Thoth's Truth

A Soul's Journey Across the Universe



Chapter 7

The Melchizedek, Life Carriers and a nearby inhabited Planet – Mansion World Six


Shortly after Tigh registering on Mansion World Number Six, he was given an introduction to the high spirits of the super-universe and started learning more about these celestial beings that aren’t visible to those at his level and wouldn’t be for a very long time. He also learned more about perspective travel, beyond his local universe and what his career later was going to entail. These high spirits would come into play as he made the potential transition to the super universe.


He learned that the new assistant Sovereign, who took over after the rebellion, would be making visits to this mansion world, addressing the students here. It was something he was looking forward to attending. Back in the classroom, preliminary instructions were begun on the method of universal administration. In the first course, the instructors talked about the affairs of the whole universe instead of just the local system.


This was also an exciting period for ascending mortals when they might be witness to the many perfect fusions of the human mind and the divine Mystery Monitor or Maaesti. It is often at this stage that fusion takes place, if not earlier on the fifth mansion world, or later on the seventh. It can even be extended and occur on Jerusem or possibly Edentia but fusion has most likely occurred by the time their residence on Salvington is completed. Immediately upon the confirmation that a fusion has taken place by the super-angelic beings responsible for such events, the ascending mortal and the Maaesti now united, become members of an elite group. They are now considered an ascending immortal who are assured an eternal career, serving the Universal Father and his collection of highly enlightened standard-bearers to his exalted reign. They are now given a new name and introduced to fellow brethren.


Immediately upon reaching this world, Tigh told me he was being granted a much needed forty day furlough to commute with one’s self, as they say, and provided time to reflect on some important decisions that he had to make. During this spiritual retirement, there was time set aside for him to reflect on the choices available in gaining access to Havona and the central universe. But Tigh also was required to plan a course through a cornucopia of options through the many constellations and the universe.


Finally his period of reflection was over and he was back at work. He was now told he must plan his route to the super-universe of Uversa, progressing through the minor sectors, then the major sectors and finally to the capital of Orvonton. I was happy to see he received some assistance from a Seraphic Evangel who has experience planning such endeavors and with so many options to choose from, he certainly welcomed the assistance. Much went into designing the route he settled on and he was amazed at the techniques employed to bring it to fruition. This process now laid out before him would affect his journey forward in substantial fashion. I have watched Tigh on Earth and have spent time traveling the world with him at different stages of his life. Planning a journey to a remote land with all its excitement and anticipation, I could see he learned a lot and the more effort that went into planning a trip; usually it resulted in a more successful one. With his gathered experience, he was determined to be as well organized as possible.


A reminder to all, even though many might think they are brilliant beings at this stage, they still have a long way to go and are more or less material when considering the exalted position of some celestial beings that rule so many different aspects of an ever expanding, master universe. Tigh was still lower than angels but was getting there and he needed to remain grounded.


The Melchizedek as we know are an order of divine Sons that are capable of descending sufficiently through the spectrum of the material plane, to be effective in dealing with the lower creatures that exist there. They have enough flexibility to serve the evolutionary races without the necessity of having to incarnate on these worlds. In other words they exist at a midpoint between the highest levels of divinity all the way through the spectrum to the lowest levels of will-endowed creatures or other beings acting as intermediaries. It must be said, many of the seraphic orders or angels, delight in working with this special order of beings, myself included.


They are a self-governing order that maintains the highest type of true governance in the universe and can be explicitly trusted in all affairs of rule. They are the pattern to follow, organizationally, and the teachers of self-government to all the spheres and worlds of Nebadon. All orders of intelligent beings, both superior and subordinate, are of high praise when it comes to describing the Melchizedek’s capacity to implement government on newly inhabited planets. These eldest Sons of a universe are the chief aids to Gabriel, the Bright and Morning Star in carrying out the mandates of Michael, the Creator Son of this universe. When a Melchizedek is assigned to a remote world in the name of Gabriel, he will be deputized to act in that capacity. The Melchizedeks have been indispensable on Earth, in administering through some extremely rough seas and they continue to act in this capacity.


The other class of beings I have made reference to in the past is the Life Carriers. Life did not originate on Earth spontaneously but with purpose and direction. Life is constructed according to plans laid out by the highest level of architectural beings and appears on inhabited planets by either direct importation, or by the use of local universal sons or Life Carriers. These interesting and versatile beings are entrusted with designing and carrying creature life to planetary spheres. After planting and seeding this life, they remain for long periods to foster its growth.


