grown. Eventually their soul is pronounced bankrupt in the joint opinion of the Maaesti and the group or individually assigned seraph. When this state has been verified by those in higher authority and reviewed thoroughly, they release the indwelling spirit from the living host. This does not affect the personal or group seraphim concerned with the continued life of that individual, as they gamely continue with their task at hand, but to all intent and purpose, spiritually, they have given up on that person. This kind of death is final and irreversible, even though the individual continues to function along in life. From a cosmic standpoint this person is already dead.


The second type is that of the intellectual or mental death. When the brain loses its effective function through disease or accident and the mind is compromised in being effective and it has reached a point of irreparability. At this point the indwelling Maaesti is instructed to leave. This is death irrespective of the physical body continually functioning. Without mind, the body is no longer human. The soul of that individual may survive their eventual death as the human will within, might have chosen a path of survival.


The third kind of death, the one you commonly refer to as physical (mind and body) death results when the life forces depart and there is no measurable brain energies functioning throughout the body. At this point the spirit departs. I must reiterate, through all of this, the Maaesti carries the memory transcript of a person’s mortal career, whether a survivor or non-survivor. Remaining throughout the passing are the personal or group seraphim who take charge of the morontia soul of the deceased person. These phases and forms of the soul; those kinetic but now static blueprints of identity are essential to re-personalization a human being on the morontia or many mansion worlds. It is the reunion of the Maaesti and the soul that reassembles the surviving personality, as entities awaken in the resurrection hall. We seraphim are indispensable to the reassembly of all personalities.


Tigh wanted to know more about my order and I obliged. I told him we are of a high angelic one that has many functions but it is the personal or group seraphim of destiny that Tigh was most interested in when he originally brought the subject up with me. I told him we are the traditional angels of religious belief. We are attending spirits who live so near human beings and do so much for them. Many of us have resided on Earth since the earliest of times, from the dawn of mankind; the evolutionary appearance of Homo erectus to that of the current Homo sapiens-sapiens.


We are ministering spirits who have been sent forth to do service for those humans who potentially chose survival, who might come to believe in a higher power and to whom the mystery of death would be solved on transition. Faith and devotion in that realization is paramount in the choices being made in anyone’s life. We have functioned in all the great events of your past world history, continue this service in the present and will do so in the future.


We are assigned in accordance with a person’s intelligence, spirituality and destiny. Human beings attempt, or are challenged to travel through seven psychic circles while on Earth, going from the seventh level to the first one. It’s not necessary to pass through all of these circles in your one lifetime, but it helps if you can complete as many as you can. On occasions when disease or disaster or by accident your life is cut short, you might not be given the necessary time to complete the task and so you resume them on the mansion worlds.


When you readers on Earth, intellectually and spiritually reach the third circle, it is a defining moment in your life journey. When the mortal mind breaks through the inertia of your animal inheritance and gains the necessary spirituality; a personal seraph (in reality we come in pairs) will exclusively be devoted to you.


In addition to the ever present and increasingly effective indwelled Maaesti (or as often referred to as the Mystery Monitor or Thought Adjuster), you receive the undivided assistance of us personal guardians. We greatly assist you in your progress through to the last two remaining circles, the second and first.


When human beings fail or choose not to survive, the seraphic guardians may decide to remain on Earth or serve in the same capacity on another evolutionary planet. We also become closely attached to and develop sentimental and emotional regard for certain races of individuals, types of humans and specific worlds. If you could see us and interact with us on Earth, you would find, we have a lot in common with you. We share many of your emotions but one we don’t share stands out to us. It’s difficult for us to comprehend, the animal fear that resides so often in your minds. We find it hard to understand why you allow your higher intellect, even your religious faith to be conquered so completely by fear. It’s difficult to watch all of you succumb so easily and deflated so often, by the foolish panic of dread and anxiety. It’s a wonder to us. This is currently a major debilitating factor on your planet as humans make group and individual decisions.


You as mortals are subject to being led mentally by your Maaestis, if you so choose or allow them through your will. But you are also open to seraphic guidance from someone like me as well. The first provides your eternal and potential nature or being, while the second, me, is the teacher of your evolving nature or soul. In this life, the mortal or material mind, in the next, the morontia soul which includes your newly evolved morontia mind.


We also function as teachers. We guide our human subjects toward new and progressive experiences. If you accept our guidance, rarely does it mean attaining a life of comfort, but rather one of maximizing your potential. In accepting this challenge, you are sure to meet and confront resistance but if you have the courage to prevail, you are taking a clear route in fulfilling your destiny.


We guardian seraph(im) are constantly manipulating the mortal environment you exist in, for the purpose of providing cosmic insight to you so that as a future survival candidate, you acquire an enhanced realization of the presence of your indwelling spirit, and thus enable you to develop increased cooperation with its spiritual mission and the understanding of its divine presence. While there is no apparent communication between an indwelling Maaesti and us, the accompanying seraph, we work in perfect harmony with them. We seraphim tend to be most vigorous when the Maaestis are less active but we somehow manage to correlate our efforts. While I’ve said before, there is no communication between us; neither can we see the higher spirit form of them. We have an established sense though, to be aware of their luminous presence.


