Thoth's Truth

A Soul's Journey Across the Universe



Chapter 5

wThe Default of Adam and Eve – Mansion World Four


After the seraphic transport landed on the fourth mansion world I watched Tigh stride easily toward the arrival hall. I realized then he was well on his way with his morontia career, he was looking so familiar and comfortable with his backpack on, moving forward as determined as ever. I refer to him as a male, only out of habit, in his morontia form he is neither male nor female and will remain that way throughout his, hopefully successful ascending career.


There were far fewer ascending beings about that were showing such inherent confusion on mansion world one and Two. By the third they had either bought into the concept of an afterlife or they had abandoned the quest. Some were considered corrupt and beyond redemption and on further adjudication, dissolved and dispersed into the universe.


He was again given the standard ten days to explore and reconnect with family and friends. He was also given permission to visit the fourth transition world where he could gain some enlightenment, regarding the order of super-angels. It’s a world I’m quite familiar with. Their headquarters and training schools are located here and the opportunity was there for him to learn about the Brilliant Evening Stars, a super-angelic order of beings. He was told they served in many capacities, but chiefly as liaison officers for the local universal chief executive, Gabriel. One of these Brilliant Evening Stars now functions as the universe’s representative on each of the capitals of the one-hundred constellations of Nebadon.


It was here that Tigh was introduced to the social life of the many morontia beings that existed here. It was interesting for him to share in social activities with beings that were purer in nature than what he was accustomed to; displaying such attributes as the lack of self-seeking motivation and personal braggadocio. Exposure to these ascending mortals has also been a means of introducing him to a new social order, one that is based around sympathy, understanding, mutual appreciation and altruistic service to others. Here, it also emphasizes the important goal of worship and the focus of divine perfection, everyone’s ultimate achievement in Paradise. It’s an opportunity for him to meditate on the divine purpose and path he has chosen and of doing the will of his Universal Father.


Tigh once again sought out Earth’s memorial in his free time so that he could start where he had left off on the third mansion world. He soon learned that Adam saw very little progress outside the Garden after more than one-hundred years of determination and hard work. The outside world did not embrace his concepts and showed little progress moving forward on anything he brought to the table. The realization of a racial and biologic uplift seemed to be a very distant objective. The situation was so desperate that a new plan of attack seemed needed, one that ran counter to his original plans. Often this change in strategy crossed Adam’s mind, which he occasionally brought up with Eve.


Under normal conditions, the work would be a coordinated effort to blend the races and infuse their blood amongst them, once they’re progeny reached the desired numbers. The human races while biologically fit had never been properly purged of their underdeveloped and defective strains, whose progress was of course, stunted by the rebellion.


No Material Sons of Nebadon were ever faced with such a hopeless task as confronted these two. They would have eventually met with success if they had been more farseeing and patient in their expectations, especially those of Eve. But they were not willing to wait for the long endurance run, the human races needed to journey, to reach Adam’s goal. I don’t think either of them felt they had a chance under the current circumstance. The pair ached to see some immediate results of their hardworking efforts. They were encouraged when a new leader of one of the most important neighboring tribes had come to power.


Serapatatia had just assumed leadership of the Syrian or western federation of Nodite tribes upon the death of his father, who was a direct descendant of the onetime chief of the Dalamatia commission on health, Lut. He had recently taken a mate, one of the master female minds amongst the Cro-Magnoid or blue race. He was developing into a strong united leader and he had become one of the more capable of Adam’s lieutenants. He was honest and sincere in all of his dealings with the Edenites. He was never conscious, even afterward that he had been used as an instrument by Caligastia. He also was impatient to see some immediate improvement in upgrading his people, especially to see it happen in his lifetime.


He approached Eve about the idea of getting some results earlier, rather than waiting for the required ordained number of a half-million Edenite offspring before they would start the planned mating with local tribes. He felt that it could happen sooner, by Eve giving birth to an early creation of the violet race, by bearing a child of Edenic and Nodite blood. Eve over time resolved that this would be a minor but important step and went along with the plan. For five years their secret strategy was allowed to mature.


