Thoth's Truth

A Soul's Journey Across the Universe



Chapter 3

The Planetary Prince and his Corporeal 100 – Mansion World Two


When Tigh awoke on the arrival disc of the second mansion world, I can attest to the fact he had a new, slightly more evolved morontia body and marginally more enhanced capabilities with his five senses, especially his vision. This improved range of sight gave him a slightly wider spectrum of beings that he could see. I arrived earlier and made the necessary arrangements for him to have a seamless transition.


The first two things he had to deal with was registering again and getting assigned a place to live. He was then granted ten more days to get used to his new surroundings before he attended his first class. It was something he told me he was beginning to look forward to. On mansion world one it had been a challenge for him to accept the list of defects he had. On this world, I told him he was going to be more fully exposed to what the morontia life entailed, so he needed to be prepared and accept it. He was starting to see working groups and social organizations forming around him that allowed more opportunities to integrate with others. Things were starting to structure more firmly in his mind as he began to better understand the communities, configurations and the various beings, he was now encountering. There was also a new social order for him to deal with and some familiarization, especially on how the government was run and structured.


This was encouraging for me. Several human’s I had been assigned to in the past had failed to survive their earthly life. One individual had reached mansion world five only to succumb to negative temptations and fall from grace. A few, chose an easy life on Earth, taking on very little risk in gaining their objectives and arresting there development. Some challenged themselves even further, when confronted with the gentle road they had prepared for themselves and addressed the promptings from their Maaesti but failed to accept survival in the end. Some enjoyed an easy life and totally ignored the subliminal prodding from within. And then there are those in their troubled route through life, who rebelled continuously against any internal guidance.


Among some personalities Tigh encountered, were beings from other evolved worlds and some were spirit-fused and not indwelled with a Maaesti like him. This was a challenge intellectually and it took time for him to sort this out in his mind. For the reader’s sake, the vast array of inhabited planets in this young and growing system was a revelation to Tigh. Throughout this enlightenment period, communication was still a challenge for him. Not so much from his inabilities with the language, for he was now learning the dialect of Salvington, but from those who were coming from more evolved and advanced planets. They would spend their required ten days on mansion world one and then arrive on two without an opportunity to grasp either language, that of the system or the universal one.


While the numerous groups of celestial lifeforms vary in many ways here, they all appeared friendly and amicable to deal with. All the ascending mortals were bipedal, standing upright on two legs. Some celestial beings were just out of his range of vision but with some he could sense their presence.


As he ascended the later mansion worlds, it became apparent to him that as he progressed, it would become more crowded with advanced beings that would be within his range of vision. Amongst those he had the opportunity to interact with, he found that none showed the intolerance and discrimination that was so prevalent on Earth. Most of them seemed to have had a more harmonious existence back on their native planets. This was expressed to him more as a desire by them, to accept the various components and complexities of life’s interactions that everyone was showing toward him. This was the result of advanced societies that those on Earth could only dream of.


He soon found that being clothed in a morontia body didn’t mean he quit enjoying some of the pleasurable activities of his past. Ascending mortals still need to eat, drink and take rest but at an entirely new level. Both the food he ate and the fluids he drank were fully utilized in his new body. Taste and smell were still senses he utilized and they became more enhanced as he progressed. There was no need to biologically remove waste from these new vestibules he would possess in his ascension. He was becoming less material in his needs and more intellectual in his outlook. Ever so slowly he was evolving more completely in his spiritual awareness. This became more apparent as he gained the last three mansion worlds, five, six and seven, at which point he would be witness to a significant spiritual awakening.


Many of the biological deficiencies he brought with him from Earth were largely made up for and dealt with while residing on the first mansion world. Many of the other defects he carried through life, or more precise, his failings, deficiencies and flaws, surrounding his numerous bad habits, family relations, or lack of parenting skills, would be rectified later, on Jerusem if not sooner, as long as he continued to choose survival.


Every ascending being must be exposed to the experience of parenting and the challenges involved in raising children. It is part of the growing love component in everyone’s spirituality that is so important in the process. Those who never took part in raising children on the material plane are exposed to it at some point in this phase of the afterlife. It adds Love to the other two pillars of existence; Life and Light.


He soon learned here that conflicting intellectual problems are dealt with and any mental deficiencies corrected. The level reached by the end of Tigh’s sojourn here is comparable with the high culture reached at the time of any successful post-Magisterial Son dispensation on an ideally evolved world. This type of bestowal had not occurred on Earth. This revelation was a surprise once he found out the meaning behind Magisterial Sons. As all of us celestial beings know they can bestow either before or after the arrival of a Material Son and Daughter. This was another astonishing revelation for him. That Adam and Eve were not human’s but super-humans from another world, and that world was the architectural sphere of Jerusem, now his system’s capital.


