Thoth's Truth

A Soul's Journey Across the Universe



Chapter 9

EPThe Constellation Capital, Edentia – Universal Human Beings


“For those who have gravitated to this book for various reasons; amongst them encouragement from you’re Maaesti, nudged on by your guardian seraph(im) or 11:11 prompts from midwayers, I will continue with a description of Edentia, the constellation capital. These will be my words, from me the one who is in the position of observing Edentia from a human perspective. Chermella feels it’s a good opportunity for you the reader to get an ascending being’s perspective on this world, which is being revealed to me for the first time as I write it down.


“The government headquarters of the constellation is situated in a cluster of 771 architectural worlds. This alone makes it mind boggling compared to Jerusem. Located in the middle of this knotty collection of spheres is Edentia, approximately the same size as Jerusem and 100 times the size of Earth. The major worlds correspond to the ones found circling its many system capitals, about ten times the size of Earth and the satellites are about the size of Earth. Edentia time is the same as the standard time on Salvington, Nebadon’s capital.


“All of these spheres are inhabited by univitatia who populate all the architectural worlds in the constellation. They are also inhabited by two residents of the local universe called spironga and spornagia. I was familiar with the spornagia on the mansion worlds. The spironga are spirit-helpers executing routine tasks assigned to them. They have little to do with ascending beings like me but they are immortal beings that remain within the universe.


“The seventy Edentia training worlds, its 700 surrounding spheres and the capital itself, are not perfect but surpass the glories I experienced on the Jerusem training worlds; although hardly equal to that of Salvington and its training worlds I’ve been told. Like the Jerusem system, Edentia and all major and minor spheres around it are energized directly by the universal space currents. Time spent on the seventy training centers is the most settling period, ascending mortals undertake in their long journey, pulled along by spirit gravity, slowly drawing us to the center. This attraction is ever so gradual and as we sojourn on each of these worlds. We will now retain the same morontia body, not continually evolving as we progressed on the mansion worlds; the only difference is that we are re-keyed in social capacity to get along.


“While passing from one cultural world to another in this constellation, ascending mortals are chiefly occupied with trying to master ethics issues while dealing in a group environment. We are tested and challenged in understanding the secrets to having profitable and pleasant interaction with various universe and super-universe entities and orders of intelligent personalities. On the mansion worlds we addressed the evolving mortal personality, shoring up the many deficiencies we acquired on our native planet. On Jerusem, you obtain citizenship and become involved in group undertakings and develop a willingness to discipline one’s self in gaining goals and objectives that are not personal but more in a group dynamic. On Edentia though, it is brought to an entirely new level.


“There are seven things that need to be accomplished while you are on Edentia in effectively working together: The first; the enjoyment received, working with ten diverse fellow morontians effectively, when all are incorporated into companies of one-hundred and then federated into corps of a thousand.


“The second; the univitatia, though similar to other morontia beings, are very different in many other ways. Everyone is challenged to interact in a joyful and productive manner with ten univitatia and then extend that to dealing with ten other families, which in turn are part of a corps of one-thousand univitatia and through it all, conducting ourselves in a joyful manner.


“The third; be able to quickly adjust to dealing with fellow morontians, as well as the host univitatia in a seamless fashion. In other words, have the ability to co-ordinate your group of ascending mortals with groups of dissimilar groups of intelligent creatures and do it effectively and voluntarily, with co-operation.


“The fourth; while socially interacting with groups that are similar, and not so similar, work on better intellectual harmony and make vocational adjustments that integrate well with both groups.


“The fifth; while making these vocational and intellectual adjustments, show marked improvement on irritabilities and resentments that might come to the surface.


“The sixth; to make adjustments to the numerous social techniques you’ve learned and apply them to your ascending career, as insight in grasping eternal meanings, taken from these social exchanges.


“And seventh; through all of this interaction, you enhance your spiritual insight by understanding the enhanced advantages you receive from group involvement and cooperation in your long journey. It’s important to point out that on your own; the ascension of mortals is fraught with danger at every turn.


“These tasks are not set up for personal gain or satisfaction, it is meant for those to take pleasure and achievement, from a joint effort and to want to share that accomplishment. It is done in a gradual fashion. As we pass through the first seven major worlds, we will interact alone with a family of ten univitatia. On the second of the seven major worlds, ascending mortals, established in groups of two, will live and abide with another group of ten univitatia until they reach the seventh major world and seven ascending mortals will live with another group of ten univitatia. This must be successfully completed before any of us can graduate and moving on.