Cano was a brilliant mind and an active leader of the friendly Nodites based near the Garden of Eden on the mainland. He was very supportive of what Adam and Eve were trying to do and being the spiritual leader of his people, he nurtured their relationship. He also accepted the plan that Eve and Serapatatia had come up with and unknowingly to all concerned, one that had been orchestrated by the evil Caligastia. The fateful meeting between Eve and Cano finally occurred and she lay down with him and successfully gave birth to the first of the violet race, Cain.


The decision to modify the pre-ordained plan was executed with sincerity and with the highest intentions by the trio but it constituted evil because of Caligastia’s involvement. Caligastia had met with Eve on several occasions alone, to encourage the act. Immediately afterward, all the celestial life present on the planet at the time was astir. Adam immediately recognized that something was not right and he asked Eve about it. For the first time Adam heard the entire story of the long nurtured plan of hastening the upgrading of the races of man; the continued implication of the divine plan, as well as the Serapatatia strategy.


Adam immediately realized what the repercussions were going to be. He discerned the situation and while heartbroken, he could only entertain pity and understanding for his disillusioned mate. With the realization of failure on Eve’s part, Adam could only see despair and because of this, premeditatedly sought out Laotta, the head of the western schools of the Garden, a brilliant Nodite woman and committed the same folly as Eve. He knew exactly what he was doing; he wanted to share Eve’s fate. The possibility of continuing alone on Earth, without his loving partner at his side was too much.


What happened next was totally reactive and predictable on the part of the inhabitants of the Garden. In a declaration of war, they swept down on the unsuspecting Nodites settled nearby, utterly destroying the entire population. Not one woman, man or child was spared, not even Cano the father of the unborn Cain. Serapatatia, who was nearby, on learning what had happened to Cano and his people, was so despondent of the outcome, he drowned himself.


Upon the realization of what had unfolded, a totally despairing Adam wandered in solitude for thirty days, his whereabouts unknown to a worrying and distraught Eve and their children. And those thirty long days seemed like 30 years as she suffered from the sorrow of the event. Never did this noble soul fully recover from the effects of this excruciating period and her failing.


Adam waited for some judgment to come down, some communication from above. Seventy days after the offense, the default of Eve, the Melchizedeks receivers returned to Earth to again take control of the world’s affairs. With the arrival of the Melchizedek they both knew, at that point, they had failed there mission.


News of the annihilation of the Nodite settlement near Eden reached the home tribes of Serapatatia and shortly there-of, they had an army assembled and were marching south to exact revenge. This was the beginning of a long and protracted warfare between the Nodites and the Adamites that extended to those of her seed, Cain and that of his seed, Sansa.


Adam and Eve knew nothing of their personal status or their fate. Adam held an all-night conference with some twelve-hundred loyal followers who pledged to follow him. He knew of the advancing Nodites seeking justice for their people and their leader. At noon the next day they set out from the Garden in quest of a new homeland. He had no desire for war with the advancing Nodites and elected to leave the Garden to them unopposed.


On the third day of the pilgrimage, the caravan was halted by a host of seraphic transports from Jerusem waiting for them, as well as, the Life Carriers. For the first time Adam and Eve were about to find out what the fate would be for them and their children. While the seraphim transporters stood by, it was decreed that those children who were twenty years or older were given a choice of remaining with their parents or being removed back to Norlatiadek. Two-thirds chose to be transported back to Edentia. Thus the process of de-materialization commenced. All of the children under twenty were given no choice and also taken to the constellation headquarters.


The couple had mixed reactions to what they experienced after being greeted by Gabriel, amongst the numerous seraphic transports about. They were judged in default. They had violated the covenant of their trusteeship as the rulers of this world that again was being badly damaged. But they were greatly cheered by the fact they were not in contempt of the universe government on Salvington and so not guilty of rebellion. They were informed they were now being degraded to the status of mortals. They no longer had the tree of life to sustain them. The first thing the Nodites did when they entered Eden was to destroy it as an act of revenge.