Magisterial Sons or Avonals as they are officially called, as opposed to Material Sons and Daughters (Adams & Eves), are planetary ministers and judges, the magistrates of the time-space realms – of all races, to all worlds, and in all universes. They are a self-governing order who bestow upon individual planets in a scheduled manner. Earth has not yet been conferred with a Magisterial Son or bestowal. When they do, they are often incarnated in the likeness of mortal flesh and sometimes are born of earthly mothers on the evolutionary worlds, much like the Universal Sovereign, Michael who was born on Earth as Joshua ben Joseph or Yeshua or Jesus as he was better known.


I also explained to Tigh, that every evolutionary planet at some determined point in its human history, receives what is referred to as the arrival of an Adam and Eve (Material Son and Daughter). This introduction is planned and is strategically called for when cultural conditions are right, for a biologic uplift of the human race and it is usually a successful endeavor. On Earth it didn’t work out as planned and Adam and Eve defaulted, greatly hindering mankind in its biological and cultural development. The Bible (the Old Testament) had this period partly correct but also in their introduction of the pair, created a jumble of confusion. This of course is challenging and difficult for many to accept now but the subject will be explained later in much more detail.


It was this revelation and his passion for history that set Tigh on a quest to learn more about man’s early history on Earth. As I observed, he and Tostendek wasted little time in located the planet 606 Memorial. Tostendek had been given leave from his custodial duties on Mansion World One to help Tigh get started on this one and he was grateful for his extensive knowledge of the sphere. As Tigh visited the memorial later in his spare time, he came to realize that all of man’s early folklore, its legends and its mythology were based on fact not fiction. He was reminded of something he came across while studying back on Earth: “Earth’s mythology will become its future history and its present history will become its future mythology.” Man’s early oral history was a significant part of the planet’s cultural development and the biblical stories that many of its citizens were exposed to and many accepted, but others might have rejected, were in some fashion true.


For the interest of the reader, I Chermella was on assignment on Earth at the time of Copernicus and the study of astronomy was at a cross roads. Nothing made sense anymore. When scholars tried to apply their new discoveries to the old law that everything in the sky, all the stars, planets and the Sun revolved around the Earth, it didn’t fit, it wasn’t making sense anymore. Copernicus had little choice but to change the paradigm, but he had to wait until after his death to publish his new theory. He knew the Roman Church would have no patience for his new heliocentric theory and he knew he would be persecuted for it.


What his theory did was put the Sun at the center of the universe. In this fashion, he allowed everything else, including the Earth to revolve around it. It was a huge step forward. With this new structure in place, all the fresh data coming in from the study of the stars finally started making sense and fit together in a more seamless fashion.


The same can now be said about archeology. It has met its Rubicon and it now must decide when and where to cross, or even if it wants to. It needs to create a new model allowing for the restructuring of Earth’s early history, stretching it back from pre-history to the Paleolithic ages. They need to change the paradigm. Academia must pay more attention to what people, races and cultures have been saying for so long; that gods came down to Earth at some point in the distant past and interacted with humans. Not dismiss it as examples of fanciful storytelling and leave it at that. Some of it might be imaginative, but much is established and available from so many different worldly sources and it all needs to be re-examined in this new context. As an example, the feathered serpents that were described by the natives in the New World that just suddenly appeared amongst them, bringing advanced ideas, knowledge and building techniques to the Incas, Mayans and Aztecs. It needs to be examined far more closely with a far more open mind. Where did they come from and how did they get there?  To were the sun first rises in the morning. They came from the east.


What science knows about early man is that Homo erectus first appeared on Earth about one or two million years ago, evolving from primates. But what the 606 Memorial revealed to Tigh is that it started with the first two people that where distinctly different from their primitive brethren (primates) and evolved to become a new species, Homo erectus. I have to say I was quite familiar with this subject having sojourned on Earth for various assignments. These two offspring were brother and sister. It was the Life Carriers, the grays, who allowed the spirits of Wisdom and Worship to infuse the consciousness of the two potential humans and elevated them from animal to human status. This truly was an engineering project. There is no need for science to search for a missing link that they have been pursuing for so long and would connect human’s to primates. They need to again change the paradigm. The manifestation of human beings from primates was a spiritual event not a material one. This moment in time was both the material and spiritual birth, in the evolution of human beings on the planet. It was Andon and Fonta’s bloodline that became known as the Andonites. Tigh would eventually discover more interesting revelations in the subsequent mansion worlds.