As physicists and chemists on Earth progress in understanding the protoplasmic forms of life, they will never be able to produce living organisms from the atomic building blocks of the material world. Life is both a mechanical and a vital life force – material and spiritual – for life is something different from all other energy manifestations. Material things may enjoy an independent existence but life can only come from life. Life cannot rise from inert material for it needs to be embraced with mind and spirit. Mind can only come from pre-existing mind, and spirit takes hold from the ancestry of spirit. Only a creator personality or creative force can activate the living spark to life.


The idea that life originated from a primordial soup is interesting as an evolutionary concept but it doesn’t happen that way. The divine spark that created life from inorganic to an organic state is provided by a specialized entity. Life is not created spontaneously. Life on a particular planet is laid out in a blueprint designed by an architect, mind you a highly evolved one. This life can be imported to the planet directly by a Life Carrier. These carriers of life are designed to carry organisms through space and bring them to a world and once there, remain for long periods of time to nurture its expansion and growth.


In Nebadon there are one-hundred million Life Carriers registered in the universe and they are broken up into three major groups; the senior, the assistant and the custodial. By in large they are self-governing but do fall under a loose supervisory trio consisting of Gabriel, the Melchizedeks and the original Life Carrier to appear in Nebadon. The Melchizedeks always accompany them when the conditions are right for life to arrive.


This order has oversight over seven primary spheres that amongst many others, circle Salvington. These seven artificial worlds have six satellites circling each. The seven primary ones are; the Life Carrier headquarters, the life-planning sphere, the life conservation sphere, the sphere of life evolution, the sphere of life associated with mind, the sphere of mind and spirit in living beings, and finally the sphere of unrevealed life.


As I’ve pointed out, life does not spontaneously appear on a barren planet, it needs to be brought their by a Life Carrier. Most of the time they transport the life plasm to the planet but sometimes they establish the life patterns after they arrive, in agreement with the formulas that are in place that have been already approved. Life Carriers have the ability to provide that vital spark that represents life after the inert patterns are in place. This mystery of life, that vital life force is not directly drawn from a Life Carrier but indwelled through them. They pass it through themselves to the new organism. They have nothing to do with the personality makeup of the creature being created and life is never exactly the same on any given planet, they can vary greatly at times.


It takes approximately a-half-million years to accomplish the establishment of life on a planet and once that is completed, they must quit their implantation program. Up until the appearance of Man, they can manipulate the environment, directing its course and evolution. From this point on, when there is a creature of will in place they stand back – they are not permitted to control or arbitrarily guide human beings. Upon the arrival of the Planetary Prince, they are relieved of their responsibility but usually a couple of the senior Life Carriers and a handful of custodians will volunteer to stay if needed. We refer to them as ‘the grays.’


Present on all primitive inhabited worlds, under the mind ministry of the Infinite Spirit, are the presence of seven adjutant mind-spirits that are extremely important in bringing forward, seven factors that influence mind. Each adjutant mind-spirit is responsible for one of the following seven designations; intuition, understanding, courage, knowledge, counsel, worship and wisdom. These emplacements are perfect indicators of mind function and the first five are in all living creatures. The last two; wisdom and worship exist only in human will creatures or Man.


The material world and its myriad of different forms exist, within the boundaries of an electro-magnetic reality. Science one day might hope to create life and become God but that will never occur, for only life springs from life. They might try to create living organisms, but mind can only come from pre-existent mind and spirit can only originate from descendants of spirit. They may produce the forms of life but never can they activate the vital life force or spark needed. As said before, Life Carriers can organize the fabric of life; can establish the energy schemes, but the’ breath of life’ is channeled through them, not because of them.


Tigh was captivated by our discussion about the Melchizedek Order and the Life Carriers. The subject was so fascinating that he wanted to revisit it soon but he was now intent on catching up, visiting the different transitional worlds. His first trip, accompanied by my cohort was to transitional world two, referred to as the Morontia World. This is the headquarters of the supervisors of all morontia life in the local system and it is surrounded by the various training spheres of the morontia chiefs. Their training is focused on associates and helpers, who are either morontia beings or ascending mortals.