It was an extremely sad caravan that made preparations to travel on under such tragic conditions. With such high hopes on arriving on Earth, to be so enthusiastically welcomed and now to be in disgrace, losing three-quarters of their children and no home as yet to settle in was almost unbearable. Agonizing were the conditions and circumstances as they travelled southeastward.


They had been reduced to the mortal status of human beings. But that was not the “fall of man” as laid out in the Bible. The human race had been uplifted despite the Adamic default. The divine plan to bring a violet race to the inhabitants of Earth had not entirely failed, the races profited enormously in the undertaking. The history of man has been one of progressive evolution and the Adamic bestowal left the world greatly improved. The more superior stock of Earth now contained inherent influences resulting from as many as four separate sources: Andonites, the first human stock one-million years ago; Sangik, the colored races that arrived at the time of a planetary prince, five-hundred thousand years ago; the Nodites, descendants of the rebellious corporeal staff, two-hundred thousand years ago and the Adamic stock, nearly 40-thousand years ago.


Looking back, what needs to be put into perspective is the circumstance surrounding the Adamic mission on Earth, which was almost pre-ordained to failure as a celestial experiment. The pair we’re confronted with an almost hopeless task when transported to Earth from Jerusem, to a dark and confused planet. The gods were playing chess and human beings were the pawns. There probably was never a more discouraging lapse of wisdom on any planet in all of Nebadon. What is not surprising is that these missteps occurred on an experimental or decimal planet, one of every ten being assigned this status. Earth is part of a gigantic organic creation and it should be no surprise that everything does not work perfectly. This universe was not created as an example of perfection. Perfection is the eternal goal, not the origin. There was much that Tigh was left to contemplate and the two of us had many discussions together about Adam and Eve’s tumultuous sojourn on Earth.


Cain and Sansa were born before the caravan reached its destination between the Tigris and Euphrates rivers. Laotta, Sansa mother died during childbirth and Eve took Sansa to her bosom next to Cain. Sansa grew up to be a woman of great ability whom eventually married Sargan, the chief of the northern blue races or Cro-Magnoids. For Cain it was a much more troubling and challenging existence.


When they had left Eden they really had but one direction they could travel in and that was east. North was out of the question as the Nodites were advancing toward them. They had no boats to sail westward across the Mediterranean and the southern hills were inhabited with hostile tribes. Many of those who were left behind near the Garden, eventually journeyed east ward and later joined the Adamites at the second Garden.


It took almost a full year to complete the journey and the local people in the desired second garden, knew in advance that the Adamites were coming. They departed peacefully to the eastern mountains leaving the land vacant on Adam’s arrival. He knew about Van’s committee that examined the three choices and knew the layout of the land. He was going to set up his headquarters south of the narrowest point between the two rivers near the present day Iraqi capital of Bagdad. The two rivers on either side were good natural defenses and if a defensive wall was built across the fifty-six mile narrowest breadth between the two rivers, they would be secure from the north by marauding tribes and to the south by the confluence of the two rivers.


As time passed, the significances of the Adamic failure became increasingly apparent. Adam and Eve greatly missed their former home, as well as their children that had been taken from them and deported to the constellation capital of Edentia. This splendid couple, being reduced to mortal beings, was difficult to witness as they toiled to establish a diminished center for their culture and learning. They did it though with grace and nobility. Time was an important tool, as the memory of the Garden of Eden faded from his people’s minds.


Adam and Eve’s first son was not Cain as the Bible records, it was Adamson. Their second son was Eveson not Abel as the Bible states. The civil rulers of the Adamites were derived from the sons of the first garden and each additional generation followed a hereditarily laid course. Cain was a half-son to Adam whose father was the Nodite leader, Cano. Abel was Adam and Eve’s first born after they arrived at the second garden. He was Adamic or an Adamite. Cain was the first offspring of the planned interbreeding between the Nodite and Adamite bloodlines and so the first of the violet race and eventual the Andites, a significant race of people who had a substantial influence on human history. Cain felt sidelined and marginalized in his relationship with his family and particularly with his step brother, Abel. Abel took every opportunity to let Cain know his father wasn’t Adam.