What he also discovered was that about 500,000 year ago, the Andonites had evolved to a critical point in their development and the time was right for the introduction of a planetary prince. At the same time, a center of learning and culture needed to be established on Earth. This was also the first appearance of the colored races or Sangik people. The Life Carriers on the planet had requested that the System Sovereign of Satania act soon in assigning a Planetary Prince, as they felt the time was right. This validated what has been said in many ancient writings and texts that gods came down to Earth; particularly that of the Old Testament and the Sumerian cuneiform tablets but also in other culture centers around the world.


The Prince’s arrival usually corresponds with the appearance of the six colored or Sangik races on an evolutionary sphere and Earth was following that pattern. There were almost a half-billion primitive human beings on Earth at the time. They were scattered over much of Europe, Asia and Africa.


Caligastia was assigned to be the Planetary Prince and was sent to Earth by seraphic transport with a corporeal staff of one-hundred. He established a center of learning and his capital was located on the shores of the Persian Gulf where the Tigris and Euphrates rivers enter. It was named after his assistant Daligastia and was called Dalamatia.


The corporeal staff that where selected for this mission were all ascending mortals from other inhabited planets, none of them originated from Earth and all had volunteered their services. In mythology they would become known as “The Watchers” and to the Sumerians, the “Annunaki.” These foreign ascending mortals were re-materialized on the planet as sex-creatures. They were equally distributed; 50 females and 50 males. It should be made clear that these super-humans were never usually instructed to interact sexually with the native people on any given planet but they often practiced the sexual act amongst themselves.


When a Planetary Prince arrives on a primitive world, fear and ignorance usually prevail in the local’s developing religions. To move things along, the Prince and his staff make the first revelations about higher truths, universal laws and organizational challenges. Religious progress on all planets is supposed to be conducted by means of evolutionary growth. A gradual revelation to the people is the normal practice and it was planned to be no different on Earth.


Caligastia had been elevated to his current position as Planetary Prince by the System Sovereign of Satania, Lucifer. It should be made clear that neither the planetary ruler nor his assistant where ever visible to the native races. The corporeal staff often mentioned the two, as part of instilling some semblance of celestial hierarchy in there teachings to the humans.


When the staff arrived, they were ensconced on board the transports until they could be provided with personality forms of dual nature, for such special planetary service – in short, re-materialized as possessing both material and morontia bodies. They’re bodies consisting of flesh and blood that the natives could see but they also maintained an invisible body form, or morontia, well attuned to the life circuits of the Satania system.


At a point before the arrival of the one-hundred Jerusem citizens, the resident Life Carriers had chosen fifty male and fifty female individuals of the best strain of the local races, which at the time were predominantly Andonite. All of those chosen were by and large, strangers to one another and from vastly separate areas. Blood plasm drawn from the human candidates, were implanted into the corporeal one-hundred that were asleep on the transports. Drawn in-turn from the re-materializing celestial beings was a system energy source, which was then implanted in the human one-hundred. This would make the re-materialized celestial beings, as well as, the super-humanized local specimens, immortal.


The climate around Dalamatia was conducive to enhancing the local people, culturally as well as intellectually and it possessed very good growing conditions. The corporeal staff and there assistant’s initial undertaking was to move the local tribes from a hunter/gatherer based people to one of being herders. Once this stage was established they planned to move them, to becoming peace-loving and settled farmers.


The arrival of the Prince’s staff obviously created a huge stir amongst the local people. While it took almost a thousand years for the word to spread to the rest of Earth’s inhabitants, the nearby tribes were tremendously influenced by the new arrivals and their teachings. Much of Earth’s early mythology grew out of the arrival of these superhuman beings and it wasn’t long before they were being worshipped as gods.


Dalamatia was a simple but beautiful city enclosed within walls that were 40 feet high. It was laid out in ten sub-divisions with headquarter mansions at the center of each sub-division and each of these 10 divisions were headed by one of the prince’s chosen staff, while his assistant was always an enhanced human counterpart. At its center was a temple dedicated to that of the unseen Father. Caligastia and Daligastia were visible only to the 100 corporeal staff and the 100 enhanced human beings along with the various other celestial entities, seconded on the planet for various reasons.


