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The Urantia Book Revealing the Mysteries of God, the Universe, Jesus, and Ourselves. The Urantia Foundation 4th Edition, Chicago, USA. 2011

Chapter One

Paper 32 – The Evolution of local Universes – 357
1-Physical emergence of universes
2-Universe organization
3-The evolutionary idea
4-God’s relation to a local universe
5-The eternal and divine purpose
Paper 33 – Administrating the local Universe – 366
1-Michael of Nebadon
2-The Sovereign of Nebadon
3-The universe son and spirit
4-Gabriel – the chief executive
5-The Trinity Ambassadors
6-General administration and local universe time
7-The courts of Nebadon
8-The legislative and executive function
Paper 34 – The Local Universe Mother Spirit – 374
1-The spirit in man – dual nature of man
2-The spirit and the flesh
Paper 41 – Physical Aspects of the Local Universe – 485
1-The Nebadon power centers
2-The Satania physical controllers
3-Our starry associates
4-Sun density
5-Solar radiation
6-Calcium – The wanderer of space
7-Sources of solar energy
8-Solar-energy reactions
9-Sun stability
10-Origins of inhabited worlds

Chapter Two

Paper 39 – The Seraphic Hosts – 426
2-Superior seraphim
3-Supervisory seraphim
4-Administrator seraphim
5-Planetary helpers
Paper 47 – The Seven Mansion Worlds – 530
1-The finaliter world
3-First mansion world
Paper 110 – Relation of Adjusters to Individual Mortals – 1203
1-Indwelling the mortal mind
2-Adjusters and human will
3-Co-operating with the Adjuster
4-The adjusters work in the mind
5-Erroneous concepts of adjuster guidance
6-The seven psychic circles
Paper 111 – The Adjuster and the Soul – 1215
1-The mind arena of choice
Paper 113Seraphic Guardians of destiny -1241
1-The guardian angels
2-The destiny guardians
3-Relation to other spirit influences
4-Seraphic domains of actions
5-Seraphic ministry to mortals
6-Guardian angels after death
7-Seraphim and the ascending career

Chapter Three

Paper 45 – The Local Administration – 509
1-Transitional cultural worlds
The Finaliter world
The Morontia world
Paper 45 – The Seven Mansion Worlds – 530
4-The second mansion world
Paper 50 – The Planetary Princes – 572
2-Post-planetary prince man
Paper 66 – Planetary Prince of Urantia – 741
1-Prince Caligastia
2-The prince’s staff
3-Dalamatia – the city of the prince
4-Early days of the on- hundred
5-Organization of the one-hundred
6-The prince’s reign
7-Life in Dalamatia
8-Misfortunes of Caligastia
Paper 67 – The Planetary Rebellion – 754
1-The Caligastia Betrayal
2-The outbreak of rebellion
3-The seven crucial years
4-The Caligastia one-hundred after rebellion
5-Immediate results of rebellion
6-Van – the steadfast
7-Remote repercussions of sin
8-The human hero of the rebellion
Paper 73 – The Garden of Eden – 821
1-The Nodites and Amadonites

Chapter Four

Paper 40 – The Ascending Sons of God – 443
2-Ascending material sons
Paper 45 – The Local Systems Administration – 509
1-Transitional cultural worlds
The Angelic World
5-The material sons
6-Adamic training of ascenders
Paper 47 – The Seven Mansion Worlds – 530
1-The finaliters’ world
2-The probationary Nursery
5-The third mansion world
Paper 51 – The Planetary Adams – 580
1-Origin and nature of the Material Sons of God
2-Transit of the planetary Adams
3-The Adamic Mission
Paper 64 – The Evolutionary Races of Color – 718
1-The Andonic aborigines
2-The Foxhall people
3-The Badonan tribes
4-The Neanderthal races
5-Origin of the colored races
6-The six Sangik races of Urantia
7-Dispersion of the colored races
Paper 73 – The Garden of Eden – 821
1-The Nodites and Amadonites
2-Planning the garden
3-The garden site
4-Establishing the garden
5-The garden experience
6-The tree of life
Paper 74 – Adam and Eve – 828
1-Adam and Eve on Jerusem
2-Arrival of Adam and Eve
3-Adam and Eve learn about the planet
4-The first upheaval
5-Adam’s administration
6-Home life of Adam and Eve
7-Life in the Garden
8-The legend of creation

Chapter Five

Paper 37 – Personalities of the local universe – 406
2-The Brilliant Evening Stars
Paper 45 – The Local Administration – 509
1-Transitional cultural worlds
The Super-angel World
Paper 47 – Seven mansion worlds – 530
6-Fourth mansion world
Paper 75 – The Default of Adam and Eve – 839
1-The Urantia problem
2-Caligastia’s plot
3-The temptation of Eve
4-The realization of default
5-Repercussions of default
6-Adam and Eve leave the garden
7-Degradation of Adam and Eve
8-The so-called Fall of man
Paper 76 – The Second Garden – 847
1-The Edenites enter Mesopotamia
2-Cain and Able
3-Life in Mesopotamia
4-The violet race
5-Death of Adam and Eve
6-Survival of Adam and Eve
Paper 77 – The Midway Creatures – 855
1-The primary midwayers
5-Adamson and Ratta
6- The secondary midwayers
7-The rebel midwayers
8-The united midwayers
9-The permanent citizens of Urantia