Adamson eventually founded a second center of learning and culture to the north of the second garden near Lake Van while Eveson became a great leader and administrator. With Adamson gone, Eveson became a great asset to his father in ruling the land and his eldest son, Jansad, became the successor of Adam as the head of the Adamic tribes. Seth, the eldest surviving son of Adam and Eve, born in the second garden, became a great religious leader. While Seth was absorbed in developing his new priesthood, his son Enos, founded a new order of worship and his grandson Kenan established a foreign missionary service.


Cain was a farmer while Abel was a herder. The two boys never got along. Cain natural bellicose inheritance (a Nodite trait) caused him to nourish an ever-increasing hatred for his brother. In a fit of rage one day he slew him. That day, the dogs brought the flock home without Abel. Cain knew he might be caste out if Adam and Eve knew what he did. He also knew that he bore no tribal marks and that he would be killed by some of the neighboring tribesman. Because of fear and remorse, he repented to his mother Eve who he had gone to for advice.


He was becoming a grim and gloomy reminder to Adam and Eve of their folly and so they encouraged him to leave the garden and settle in the land to the east. Cain had never been indwelled by a Maaestis, he though his step-father’s religion was folly. Now he was asking for spiritual help and guidance and at that point, he was indwelled. This Maaesti now dwelling within – and looking out for him and protecting him; directed Cain from within and gave him a great advantage in making decisions and guiding his people. And with new superiority and confidence he headed for the land of Nod.


He became a great leader among his father’s people for he carried the direct bloodline of the corporeal staff, for his father Cano was a direct descendant. Throughout his lifetime, he promoted peace between the Nodites and the Adamites, the combination of which produced the great Andite civilization. Cain eventually married Remona, his distant cousin, a Nodite. Their first son Enoch became the head of the Elamite Nodites and for many centuries lived in peace amongst themselves.


Adam and Eve were the founders of the eighth human race, the violet people. They had blue eyes and a fair complexion with a light hair color, varying from blond or yellow, to red and brown. In their mortal state they had lost their trademark aura, which the fruit of the ‘tree of life provided. Tigh wondered whether their offspring was the source for the legend of Atlantis with their distinguishing lithe height, sturdy body, light hair and fair complexion.


Both the physical and spiritual vision (eyesight) of Adam and Eve was far superior to that of man. They were able to see the midwayers, the angelic beings, the Melchizedeks and the fallen Caligastia. They retained this ability to see celestial beings for over a hundred years after the default. However this sight advantage was not transferred completely to their offspring as it diminished with each successive generation.


Adam decided to leave behind as much of his life plasm as possible. He wanted some means of benefiting the world after his death. Eve was made the head of a commission that was responsible for race improvement and she and the other eleven members went out and selected the highest type of women on Earth. On Adam’s death, 1,682 of these women would be impregnated with his life plasm. All but 112 of these offspring grew to maturity. They were the best of the Nodite tribes and constituted the beginning, along with Cain’s children, of the violet race and the subsequent Andites.


Eve passed away from heart failure and Adam followed nineteen years later of old age, his body just wore out, he was 530 years old. They were buried in the center of the Temple of Divine Service, built soon after the northern defensive wall was completed. This ended the age of the Planetary Adam and Eve, who were never the first human beings on Earth but part of a much larger order of beings, dedicated to the uplifting and upgrading of all beings on all inhabited evolutionary worlds of this universe and all universes across the spectrum of space.


Most of the inhabited worlds of Nebadon have creatures dwelling on them that are both unique as well as common. For Tigh, the realization that there were beings seconded on Earth that were very close to humans in material terms, left him wondering about Earth’s past and what effect these creatures had on the planets evolution.