“I was now ready to take up residency on Edentia and once I had registered I was again given some leave to look around. For the reader’s sake, like on Jerusem, Edentia is covered in highlands that are fascinating and extensively ordained with elevations of physical matter. This material matter is covered with morontia flora and fauna and is overpowering in its spirit glory and beauty and like Jerusum is not endowed with rugged mountains or expansive seas. Tens of thousands of sparkling and shimmering lakes dot the landscape, interconnected with a tangle of streams and canals.


“The chief means of transportation is through the air; with high spirit beings traveling in natural fashion, high above the sphere, while the material and morontia beings utilize craft that ply the atmospheric zone. There are also various water routes in many places that circumnavigate the globe, much like interstates and highways back on Earth. The water systems employed are both on the surface and subterranean, much like Jerusem and is in constant circulation. And the water on Edentia is the same as the water on Earth as far as I can judge.


“It’s a much more benign place than Earth with no storms or hurricanes, nor any seasons of the year. I miss at times, the changing of the seasons and the mountain storms we encountered back on Earth. It made being there much more alive. For this reason and with the constant norm in temperature control, most artistic and creative efforts are put into outdoor landscapes. Like the various system capitals, it has a three gas, breathable air, the extra gas being necessary for the morontia creatures. All the various species that reside here are gentle and friendly. There is no struggle for survival like there is on evolutionary worlds and lighting is designed the same way as on the system spheres.


“The Edentia highlands do not have the myriad of lakes and streams decorating its surfaces like the lowlands but they are stunning places to come and visit. They have a profusion of animal life but these areas remain natural in the sense that they are covered in material and morontia flora and fauna but they lack the artistic and creative decoration that enhances the dwelling areas set aside on the capital. That said the lower elevations are covered in garden settings and beautiful parks that surround special structures and residences, decorated and ornamented by gifted landscapers and botanists. These areas drew me there constantly.


“There are seven of these highland ranges scattered over it surface and at the summit of the seventh are the resurrection halls of Edentia. These halls are often referred to as ‘chambers of creature reassembly’ and this specific center is for the resurrection of ascending beings of a secondary modified order, which must be highly evolved beings, coming into their ascending journey at this elevated stage. These resurrection halls are under the supervision of the Melchizedeks.


“They also maintain two special colleges here. The first one is the ‘emergency school’ and it is dedicated to the Lucifer Rebellion. Here study is focused on the problems arising from the rebellion, as well as, how best to learn from the experience and how better to manage such sedition in the future. The other college is referred to as the ‘bestowal school’ and it is dedicated to the fact, Michael’s final bestowal took place in the constellation and the new problems that arose from that. It was on Earth that Michael made his seventh and final bestowal, born as the man, Jesus.


“The ‘sea of glass’ is the center of all Edentia and is a circular field that measures 100 miles in diameter and is 30 miles deep. It is one piece of enormous crystal and it serves many purposes, both decoratively and for practical purposes. Transport seraphim depart and arrive here as the ‘sea of glass’ greatly facilitates their ease of landing and taking off. It is surrounded by a huge amphitheater and surrounding it is the administration centers of the 70 major worlds circling Edentia. Each of these worlds is incorporated within their own massive long and narrow triangle, encompassing half the globe, starting at the equator, with all seventy grid lines meeting at the apex of the sphere. So you have 70 long and narrow triangles (pie-shaped), wide at the equator and but a point at the top of the sphere. The lower half is dedicated to an enormous natural park; ‘the gardens of God’ (For me it was an area I couldn’t wait to explore).


“A crystal field such as the one I described is found on almost all architectural worlds. The amphitheater is often the viewing area for great gatherings of many of the local residents and assembly groups. The ‘sea of glass,’ is also utilized in providing super-universe reflectivity that creates three-dimensional imagery in artistic performances that boggle the mind.