Once ascenders qualify for access to all seven transitional worlds, they can also apply to visit the activity on any or all of their minor satellites. On visiting transitional world number three, the Angelic World, he also applied to have access to a few of its minor spheres. The angelic world is the headquarters for all seraphic activity in the system and their many hosts.


Later he visited the Super-angel transitional world accompanied by me, followed by the World of the Sons and then much later the sixth transitional world of the Spirit. The world of the Son is the system home of all the Brilliant Evening Stars and a vast array of co-ordinate and near co-ordinate beings. This is also the center for all orders of Sons and includes all creature trinitized Sons. He then went to visit the world of the Spirit, which is the headquarters for all high personalities of the Infinite Spirit.


It wasn’t until he reached the seventh mansion world with all of us in tow that he was qualified to visit the seventh transition sphere, the world of the Father. I bring it up now for better clarification instead of waiting until he actually arrived. All who visit the world of the Father come to worship him here. There are no groups of beings that reside on this sphere, so there are no distractions from singularly, worshiping the First Great Source and Center, the Universal Father. This all takes place in the great temple of light, which occupies a central location. The surrounding worlds that circle this major sphere are used differently by other systems in the universe. The leaders on Jerusem refer to them as the Satania detention or prison spheres. Anyone who arrives on mansion world seven can visit the world that Lucifer is confined on and many of those personalities who followed him into rebellion. It must be pointed out the constellation capital of Edentia has no prison worlds so there prison system is located here. The few seraphim and cherubim who joined in the rebellion are interned here and it was a particularly sad day for the three of us who accompanied him. All will be incarcerated here until a decision has been reached by the rulers from Uversa and Salvington on how to adjudicate the rebellion and the future of Lucifer and his associates. This wretched spectacle, only recently permitted, gives beings of every description and type, a chance to witness the aftermath of going afoul and rejecting the salvation that was extended to them before imprisonment for their deeds, by the merciful Father of the universe, Michael.


Finally after visiting the various transition worlds, Tigh returned to mansion world six to continue his studies. Later he met up with a small group of his classmates from a couple of other inhabited worlds and took them to his planetary monument. Afterward, they visited one of the others, representing a nearby world. This inhabited planet is in close proximity to Earth, within the system of Satania and has a similar history. I have been there before, while on a past assignment and the information Tigh provides is correct. Its Planetary Prince also joined Lucifer in the rebellion and its people received their Material Son and Daughter about the same time as Earth did and the couple also defaulted.


Tigh visited this planet on his next opportunity and got a firsthand look as a tourist. When he got there, he discovered how unique it was. It had an advanced civilization located on a large island, about the size of Australia. He found it was well ahead of the rest of the world in development and technology and had successfully, over its recent history, repelled attacks by their less progressive and hostile neighbors. Being on a large island with a unique topography had provided it opportunities that the rest of the world envied. The center of the continent had high mountains, which caught heavy rains, provided many rivers and streams that could be utilized for irrigation to the less arid parts. This isolation had forced them to be more self-sufficient and they had very little trade with the outside world.


There are several races on the island continent that are not yet fully blended but everyone gets along well. The average life span is 90 years and its population is around 140 million. No two families are allowed to live under one roof and those that are unmarried live in group dwellings such as hotels. Their homes sit on much larger land than Tigh was accustomed to, on average about ten times the size of a standard city lot. They maintained large gardens for family consumption and there is a maximum of three children allowed. Religion is the responsibility of the family and government pastors checked in with each family from time to time and see how the religious and philosophical teachings were coming. They did not have community churches as he was used to on Earth.


Military service during peaceful times was for four years and is purely voluntary. They’re not an aggressive nation, so all of their military might is directed towards a defensive posture. They have 25 military bases spread around the periphery of the island. It has been a republic the last two-hundred years and has had a stable internal existence. Over that time they have had to repel nine major attacks from neighboring countries and three of those were from mighty confederations of numerous nations. When they’re in a time of war, the entire nation is mobilized into action.


There are eleven continents on the planet and the other ten are even more inferior to the more advanced nations on Earth. This island nation is superior to anything on Earth. He noted the contrast between the different nations on this planet is far greater than the differences on Earth. They are currently looking at establishing diplomatic relations with many of these third world type countries and in this fashion, try to uplift the rest of the planets population.