The majority of the buildings of Dalamatia were one story, while the ten headquarters were two story structures. The temple was the only structure allowed to be three stories high. The city encompassed the best building material of the day, brick, very little stone or wood was employed. Surrounding the city was well laid out villages that provided, up to date homes for the people. The inhabitants were humans from the various colored races; the red people, the yellow people, the blue people, the green people, the orange people, the indigo or black people and the Andonites themselves.


In filling the Prince’s new schools, it was from these nearby tribes that the first and best students were drawn from. Once they graduated from one of the ten headquarter schools in the city, they were sent back to their respective people to spread their newly gained knowledge. They planned to upgrade their people in this fashion.


The planetary staff and their human associates all partook in material food and water but the corporeal staff’s diet was different from that of their enhanced-human associates. The assistant’s food source remained traditional, with meats, vegetables and grains as their main diet, while the corporeal staff utilized mainly nuts and fruits. All two-hundred were kept in ‘sustained immortality status’, by taking regular sustenance from the ‘tree of life,’ which had been planted in the courtyard of the Temple of the unseeing Father in the city center. The fruit and leaves of this plant, a shrub brought to Earth from the constellation capital of Edentia, allowed the Prince’s 100 and their 100 human assistants to remain immortal on Earth.


The Prince’s 100 were organized into ten groups of ten. Each group had a leader and nine assigned staff plus their human assistants bringing the number to 200. Ang presided over the council on food and material welfare. Bon directed the board of animal domestication and utilization. Dan captained the advisors regarding the conquest of predatory animals. Fad presided over the faculty on dissemination and conservation of knowledge. Nod led the commission on industry and trade. Hap was the head of the college of revealed religion. Lut led the guardians of health and life. Mek was the leader of the planetary council on art and science. Tut was the chief of the governors of advanced tribal relations and finally Van directed the supreme court of tribal and racial co-operation.


The Caligastia one-hundred, knowing well the arts and culture of Jerusem, as graduates of the Satania mansion worlds, cautiously moved the people forward as required. They knew that the superior knowledge they possessed was nearly valueless on a barbaric planet. They knew better than to try and suddenly convert or elevate these primitive races. They knew that these simple people, needed to slowly evolve and they wisely resisted any radical attempt at moving man’s way of life forward to quickly.


Each of the ten planetary agencies proceeded slowly as they attracted the best minds of the surround clans and advanced their cause to them – training there students and sending them back amongst their own again, to spread what they had learned. It has been said that the scale of a world’s culture is measured by the social heritage of its native beings and the rate of cultural expansion is wholly determined by the ability of its inhabitants, to comprehend new and advanced ideas, so ideas were brought forward in a slow and steady fashion.


The entire city was an example of modesty but it was indeed endowed with beautiful works of art, provided splendid parks to examine and green spaces to visit. Everything was kept very simple and it was deliberately maintained as a model of neatness and cleanliness. The corporeal staff lived in simple but exemplary homes that were designed to impress the student, who arrived from afield. The surrounding country was well settled with the graduates practicing what they had learned, farming and their commitment to animal husbandry. It extended out for more than a hundred miles in all directions. Dalamatia was the cradle of civilization and culture on the planet for three-hundred thousand years and then it all fell apart. Rebellion shook the land.


The sovereign ruler of Satania, Lucifer, rebelled along with his second in command Satan. They were soon joined by Caligastia and Daligastia along with some other planets in your local system. Of the 619 inhabited planets at the time, 37 fell under Lucifer’s spell, including Earth. At the outbreak of the rebellion, 200,000 years ago, Dalamatia had a resident population of six-thousand plus over a thousand visitors at any given time and it was the only center of civilization in the world.


Today, you the readers have little or no idea of the substantial hindrance to the human race that occurred in those distant times. Marvelous human gains were practically wiped out in a seven year span as the rebellion played out. What followed from Caligastia’s deception and sedition was a scene of terrific confusion and a hopeless misunderstanding of why it was all allowed to happen. A rudderless and spiritual darkness encased the land.


In trying to understand Caligastia’s betrayal, you have to look at the person himself, he was portrayed later in hindsight, as someone who was ultra-individualistic. He was inclined to take the side of almost anyone who showed signs of protest and resistance. He tended to be a restless sort, especially under higher supervised authority and he seemed to resent even mild direction. His actions soon placed the world at peril and plunged it into darkness, precipitating a long decline of human existence. After seven years of rebellion, he was finally deprived of his sovereign authority by his constellation rulers on Edentia. Unfortunately he was isolated on Earth and allowed to freely roam the planet, interfering in any positive advances being accorded mankind. He contributed significantly to the failure of Adam and Eve’s reign on Earth and in their almost failed attempt to upgrade the human species. Their effort to infuse their Adamic lifeblood with the development of a new race of people, the violet race, was deeply hampered and stunted by Caligastia’s influence.