As angels we do not enter the sanctity of the human mind nor do we influence your will. We influence you in every manner but must be harmonious, with the nobility of your personality. Under no situations do we inhibit the free action of your human will. Neither us, nor any other cosmic being, have the ability or authorization to limit or curtail, the prerogatives of human choice. It’s up to you to chart your own course. You must understand this has been a universal law since the beginning of time.


We do not ordinarily intervene in the normal routine of a person’s life. But if we receive direction from our superiors to conduct some unusual deed, you can be certain that we will find some means of carrying out our task. We do not enter the events of human drama except in emergencies and only on direct orders from above. This cannot be stated enough for people have received assistance in moments of crisis.


All seraphim of all orders have planetary numbers assigned to them and are recorded on Salvington, but we also have individual names, mine being Chermella. We always volunteer our service. Our leaders select pairs of us that are of equal qualification and they appoint one cherub and one sanob to assist us. The tasks involved can often be continuous and unremitting, so assistance is often needed. If one of us is indisposed on other responsibilities, it falls on the cherub to fill in. One of the seraphim pair will be assigned responsibility for recording the human’s passage through life. For the purpose of rest and the opportunity to recharge ourselves with the necessary life energy derived from the universal circuits, one of us is periodically relieved by the second or complementary one and during both our absence, the associate cherub functions as the recorder. If so chosen we are also going to follow you throughout your ascension of the morontia worlds of Satania and beyond.


One of the most interesting classes Tigh attended on mansion world one was entitled “Understanding & Knowing Maaestis” and he told me he learned a lot. He was informed that the endowment of imperfect beings with the freedom to make choices without some kind of divine guidance would result in inevitable tragedy and self-destruction to them. To make sure that that doesn’t happen, human beings are indwelled with a fragment of God, the Maaesti. Their love and devotion to humans is the most divine example in all creation, as their dedication goes beyond all bounds. The world is full of people who either, intentionally ignore guidance from their Maaesti, or are unreceptive, lacking any recognition of this inner voice.


It was further explained that Maaestis do not reside in the material brain they’re not an organic component of the material world. They’re pure spirit and the seat of everyone’s individual personality. They take interest in and are concerned with even daily events and the details of your life. While passive during certain times, they’re also active in encouraging your soul’s development and survival but also, how it plays out in your eternal progress. They are the seat of the highest level of consciousness. In a holistic or collective sense, they as a group, try to orchestrate mankind to row in the same direction, to work in unison for the betterment of all.


As taught to Tigh and passed on to you, Maaestis are highly involved with your journey through the seven psychic circles. This process is not just intellectual, it’s about growing your personality status, reaching mind attainment, of evolving the soul along its proper path and finally, it’s all about Maaesti attunement to you personally and that’s accomplished through prayer and meditation. The successful traverse of these circles demands harmony in developing the entire personality, not just one phase of it. When you pray or talk to God, you do so through your Maaesti.


When the development of your intellect proceeds faster than your spiritual growth; communication with the Maaesti often becomes difficult and dangerous. On the other hand over-spiritual development tends to produce a fanatical and perverted interpretation of the spiritual prompts from the Maaesti. This lack of spiritual development and capacity makes it difficult to transmit to such a material individual, the spiritual truths that reside in their super-consciousness. With such a need for a balanced development, man slowly and cautiously progresses through the seven circles.


The seventh circle or level is reached when, as an individual, you are indwelled with a Maaesti. This will occur when human beings develop the capacity to make personal choices, individual decisions and compose a moral judgment. This point is usually reached by the age of five or six. This is an important stage in any human’s development in seeking a higher calling.


I can tell you the Maaesti’s work is much more effective after the individual passes through the third circle and being assigned a seraphic guardian like me. When this circle is reached, the conduit to the Maaesti is much improved and focus can now be switched to developing the mind in a more morontia way that extends to the end of the mortal life. When and if the first circle is reached before death, then the Maaesti will have open and direct communication with the individual.


It’s important to note, the Maaesti brings with it the model life plan or blueprint, the pattern for an ideal existence as it pertains to the individual. Each of you has a predetermined destiny. This has been determined, planned and ordained from a much higher power. Following this predetermined life plan, Spirit (your Maaesti) addresses both the intellectual and spiritual paths of your human journey. Through subtle coxing, they try to nudge you along this pre-ordained path, but it is not mandatory for any of you to agree to this proposal. You are exposed to this predestined plan, but you are not foreordained to accept it. You can reject or accept, all, part, or none of what it suggests. This is the most significant challenge facing human beings in accepting the idea of a Maaesti.


The Maaesti’s task is to effect such mind changes, as to allow the individual the ability to follow this blueprint. All of these spiritual adjustments presented to you, can either be intelligently accepted or rejected. Under no authority does the indwelling Maaesti have the power or will to force anything you do not accept. It is always acquiescent to your will and in this fashion, it discriminately effects change within the sanctity of your personality. Resisting these prompts, as many of you have done, especially in the early stages of your adulthood, they can be rectified later in life.