What I have learned from other seraphim, is they are about to send missionaries abroad to these inferior lands and the leaders of Satania feel they are about to make a mistake. It’s something humans tried on Earth and failed at miserably, trying to force a superior culture and religion, on less enlightened nations. It would be wiser for them to bring the best from the surrounding nations, to their land and after educating them, send them back with this new enlightenment. In this way it would be more acceptable, coming from one of their own, than resisting that which comes from strangers.


So this planet, a neighbor of Earth, is struggling with as many things as Earth is now, although some say it will be easier to establish a planetary government on Earth and it has a chance to progress a bit faster. Later when he was on his own after the visit, Tigh returned to Earth’s monument and caught up on its revealing and evolving history. With the other planet’s history somewhat familiar to him, he could look at Earth’s in better light.


Later I found Tigh at the monument examining the Andite expansion throughout the globe. Going from region to region and observing their impact on the races they integrated with. In review, he found out Asia is considered the homeland of the human race contrary to the view he brought from Earth. It was in the middle of this continent that Andon and Fonta were born and who subsequently escaped to the highlands of India. A descendant of theirs, Badonan founded a primitive center of culture in the highlands of Afghanistan that continued for a half-million years. Here the Sangik people were born and they separated themselves from the Andonites. Southwestern Asia saw successive civilizations come and go along the banks of the Tigris and Euphrates rivers, first the Dalamatians, then the Nodites, followed by the Adamites and finally the Andites. The Andite people continued to spread out in waves over the next several millennia, spreading the potential they possessed to the rest of the world.


He had discovered that a small minority of the once superior Andite race remained on land below were the two rivers met, with the Persian Gulf at their back. They appeared in modern history as the first great civilization about 5,500 years ago. History can’t tell where they came from but you know them as the Sumerians.


By about 6,000 BC, these Sumerians had essentially become Andite in extraction although their culture remained Nodite. They clung to the ancient traditions of Dalamatia and their list of kings where purposefully maintained to reflect that. They remained the purest extract of Nodite and Adamic bloodlines on Earth and they sustained it by not moving or dispersing. Since the days of the corporeal staff and the rebellion, 200,000 year ago, they remained on the coast of the Persian Gulf. For nearly 35,000 years, since the time of Adam and Eve, they brought in only the purest of Adamic and Nodite blood and they were able to remain in their home land because of sophisticated defenses, superior weapons and a higher intelligence. At the same time they remained a peaceful people. As things changed around them, they adjusted and maintain a healthy relationship with the ebb and flow of other nations and civilizations.


The Andites to the north had exported their talent in waves for millennia and to maintain their size and population, imported and accepted those that were weaker and less civilized. External pressures forced them to finally leave the land of the second garden. By about 2,500 BC the Assyrians had settled in the Upper Tigris and Euphrates valleys establishing their new culture and civilization. The Babylonians were now occupying the land between the Sumerians and Assyrians and coveted the people of Sumer in advancing their own civilization. By 2,000 BC any vestige of Andite existence was gone, as the people made their final migration.


The nineteenth and eighteenth-century BC was a monumental point in this newly discovered and documented period of man’s history. They came as teachers and administrators, who taught and helped people around the world to better govern and expand their knowledge base. Like a stone being dropped in a body of water, the ripples spread out in all directions and for a short while, the world experienced a renaissance. This was the result of Sumer, the land of the Sumerians, falling to the Babylonians.


The Babylonians under Hammurabi had captured their land and the Sumerians knew their time was over. Bred in their bones was the impulse to send out their best to the four corners of the world and uplift its people one last time. The remainder of the Sumer people were absorbed by the Babylonians and they assimilated much of what the Sumerians had to offer, especially their religious, cultural and construction capabilities. The Babylonians also admired the Summerian love to teach, along with their highly developed administrative and governing skills.


Historically, as a seraph, I have questioned two myths from this period in the Bible that have been written. One was clarified earlier the other is in the Book of Genesis and its story of the creation of the world. This countered what science had arrived at and what its true mystical beginning was. The other of course is the story of Adam and Eve. What I would like to do now is lift the veil on another myth regarding Noah and his Ark.


The first thing any river dweller becomes accustomed to is the seasonal rise and fall of their streams, in conjunction with periods of heavy precipitation and seasonal change. They are always overflowing their banks but some rivers are much more prone to it than others and climate is a big factor. A lot of these periodic floods are annual events in the lives of the people living in close proximity to a river, but new perils can crop up and that was the case, 7,000 years ago in Mesopotamia.