Among the entities that exist midway between the physical or material plane and the realms of the numerous angelic orders, there is the story of the midway creatures. As I explained to him one evening, they appeared by accident on Earth but they are not unique to this world, they occur on other worlds as well. The first and older group are referred to as primary midwayers and the second and more recent are the secondary midwayers. They have been invaluable throughout the ages and are still busy helping out on Earth. They have a very high regard for human beings and feel a kinship toward them. When liberated from their responsibilities at the time of Light and Life, they continue their path as potential ascending mortals like Tigh.


The status of the one-hundred corporeal staff is an example of how the primary midways came about. As ascending morontia citizens of Jerusem, the prince’s staff, were super-material beings without reproductive privileges. As descendant planetary ministers on the material world of Earth, now with a material body, they had the sexual capacity to reproduce material offspring. The corporeal one-hundred were split sexually down the middle in their material forms; 50 male and 50 female. What happened next was rather strange and confusing. A super-material (morontia) liaison between a male and female member of the staff resulted in the appearance of the first-born of the primary midwayers.


The corporeal staff being dual in nature, had a material body that humans could see but a well-developed, morontia body that only the Planetary Prince and assorted spirits and angelic orders could view. Caligastia realized that this type of creature could be useful in their work on the planet and encouraged others to do the same. This resulted in a group of fifty such creatures and an order was established.


After a year of observing this order and the work that they could accomplish and how useful they were, he ordered the procreation of the midwayers without restrictions on numbers. Every half-year a midwayer would appear from the 50 couples in the corporeal staff. And when 1000 midwayers had been born to each couple something mysterious happened. No more were forthcoming. No explanation was available to why the reproduction terminated at the couples one-thousandth offspring. No amount of investigation cleared up the matter and so the order now stood at 50,000 creatures.


Caligastia used them as an intelligence corps for the Prince’s administration. They ranged far and wide studying and observing the world races. They also provided numerous other services in influencing human society, far removed from the capital of Dalamatia.


This regime continued until the outbreak of the rebellion. A little over 80 percent of them went over to the dark side leaving the other 20 percent entering service alongside the Melchizedeks and they stayed loyal to the ordained plan for the planet. They functioned under the leadership of Van until the arrival of the Material Son and Daughter. When the rebellion unfolded in Dalamatia, Van was quick to acquire the ‘tree of life’ and set up his headquarters temporarily outside the city walls in the surrounding countryside. The loyal midwayers were tasked with protecting the ‘tree of life’ and they were very successful in completing that mission.


To trace the beginning of the secondary midwayers we have to follow the Nodites down to the time of Adam and Eve and their first son Adamson. He had often heard the stories of Van and Amadon and their highland home in the north and after the second garden had been established, he sought to seek out this homeland of his youthful dreams. He was one-hundred and twenty year old when he decided to seek Van’s homeland. He had sired 32 children with his first wife in the first garden but they had all choose to be deported back to Edentia shortly after the default and he was greatly disturbed by the loss. He had chosen to remain with his parents and help them re-establish the second garden. When there second home had been completed, he took the opportunity to follow his dream and head north with approval from his parents.


He led a small group of less than thirty northward and in little over three years realized the fruit of their adventure. Amongst the people already there at Van’s old headquarters was a beautiful young woman, a Nodite princess by the name of Ratta. She was the last of the pure-line descendants of the Prince’s staff, the last of her race, having no brothers or sisters, her ancestry descending from the union of one of the Prince’s staff and an Andonite. Within three months of arriving, Adamson married the regal Ratta and immediately started raising children. This was an amazing couple, the first son of Adam and Eve, in union with a princess who had maintained direct connection to the corporeal staff over 160,000 years earlier, so this couple were capable of having superior offspring.


They had sixty-seven children but what was amazing was that every fourth child was sometimes invisible to mortal vision. This greatly alarmed Ratta but Adamson knew of the primary midwayers and figured something similar was happening with them. When a second strangely behaving one arrived, he decided to mate them, as one was male and the other female. The offspring was the start of a new order of being, the secondary midwayers. Within one-hundred years, almost 2,000 of these immortal creatures were created before just as suddenly, the ability to procreate these creatures disappeared. These secondary midwayers stayed loyal to Adamson and his people for the rest of his life.