“Although the entire globe was open to my exploration and inspection, most of my time was spent in the administrative triangle. The rulers of the constellations are of the Vorondadek order. When commissioned for duty in the universe as constellation rulers, they are referred to as ‘Most Highs’ since they embody the highest administration skills. Gabriel commissions the Vorondadek Sons in groups of three, for the one-hundred constellations. One of the three is assigned the leading responsibility as the ‘Constellation Father’ while the other two are ‘senior Most High’ and ‘junior Most High.’ The Constellation Father reigns for ten-thousand standard years (50,000 Earth years) after working in the junior and senior positions.


“Constellation Fathers are closely related to the administrative and lawmaking process on Edentia and they have little contact with the constellation’s systems and inhabited planets. Because of the rebellion, there is much more interest directed towards Satania and its isolated worlds. During the rebellion, the Edentia Most High were forced to seize some of the control over the local system. Lanaforge, as the System Sovereign, is now in an acting role until a decision is made on the fate of Lucifer and his followers.


“The ‘Faithful of Days’ is a Trinity Son of Paradise Order and is present on Edentia as the personal representative of Immanuel as Gabriel’s assistant. They do not take active affairs with the governing of the constellation, although they can be asked for advice from time to time by the Constellation Father. They are there more in the capacity of observer to the Creator Son, Michael. Mount Assembly is the residence of the Faithful of Day and is the constellation center for extra-universe communication and intelligence. They are in constant communication with their order throughout the universes.


“The Edentia Fathers have provided special care over the 37 isolated worlds, since the Lucifer rebellion. All have a Vorondadek Son acting as an observer but at times, on direction from above, they can intervene in the affairs of these planets.


“All one-hundred of the constellation capitals, display material and mineral construction that is stunning to behold, while the universe’s headquarters, Salvington is covered in examples of spiritual beauty and splendor. It is the constellations that are at the apex though of morontia design, display and embellishment. It is the botanical excellence that is revealed on Edentia that we see in its numerous parks and natural areas scattered about and referred to collectively as the ‘garden of Gods.’”


I must interject and point out that Tigh is really showing his storytelling skills and his sophistication in describing his surroundings. I will let him carry on from here, with me less an aid to him now and more as a companion and confidant. Again in Tigh’s words.


“On Earth there are two forms of life; the flora and fauna – plant and animal – on the Edentia worlds there are ten forms. The first three are classified as vegetable and the last three as animal, but to try to explain the other four is beyond my capacity with words. There are living creatures here, which number in the several thousand that you could never understand or picture without being here. While the material vegetation is your typical green coloration, the morontia equivalents have a violet or orchid tint, displaying various hues and reflections. Morontia vegetation, as the ‘tree of life’ is an example, is purely an energy source and there are no residual remains. Its growth is used as a food or sustenance source. All of it is consumed.


“With all these different forms of life, they provide tremendous possibilities to choose from, allowing the artisan or botanist, greater scope in beautifying almost any area, garden, park or structure. On Earth, the great artists and artisans must resort to inert mediums and materials. They are left with paints and building materials like marble and stone, to express their concepts and ideas. On Edentia they frequently employ living organisms in both the material and morontia forms to capture their splendid talent. If you are the type of person attracted and captivated by natural areas and botanical gardens on Earth, say someone like me, then you’re in for a huge treat here. The creative use of the wildlife, or should I say animals is completely beyond what I would have comprehended and I was left wanting desperately to study and work in such a field that displayed such harmonious, cooperation and creation.


“Existing on all of the seven-hundred and seventy spheres circling the constellation headquarters and the capital itself, are the univitatia, the permanent citizens of the constellation and all creatures are under their supervision. They are not actually artisans but they freely work with all groups in the creative and artistic prowess that the constellation displays. They do not function beyond that of a constellation. You will never see them on Nebadon or Satania. Intellectually they are as varied as we are but spiritually they are all alike. If all on Earth were spiritually alike and held a universal faith and not held ransom to countless religions and their extensive baggage of dogma, we would experience universal peace as a reward.


“Ascending mortals and immortals spend most of their time and energy on assignment, dwelling on the seventy progressive univitatia worlds and not as much time on Edentia. When on Edentia though ascending beings are involved with planetary, group, racial and national welfare issues. And I’ve been told by more than one superior entity that when I look back on my time spent here, it will be as the most beautiful and uplifting of any age of training I will spend, this side of Paradise itself. I have to say they were spot on, with what I saw and experienced.”