For thousands of years, after the first Garden of Eden was submerged under the sea, the mountains in that part of the world continued to rise. This elevation gain was greatly accelerated at the time and together with substantially increased snowfall on this northern stretch of mountains, it created unprecedented flooding each spring along the Euphrates and Tigris Rivers. The overflow got so bad that many of these people moved and settled in the eastern highlands, leaving their cities behind. For almost a thousand years this cycle persisted as these cities were abandoned to flooding and at times washed completely away. In the fall and winter, they would return and attempt to repair the damage. The land between the two rivers became no longer habitable.


Five-thousand years later, in the sixth and fifth-century BC while under Babylonian captivity, as the Hebrew priests tried to trace the Jewish people’s heritage to Adam and Eve, it was nearly impossible to piece it all together. The Biblical story of Noah and his Ark was invented by these scholars so as to eradicate all pre-history and in this way allow them to directly connect Abraham to one of the three surviving sons of Noah who was a descendant of Adam and Eve. In this way they could expunge the cluttered chaos of the Adamites, Nodites, violet race, the Andites and any vestige of the corporeal staff and their super-human assistants. By creating a worldwide flood that destroys mankind and then writing about it in the Bible, this was the solution to their problem.


There has never been a universal flood while man has been on Earth. You have to go back to the Archeozoic ages before the land had begun to rise out of the ocean floor and appear above the surface. But Noah really did exist and lived in a river settlement near the ancient city of Erech. He lived in Aram and was a wine maker. He was also challenged by the river’s flooding and kept accurate records of the rise and fall of the Euphrates from year to year. He knew its seasonal habits and could predict when the seasonal flooding would commence. He would go up and down the river, letting everyone know when the flooding would start. He also built himself a wooden boat or houseboat that his family, pets and stock could settle in at night, when the river rose. One year the flooding was augmented by heavy rains in the mountains to the north and the village was wiped out, all but Noah, his family and their animals. He had anchored his boat well. It was this bit of prehistory that planted the seed for Noah’s story in Genesis, of saving all the animals of the known world from a global deluge.


The inspiration for this story came from the Babylonian ‘Epic of Gilgamesh.’ In it Utnapishlim is visited by Gilgamesh. Utnapishlim had survived a serious flood by building a boat that housed and protected his family and their livestock. He is written up as a hero in the epic. Like so many other mythological stories that came from the Greeks, Persians, Egyptians and Mesopotamians, the Hebrew scholars borrowed them to flesh out their own religion.


It was these very floods that disrupted and finally ended the Andite civilization between the two rivers in the second garden that we talked about earlier. It was only amongst those people to the south, still in their homeland that the former glory resided. Old vestiges of Dalamatia still lay submerged off the coast of the Persian Gulf. The first Garden of Eden, one of the many sources of Atlantis legend, now lies off the eastern shores of the Mediterranean Sea in its watery grave. And so the curtain closes on the great Andite race.


One event needs to be addressed before moving on. As the Atlantic Ocean rose from the ice receding in the north after the last ice age, it broke through the Isthmus of Gibraltar as a result of an earthquake. Water poured in filling the Western Mediterranean Basin. In about 6500 BC with the western basin continuing to fill it submerged the Tunisia, Sicily, Italy land bridge and sea water poured into The Eastern Basin. All the coastal communities found themselves suddenly under water. This catastrophic event was the greatest flood related loss of human life on the planet.


I met a traveler from an antique land
Who said: Two vast and trunkless legs of stone
Stand in the desert. Near them, on the sand,
Half sunk, a shattered visage lies, whose frown,
And wrinkled lip, and sneer of cold command,
Tell that its sculptor well those passions read
Which yet survive, stamped on these lifeless things,
The hand that mocked them and the heart that fed:


And on the pedestal these words appear:
‘My name is Ozymandias, king of the kings:
Look on my works, ye Mighty, and despair!’
Nothing beside remains. Round the decay
Of that colossal wreck, boundless and bare
The lone and level sands stretch far away.
(Percy Shelley, 1818)


To all the pharaohs, kings and despots, who sought immortality in the past, now and in the future; so much folly to be witnessed by so many.