Tigh and I had a long discussion after one particular course about how the physical and not so physical structures of our system are set up. I told him the seven mansion worlds are under the control of the system’s Melchizedek, the high order of beings referred to earlier. These worlds exist above the material plane in the morontia plane and are artificial or architectural spheres when it comes to mass.


There is an acting governor assigned on each mansion world that is responsible to rulers on Jerusem, the system’s capital. The system, Satania (officially its name has nothing to do with Satan,) [unofficially it would seem it does] is one of a 100 systems in the Constellation Norlatiadek, whose capital is Edentia. There are 100 constellations in the universe of Nebadon, whose capital is Salvington. Some of the neighboring universes are Avalon, Henselon, Sanselon, Portalon, Wolvering, Fanoving and Alvoring.


To observe that there are some spiritual beings and cosmic entities, scattered about and seconded on numerous artificial and material spheres in the universe, would be a gross understatement. It is something most beings on Earth have little comprehension of. All of this took time for me and also his teachers to explain, but he picked up most of it from the courses he attended while stationed here.


As programmed, he had the opportunity to improve some of the defects he had created for himself while at times he lazily drifting along on Earth, and one of the biggest insufficiencies was his notorious impatience and impulsiveness. He told me one day it was a remarkable process that he had to endure and he was starting to look forward to the time assigned and dealing with the many other deficiencies he will have to address in the future. It was hard at first when all his shortcomings were laid out before him and he felt so inadequate and challenged by it all. But when he finally graduated from this mansion world, he was ecstatic with the results he felt within. I could see the time was approaching for him to make the journey to mansion world two and how he would get there was a curiosity he couldn’t conceal from me. Prior to his departure I revealed it all to him.


To the reader and to Tigh’s curiosity, all spherical travel for ascending beings depends upon seraphic transport, in advancing oneself from world to world. Most but not all celestial beings require this form of inter-planetary transportation. There are some in our Angelic order that are specialized seraphim that encapsulate entities and transport them between destinations. If you want to go to the system headquarters of Jerusem you would go by seraphic transport. Inter-galactic transportation is another matter and not discussed here for various reasons.


The process of being carried is not unlike experiencing death or even deep sleep but you are aware of the time element required for your slumber and the distance you’ve covered on awakening. The calming realization is you know you’re going to eventually wake up. While you are in this state of unconsciousness, your Maaesti is fully conscious and often more effective in his working pursuits. These transporting angels cannot transport material bodies, they would combust being made of flesh, blood and bones but they can transport personalities from the lowest morontia level to the highest spirit level. I will later take the time to explain morontia material and the morontia body later. But understand, there is as much activity going on in this reality as that of the material one.


While in flight, these seraphim are fully conscious of direction, their whereabouts in the universe and their velocity. They are able to vary their speed quickly and suddenly and to alter their direction almost on a dime. They can travel at three times the speed of light, approximately 560,000 miles per second, utilizing energy circuits. There are numerous types of beings similar to seraphic transports, who are able to traverse space and some are able to act as carriers for other beings, as well.


The idea that angels possess wings comes from the ancient notion, we seraphim can fly. Humans have sometimes been able to see these specialized seraphim transports in preparation for flight and mistaken the energy insulators or friction shields on their back as wings. They appeared to possess a double set of wings that extended from head to the foot. They are used to encapsulate a being for transport, which results in the confusion mortals have of these entities. Ancient humans saw angels as capable of flying and gave them wings, spurred on by the presence of these friction shields.


After sleep inducement, when celestial entities and morontia beings are being prepared for flight, the seraphic transport is brought alongside in a horizontal position and it must be noted, they transport only one individual at a time. The person is placed skillfully on top of the transport, at which point both the upper and lower pairs of shields are carefully closed and adjusted. Then a strange metamorphosis takes place as the seraphic transport swings into proper position. It grows pointed at both ends and becomes incased in a strange amber glow.


Before taking flight, everything is checked for readiness, making sure all is thoroughly inspected and that the whole thing is ready for the ensuing flash or take off. At this point the seraph has become an almost transparent, glistening luminosity – a vibrating, torpedo shaped object. Finally energy transporters reach out and touch the nearest point on the strange carriage and it shoots forward with lightning fast speed. As it streaks skyward, it leaves a trail of luminosity as far as the eye can see until it breaks the seal of the atmosphere. The most favorable time for departure on Earth is around midnight and there are countless sendoffs and arrivals.


Ancient alien proponents, on many populated planets have put forward their theory about extraterrestrials visiting their planet in the past and it has become one of the most popular explanations for the phenomenon of, ‘gods coming down to earth’ as in Earth’s case. They often replace angelic or celestial beings with that of material spacecraft and alien beings from outer space. They are valid assumptions in trying to understand their place in the universe. What complicates this hypothesis is their lack of understanding of both the mindal and spirit levels of existence in conjunction with the material world. The continuous presence of Life Carriers (the grays) in the vicinity of an inhabited planet must also be understood by humans in fuller detail.