Its Chermella again, It’s my turn. I have often talked about other worlds and the beings that come from these spheres. I will now spend some time explaining to you, the concept of other races of humans, that originate from all sorts of spheres and worlds that are part of Tigh’s existence now.


All inhabited worlds are grouped together for the purpose of administration and celestial governance. These groups are the local systems and each of these systems is limited to approximately one-thousand inhabited planets in each. This governance applies to all races with survival status on evolutionary worlds. For those worlds settled in ‘Light and Life’ or still in the pre-human stage of development, these worlds are excluded.


Satania is classified as an unfinished system that at present contains 619 inhabited worlds. That means they are all populated by various types of humans. Earth is registered as the 606th world so it is the 606 of 619 that evolved as a human race. So Earthlings are late arrivals to the big dance. There are nearly 200 spheres ready to start receiving life implantation in the next few million years. There are currently 36 that are about to start the process soon.


Anova is registered as planet number one in the Satania system, one of forty-four planets revolving around an enormous dark planet, all of which are inhabited. It is in an advanced stage of human evolution and the reason life exists on all forty-four worlds, is there is three suns close enough to provide adequate heat and light, to sustain them and demonstrates how precarious the situation can be. Not all planets can provide what is needed to sustain life on them. Some spheres can be far too massive with such a high gravity; life can’t exist, while others revolve at much too rapid a rate to sustain life.


The progression of life is neither arbitrary nor magical, whether it’s celestial or terrestrial and they are all gradual in development. Cosmic evolution is not an accident, it might not be predictable but it’s planned.


Life is tenuous in its creation and the Life Carriers have the expertise to perform the communal union of the right chemicals, electrical and other unspecified energies to create life. These chemical formulas differ from one universe to another, even differing in each system. Each planet has a different range of biological life forms, each being slightly different and all mortal-inhabited worlds are evolutionary in nature and origin. These differences in biological make up are the result of decisions being made by Life Carriers, but they follow universal laws that have been laid down by a divine mandate from Nebadon. Your universe has been created by a compilation of many high cosmic beings working with Michael, the creator Son as the maestro and it’s his symphony.


Life Carriers have significant freedom in initiating life on any planet. Life might have its origin in only one center or it could be in three different centers, as in Earth’s case in its early development. Variations are common, but evolution rules the day. Depending on the physical status of a planet, life can originate from either a land or sea environment. But it follows a specific pattern; vegetation always precedes animal and plant life is fully developed before creatures are created. A world unfolds under the criteria laid down in the planetary life plan, which follows a precise system and universal guidelines. Consider the fact that moles have always reproduced much quicker than ungulates but they also evolved much more quickly.


In fostering human beings, there are seven major and distinct types, depending on the physical make up of a particular planet. They are: Atmospheric types; Elemental types; Gravity types; Temperature types; Electric types; Energizing types and unnamed types with thousands of minor variations. There is a standard pattern for life on each system and the Life Carriers must adapt to the physical conditions present. Satania has all of these major types and many intermediate ones on display and are continually evolving, although some are represented sparingly.


The biggest determining fact in all these potentially evolving worlds is atmosphere. It is the biggest influence in creating life. In planets with adequate atmosphere, they fall into three categories; super atmospheric, sub-atmospheric and mid-atmospheric. In Satania, two-and-a-half percent are considered sub-atmospheric, while only five percent make up super-atmospheric worlds. Earth is considered a mid-atmospheric planet and represents the majority at over ninety- percent. So in the context of your solar system, if human beings should exist on Venus they would be in the super breather category, while on Mars they would be considered sub-breathers. But even if you consider your moon, which lacks air, creatures can adapt to its environment. They would be classified as non-breathers and this group makes up the remaining one or two percent of inhabited worlds of Satania.


When considering elemental type worlds that have mortals residing on them, there is three differentiations; water dwelling, air dwelling and land dweller humans. As an example of adaptation, some super-atmospheric worlds are so big it becomes expedient to have a human type who can fly. These beings of course come to land on occasion for rest and food, but remain predominantly in the air and travel great distances, but eventually they evolve into land base dwellers. In some worlds, humans remain for the longest time, based on the ground with the capacity to continue flight. In Satania seven percent are water-based; ten percent are classified as air-based; while 70 percent are land based. The remaining thirteen percent are categorized as both land and air based.