From all of this turmoil, it is a huge challenge for humans on Earth today, to understand the complex history of their existence in the distant past, through sources such as the Bible and other ancient texts. It becomes impossible for anyone today to grasp the intricacies of how things unfolded, because of this dark period that covered the land like a cloak. Faith was the only source of inspiration that kept a dim light lit in this deep recess of pre-history.


Dalamatia was eventually destroyed by a huge tidal wave or tsunami that in one sudden event, wiped out all records of that period and left it to this day, lying under the sea covered in sediment. Knowledge of all the great and important epochs of man’s history was gone, not to mention that of the rebellion itself. Although this turmoil did not interfere in the biological advancement of the people and its evolutionary course, it certainly stunted social development and spiritual growth. Today science studies the Sumerian texts left behind by the remanence of this great civilization and wonder, where did these people come from and how did they suddenly appear, possessing such a great culture and society. The answer is they have always been there and they were the last remnants of a great legacy that surrounded Dalamatia.


From a celestial standpoint, as soon as the rebellion broke out, communication with all of the other constellations and systems of the universe were severed. The planet had no access to the outside world. Without warning, everyone was cut off from any counselling or advice. Earth along with the other 36, brake-away planets, became completely isolated from each other and the celestial authorities that ruled them.


The corporeal staff of one-hundred, we’re torn apart at the outbreak. 60 backed the rebellion while 40 remained loyal to Michael of Nebadon and his second in command, Gabriel. Of the one-hundred Andonite assistants, 56 remained loyal while 44 sided with Caligastia. At the end of seven years, when material man, as well as, a host of celestial beings trapped on the planet had chosen sides, when the last final decision of the last personality was made, then and only then, did the Most High of Edentia suppress the rebellion. At that point, a host group of the Melchizedek Order seized control of the planet.


Van and his thirty-nine corporeal staff along with his Andonite assistant, Amadon, the Andonite assistants and their loyal followers, astutely took possession of the ‘tree of life.’ They didn’t hang around Dalamatia long and immediately withdrew to the north, to what are now eastern Turkey and the area around Lake Van. Here they were protected from the chaos that reined in the south. Following Amadon and his 55 super-human associates were 88 members of his own Andonite tribe. They settled in and planned for the rehabilitation of the world, while they sat out the seven year rebellion. Once the rebellion was over, the remaining loyal corporeal staff and their assistants, 94 in all, were transported off the planet by seraphic transport and returned to Jerusem. Van and Amadon were left behind with the rest of his tribe and continued trying to establish a center of culture, of advanced knowledge and best practices. They moved further east, past the southern shores of the Caspian Sea and then eventually into an area known as the Kopet Dag. Today located on the border land between Turkmenistan and Iran.


The sixty members of the planetary staff who followed Caligastia chose Nod as their leader and worked tirelessly for the rebel prince but soon discovered that they were now deprived of the system life circuits they derived from the ‘tree of life.’ They realized that they were no longer super-humans but merely mortal beings. Only Van and Amadon remained immortal while being sustained by the fruit and leaves of the plant.


Realizing that his staff had now lost its immortal status, Caligastia ordered his followers to address procreation as a mean of increasing their numbers. These once superhuman men and women mated with the sons and daughters of the surrounding tribes and the offspring became known as the Nephilim. This is how it really unfolded on Earth. From Sumerian texts and biblical accounts, we eventually became aware of the mythology surrounding the gods who come down to Earth and mated with the people.


Countless legends, myths and folklore were the foundation for a wellspring of forgotten history from this epoch. Every culture across the globe has carried this oral history and tradition, passing it on from generation to generation. It’s an amazing endeavor that shows just how steadfast and dedicated humans are in keeping the flame of truth lit. Science and religion need to start catching up. Mysticism surpasses science when it comes to understanding our universe and why we exist in it. Religion has been stuck in the past for far too long and its dogma has hindered any progress toward peaceful co-existence or harmony in the world.


After the rebellion, Dalamatia was soon threatened by hording tribes of primitive people from the north. Nod and his followers abandoned the city and soon it fell. Some migrated west, others north and in the east, many settled in a land that became known as “the land of Nod.” These descendants became known as Nodites.