Chapter Six

Paper 45 – The Local Administration – 509
1-Transitional cultural worlds
The World of the Sons
Paper 47 – Seven Mansion Worlds – 530
7-The fifth mansion world
Paper 48 – The Morontia Life – 541
1-Morontia material
2-Morontia Power Supervisors
3-Morontia companions
4-Riversion directors
5-The mansion world teachers
6-Morontia world seraphim – translation ministers
7-Morontia Mota
8-The morontia progressors
Paper 75 – The Midway Creatures – 855
2-The Nodite race
3-The Tower of Babel
4-Nodites centers of civilization
Paper 78 – The Violet Race after the days of Adam – 868
1-Racial and cultural distribution
2-The Adamites in the second garden
3-Early expansions of the Adamites
4-The Andites
5-The Andite migrations
6-The last Andite dispersions
7-The floods of Mesopotamia

Chapter Seven

Paper 45 – The Local Administration – 509
Transitional cultural worlds
The World of the Spirit
Paper 47 – Seven Mansion Worlds – 530
8-Sixth mansion world
Paper 36 – The Life Carriers – 396
1-Origin and nature of life carriers
2-The life carrier worlds
3-Life transplantation
4-Melchizedek life carriers
5-The seven adjutant mind-spirits
6-Living forces
Paper 79 – Andite Expansion in the Orient – 878
1-The Andites of Turkestan
2-The Andite conquest of India
3-Dravidian India
4-The Aryan invasion of India
5-Dawn of the Chinese civilization
6-The Andites enter China
7-Later Chinese civilization
Paper 80 – Andite Expansion in the Occident – 889
1-The Adamites Enter Europe
2-Climate and geologic changes
3-The Cro-Magnoid Blue Men
4-The Andite invasions of Europe
5-The Andite conquest of northern Europe
6-The Andite along the Nile
7-Andites of the Mediterranean Isles
8-The Danubian Andonites
9-The three white races

Chapter Eight

Paper 45 – The Local Administration – 509
1-Transitional cultural worlds
The World of the Father
2-The System Sovereign
3-The System government
4-The four and twenty counselors
5-The Material sons
6-Adamic training of Ascenders
7-The Melchizedek schools
Paper 46 – The Local System Headquarters – 519
1-Physical aspects of Jerusem
2-Physical features of Jerusem
3-The Jerusem broadcasts
4-Residential and administrative areas
5-The Jerusem Circles
6-The executive – administrative squares
7-The rectangles – the Spornagia
8-The Jerusem triangles
9-Chapter Eight
Paper 47 – Seven Mansion Worlds – 530
9-Seventh mansion world
10-Jerusem citizenship

Chapter Nine

Paper 43 – The Constellation – 485
1-The constellation headquarter
2-The constellation Government
3-The Most Highs of Norlatiadek
4-Mount Assembly – the Faithful of Day
5-The Edentia Fathers since the Lucifer rebellion
6-The Garden of God
7-The Univitatia
8-The Edentia training worlds
9-Citizenship on Edentia
Paper 49 – The Inhabited Worlds – 559
1-The planetary life
2-Planetary physical types
3-Worlds of non-breathers
4-Evolutionary will creatures
5-The planetary Series of mortals
6-Terrestrial escape

Chapter Ten

Paper 93 – Machiventa Melchizedek – 1014
1-The Machiventa incarnation
2-The sage of Salem
3-Melchizedek’s Teachings
4-The Salem religion
5-The selection of Abraham
6-Melchizedek’s covenant with Abraham
7-The Melchizedek missionaries
8-Departure of Melchizedek
9-After Melchizedek’s departure
10-Present status of Machiventa Melchizedek
Paper 94 – The Melchizedek teachings in the Orient – 1027
1-The Salem teachings in Vedic India
3-Brahmanic philosophy
4-The Hindu religion
5-The struggle for truth in China
6-Lao-Tse and Confucius
7-Gautama Siddhartha
8-The Buddhist faith
9-The spread of Buddhism
10-Religion in Tibet
11-Buddhist philosophy
12-The God concept of Buddhism
Paper 95 – The Melchizedek Teachings in the Levant – 1042
1-The Salem religion in Mesopotamia
2-Early Egyptian religion
3-Evolution of mortal concepts
4-The teachings of Amenemope
5-The remarkable Ikhnaton
6-The Salem doctrines in Iran
7-The Salem teachings in Arabia
Paper 96 – The Melchizedek teachings in the Occident – 1075
Deity concepts among the Semites
The Semitic People
The matchless Moses
The proclamation of Yahweh
The teachings of Moses
The God concept after Moses’ death
Psalms and the Book of Job