The gravity types are greatly modified as intelligent beings, to better adapt to different gravities. These mortals, to accommodate different sized planets, may not be shaped ideally, some being shorter and squatter then normal while others are tall and lithe. Density comes into play as well, in adapting to large and small worlds. On the universe capital of Salvington, beings average about seven feet in height, while on places with a much heavier gravity, they are only two-and-a-half feet tall, while on smallish planets they can be up to ten feet tall. Apparently in Satania there is only one race that is less than four feet.


When you consider temperature as a factor, there are five distinct orders of beings and Earth is classified as a mid-temperature group with a score of three out of five and they account for seventy percent of inhabited planets in Satania. Of the remaining thirty percent of planets, twelve percent are in the higher temperature range, while eighteen percent are in the lower range.


In considering the electronic types of inhabitants on a planet, you must consider its magnetic fields and how they are set up, along with the electronic and electrical behavior it displays. In other words, beings are constructed to withstand the various energies of different worlds. There are ten varieties that react differently to the chemical rays of ordinary sunlight that complicate things. These slightly different physical discrepancies do not affect a person’s spiritual or intellectual capacity. In a scale of one to ten, Earth fits in the number four category.


The last group that I can explain, the sixth, is the energizing types that are categorized by how they take in energy to run their bodies. On Earth you ingest food and water to sustain yourselves. There are six different sources of energy available to animals and humans. These six forms of energy intake vary with habitat and atmosphere and they are: The sub-breathers are the first; the marine dwellers the second; the mid-breathers like yourself are the third; the super-breathers utilize the forth type of energy source; the non-breathers employ the fifth method and finally the sixth group, which is the midwayers. The seventh are the unnamed types and as a seraph, I’m not privy to any information on them, but I haven’t pursued it to any great length either.


Tigh will eventually get to know more about non-breathers as a sub-group and the type of world they live on, or should I say try to survive on.  Earthlings would be more than interested in the planetary conduct of this type of mortal because such a race of beings inhabits a sphere in close proximity to Earth.  In Satania there are only nine examples. The reason for this is that your system is more recently organized in the constellation, compared to other older systems and susceptible to meteoric space bodies crashing into the planets. Earth has an atmosphere that protects it from most of these foreign objects, usually they burn up completely in your atmosphere. On a planet without an atmosphere, it’s a very different story. They must protect themselves from these space object invasions by constructing elaborate defenses. They create protective zones for habitation purposes but when venturing outside of these secure areas, they are confronted with huge risk. These worlds also must contend with huge electrical storms unheard of on planets like Earth.


Non-breathers have an entirely different metabolic system; they eat no food or drink no water, they derive sustenance from other means. They have an entirely different nervous systems and heat regulating systems. Almost every act of living is geared for surviving on such a harsh environment and the only thing they really have in common with you, is their method of procreating and even that is not quite the same. They are spirit-infused, rather than maaesti-fused, like you are. In mind and in character though, they are much like you. It is said that such a world, is in close proximity to Earth.


You on Earth are classified as evolutionary will creatures, as are so many on other worlds in your system. There are great differences between all of you, but all mortals of evolutionary will, all stand erect on two feet, or in technical fashion, bipedal. There are three primary and three secondary races of people and on Earth they were referred to as Sangik. Most planets have a full complement of six but on some worlds that are inhabited with humans with three brains they are restricted to the primary races.


The average sensory scale for human beings is twelve but those with three brains have a heightened range, especially in the senses of sight and hearing. One and two-brain beings remain in the normal range. You on Earth are considered two-brained. With regard to the sexes, male and female are equal, both from an intellectual endowment and spiritual standing. The cosmic hierarchy doesn’t consider a race being clear of the barbaric stage until there is equality between the two sexes, when there is no tyrannical evidence that one tries to dominate the other. This point was reached on Earth with many races and cultures back in the days of Adam and Eve but since then, it has slipped. Only now is Earth gaining traction again, but is hindered continually along the way by primitive, religious dogma and practices.


Mortals on all planets have the same general struggle with micro-organisms that attack the immune system, especially in the early going, like on Earth. Life dependency ranges widely, from twenty-five years on primitive worlds, to nearly five-hundred years on more progressive and older worlds. On all sun heated spheres, agriculture is a common tread amongst human beings. Farming is a universal pursuit and all worlds share in, seasonal and temperature fluctuations.