From a biological standpoint, there were many good things happening, even with the terrible obstacle put in place by the rebellion. Under the supervision of the Melchizedeks, Van and Amadon worked tirelessly for the benefit of mankind. They continued to foster the natural evolution of the human races in the Paleolithic period. It wasn’t until the arrival of a Material Son and Daughter on Earth that they could rest on their laurels, when they were finally relieved of their responsibilities. And then the day arrived when they were transported back to Jerusem and once again reunited with their long-sojourning Maaestis.


As an afterthought, one-hundred and sixty-two years after the rebellion, a tidal wave swept up the Persian Gulf and swallowed the planetary headquarters of Dalamatia and it sank into the sea. Nothing was spared as every trace of a splendid age was gone. The only record of its existence is in the ancient stone writings of the Sumerians, passed along by the Assyrian, Akkadian, Babylonian and Hittite texts, who faithfully copied them.


Ten-thousand years after the rebellion, virtually all the improvements experienced under Caligastia’s rule had disappeared. Though the planet was populated by people that were physically fit, they languished under moral torpor and barbarism. It was only among the pockets of Nodites and Amadonites that retained any of the cultural gains of the Dalamatia age.


In observing these two groups of people and their civilizations, the Nodites could be viewed under both a racial and cultural term and they were famously belligerent by nature, while the Amadonites, as Amadon’s descendants, we can look at them as a more religious group, under cultural characterization and being Andonite, peaceful by nature.


The Amadonites and Nodites never really got along, they feuded continuously and that lack of cooperation hindered the overall development and any upgrading that could take place with those around them. But the Nodites because of their nature, also fought amongst themselves, weakening them even further. After the destruction of Dalamatia, the Nodites basically broke up into four groups. One group remained in the area just north of the old planetary headquarters and where the seed culture for our first historical civilization, the Sumerians. Another group settled west of Euphrates in what is today Syria on the shores of the Eastern Mediterranean Sea. The third group moved north into what is now eastern Turkey. The last group traveled to what is Elam east of the Tigris and Euphrates basin.


As mentioned earlier, from the Lake Van area, Van and his followers migrated to the land just south of the Caspian Sea and eventually further east to the foothills of the Kopet Dag Mountains. There were some vestiges of the Nodite people who joined up with Van and his group. The Nodites in general, freely mated with the local Sangik tribes and established and upgraded those around them biologically. The Amadonites were much more inclined to increase their progeny from within, maintaining a much more true line of descendants and a purer stock. The Nodites and the Amadonites were by far the most advanced people on Earth at the time and they could again be referred to as the “mighty men of old.”


Tigh returned from the monument fascinated with Earth’s early history but soon settled into furthering his education. He found out from the classroom and through me that the administrative center of Satania, where the seven mansion worlds are located, consists of a cluster of architectural spheres. This includes the capital, the seven major satellites that circle it, and the seven minor worlds that circle each of the major ones. This brings the total to 57 including the capital. Jerusem is almost one-hundred times the size of Earth. The seven major satellites circling it are approximately ten times the size of Earth while the minor spheres are the size and gravity of Earth.


The seven mansion worlds that Tigh is currently ascending and sojourning on are the seven minor spheres circling the first transition world commonly referred to as the Finaliter World. Listing the transition worlds from one to seven, they are: The Finaliter World; the Morontia World; the Angelic World; the Super-angel World, the World of the Sons; the World of the Spirit and finally, the World of the Father.


The Finaliter World can be visited by ascending mortals at any time who reside on any mansion world but residents on mansion world one are limited to only the first one. As he progresses upward, to mansion world two, Tigh has access to transition world one and two and so forth until he reaches the seventh mansion world and all the transition worlds will be open to him.


None of these architectural worlds evolved like the physical cosmos humans see at night, but were built by advanced celestial beings and constructed with material from the physical, as well as morontia states of existence. When comparing these two separate materials – the physical atomic realm and the more complex morontia plane – is constructed of a different energy composite. The morontia material exists between the dense material realm and the spiritual level of existence. These architectural worlds are stages of transition and act as progression spheres of the universe. They are the stepping stones for ascending mortals on their cosmic journey.


I have to say at this point that Tigh’s soul is made up of this morontia material and as he progresses from world to world in the future, this substance will become less dense, going from an almost material state up to the transition phase of spirit matter. This morontia material has double the elements of the material realm. This material provides the artisans and architects here with an assorted array of beautiful crystals and fascinating materials to choose from. They construct structures unheard of on Earth and it adds to the marvel of everything that is revealed to a person.