Every seven years Adamson made the pilgrimage with Ratta to visit his parents in the land between the two great rivers. While he was gone, the midwayers kept him informed about the welfare of his people, unsuspected by human beings, who could not see them. They turned out to be a marvelous corps of assistants, helpers and guardians, who aided greatly in upgrading the physical, intellectual and spiritual standing of his people. Adamson lived for 396 years and the Adamsonites maintained a high culture for almost seven-thousand years. They also historically were often referred to as the “mighty men of old.”


Adamson’s center of civilization eventually moved to the land just east of the southern shore of the Caspian Sea, near the Kopet Dag in the lower foothills of the Kopet Mountains, in a fertile belt of land following in Van and Amadon’s footsteps. From here four successive diverse cultures arose at various periods, all fostered by different groups of Adamson’s descendants. The first migrated north past the Caspian Sea and then westward across the steppes and entered Europe, blending with the Andite migration taking place from Mesopotamia. The second were among the Andite-Aryan peoples who invaded India. In the third dispersal from their homeland, were the people who settled Greece and the Mediterranean Islands, bringing a high culture and advanced civilization to this region.


After Adamson’s death the role of the secondary midwayers changed. As we know, the primary midwayers came from a super-human origin, while the secondary midwayers are the offspring of pure Adamic and Nodite stock. Adamson and Ratta had 67 children amongst which sixteen were of the peculiar type as described before. These unique children were equally divided by sex, eight male and eight female. These sixteen lived and died as mortals like the rest of their children but their electrically energized offspring were immortal.


Each couple produced 248 midwayers totaling 1,984 from the eight couples. After the default of Adam, the primary midwayers who stayed loyal after the rebellion, just under, 10,000 (9,881) returned to the service of the Melchizedek receivers. The secondary midwayers remained in service to Adamson until his death at which point the chiefs of the midway organization, thirty-three in number, tried to persuade the entire group to joint up with the Melchizedek receivers. All of them refused and the thirty-three chiefs deserted the group and went over to the Melchizedek. After the death of Adamson, the remaining secondary midwayers became a strange and disorganized influence on Earth. They created a lot of mischief leading up to the days of Jesus’ sojourn on the planet. From that point on they choose to work under the direction of the Melchizedek Order.


Primary midwayers are neither material nor angelic, they reside in between. Secondary midwayers are even closer to the material plan than the angelic realm. They are the closest to man of all cosmic beings and are quite understanding and sympathetic toward humans. They eventually became invaluable to the different angelic orders of seraphim in their work, being so close to the material plane of existence. But they were particularly helpful to the guardian seraphim of destiny. Their abilities varied greatly in operating between the physical or material plan and that of the seraphim.


Since the era of Jesus and near the time of Pentecost, the two groups merged as one united group, totaling 10,992 midwayers. They are now organized for service into four major groups involved with different responsibilities. Amongst them are the midway messengers, which is a small corps and of great assistance on evolutionary worlds, providing quick and reliable personal communication. There are then the planetary sentinels, who patrol the invisible spirit realm of the planet. They enhance communication and act as observers for the various super-human beings of the realm. Another group, the Contact personalities are the ones used to interact with mortal beings and represent the secondary midwayers. They are an essential component in any such liaison between the spirit and material levels. Finally we have the last group the progress helpers, which are the more spiritual of the midway creatures, obviously of the primary kind. This group is distributed as assistants to the numerous orders of seraphim, who operate in special groups on the planet.


The Contact personalities who are the closest to human beings are made up of the original 1,111 faithful secondary midwayers who eventually went over to the Melchizedek and are involved in many important assignments on Earth. They are decidedly material and exist just outside the range of mortal vision. They possess sufficient latitude of adaptation to make physical contact with material objects. They possess the powers to interact with things in time and space. Many of the wonders and marvels that have taken place on Earth, credited to angels, have been performed by these midwayers.