The economic, governmental and social challenges vary in accordance with the degree they have been assisted by the reign of a Material Son and Daughter, as well, the age of the planet. Mortals are both racial and tribal and this segregation is inherent in their origin and species constitution. These characteristics and predispositions can only be muted by gradual collective spiritualization and an advancing civilization. Mind or mindal, that mid-point between spirit and material is the same throughout. Mental existence is very similar on all of the inhabited planets, and all experience death and are subject to immediate careers in the after-life.


A mortal mind without an immortal spirit, indwelled and bestowed within, cannot survive death. The material mind of man is mortal. A higher mind or consciousness exists outside the material brain and is the seat of the soul. Survival qualities are developed in the high realm of the Maaesti, who gives birth to an infant soul and then nurtures it along its rightful path, ever evolving it to a morontia state of existence. Humans live in all three planes of existence at once. As you go about your daily lives; your indwelled spirit exists in the highest plane and your soul in the middle plane. While usually oblivious to the above two, you conduct your business every day in the material plane.


The inhabited worlds as I am presenting them to you are populated by evolutionary mortal creatures, but there are other life forms that most ascending mortals don’t know about and will only be revealed to them as they journey their chosen path, well beyond this point of their ascension. Mortal creatures can be broken down into several types, categories and viewpoints. These seven are taken into consideration: Adjustment to planetary environment; brain-type series; spirit-reception series; planetary-mortal epochs; creature-kinship serials; maaesti-fusion series; and techniques of terrestrial escape.


Under the above headings, one is the “Adjustment to the Planetary Environment Group,” which is broken into three sub-groups; the normal, the radical and the experimental. Normal adjustments to planetary conditions is generally what we have been talking about and characterizing. The worlds inhabited by non-breathers are a good example of a radical or extreme adjustment and then there are the experimental adjustments. This type of world is usually ideally adapted to typical life forms and the Life Carriers try to create positive variations in the standard life schemes. These are also referred to as decimal planets, as one in ten is designated as such, and Earth fits in this category. Numerous forms of life have appeared on Earth and nowhere else. At the same time many a creature on these other worlds has never been seen on your native planet.


Under the second heading of “Brain Type groups,” there are three orders; the one-hemisphere, the two-hemisphere and the three-hemisphere brain. All three are equal when it comes to ascending careers. Each must master the same psychic circles in progression as a spiritual examination, and all must travel the same scale in intellectual development. What the three-hemisphere brain has over the other two hemisphere brain types, is that the third component of the brain has evolved to deal with physical activities while the other two, more advanced brains; one can deal with higher engagements on the mental plane in an intellectual capacity, while the other is involved with complementing Maaesti activity.


The third grouping is the “Spirit-receptor Series” and that is broken down into three categories that are uniquely involved in spiritual matters and associated with the organization of certain organs with certain chemical endowments. Some worlds have only one gland involved, while others, the majority, have two organs in place and some have three glands that enhance spiritual involvement for the candidate. Again you on Earth are in the middle category with two organs in place.


The fourth grouping is the “Planetary-mortal Epochs” that occur throughout the human history on a planet. The first is the arrival of the Planetary Prince followed by the dispatching of the Material Sons and Daughters and finally the last and seventh bestowal of a Teachers Son preceding the evolutionary climax – the age of ‘Light and Life.’


The fifth series is the Creature-kinship Series,” which you might find rather confusing. Planets are organized vertically or in a linear fashion – planet, system and constellation as well as a fraternal or kinship wise in a lateral fashion. This oversight exists in all forms; non-human, human and super-human and planets are periodically inspected by high composite personalities, in the case of Earth, it would be someone from the Corps of the Finaliters, who have an affiliation with human beings as many of you strive to become finaliters.


The sixth category and the most common in your universe is the Maaesti-fusion Series.” It accounts for ninety percent of all inhabited worlds in Nebadon. There is a neighboring universe that has only fifty percent of its inhabited worlds with the potential to fuse at some point.


Finally you have the seventh and last classified under, “Techniques of Terrestrial Escape.” There is essentially only one way to arrive on an inhabited planet as a being in the material sense and that is by birth. There are many ways, death included, to escape the material world and join the stream of ascending beings that are striving for paradise.