Thoth's Truth

A Soul's Journey Across the Universe




Thoth’s Truth is the story of the cosmological hierarchy and structure of the cosmos and the human species’ place within it. It tells you that what you see in the evening sky, evolved from an immense center hidden by dense matter, a trillion years ago. This powerful illumination was the first great source and center of what we refer to as the realm of God. There was no explosion, 14 billion years ago, no big bang, as science has postulated. God didn’t build the world in six days and rested on the seventh as expressed in the elegant wonder of Genesis. This was an organic event that is still ongoing today, a living and breathing creation we are all part of, as insignificant as we are, in all of it.


At the universal level, Earth is referred to as Urantia. How did this name come about, where did it come from and why now? In 1934 a book appeared in Chicago, Illinois on a desk in a bedroom with no human author attached to it. It took twenty years to have it finally published. When it came out it was printed as a limited edition of a 10,000. Today (2020) there are hundreds of thousands of copies in print with many others downloaded from the internet.


It is challenging in scope and size. It’s over two thousand pages in length and broken down into 196 individual Papers. It tests you, by starting at the beginning of time, at the moment of creation and eventually arrives at our native planet located on the fringe of the grand universe, the universe of universes. The forward to the Urantia Book is as challenging as they come. Many readers are stopped at this early point. It’s a book that seldom can be read from cover to cover. Much like the Bible, it has to be approached piecemeal, from different points in the book that pic your interest. Progress is slow for those who have the necessary patience, as you contemplate each new and challenging concept. There’s an excitement that gathers as you search for the truth. Critics usually penetrate only as far as the shallow end, if at all; never getting anywhere near, its deepest point. From a spiritual standpoint, it can be formidable and overwhelming and as is common these days, superficially condemned, often by those flawed individuals relying on sources of rumored hearsay.


You would think modern man would embrace such a revelation but at every turn there has been resistance. It’s referred to as the ‘Fifth Epochal Revelation.’ It’s been in print for over 60 years through its foundation, averaging almost 11,000 copies per year. Today the planet grows by approximately 85 million new inhabitants each year. The Urantia Book is quickly losing ground to any potential audience.


“Thoth’s Truth” is the story of Tigh, a mortal human being. It started with his death, judgement, resurrection and journey beyond. It’s narrated from his guardian seraph’s ‘point of view.’ The book reverses what unfolds in The Urantia Book and goes from the periphery of his home planet, Earth to the universal center, as he (his soul) sets out on this journey. The book’s layout is less exigent and more convenient than The Urantia Book, which challenges the psychological hold we guardedly protect; a carapace that surrounds our life’s philosophy, and foundation. All the concepts encountered are the same in both books but it’s much easier for the reader to start from a familiar beginning, which is Earth. It has been written deliberately as a companion piece to the main event and is smaller, so the reader can feel more comfortable and less overwhelmed when they first pick it up. This is not a creative book, although there are creative components to it. I am not the author, just the editor and compiler. My mandate was to create a more user friendly and approachable book, which I hope I have provided here.


The Urantia Book tells us that we are continuing to evolve as a human species and the progressive goals, the high deities have set for us are attainable. World peace and the advent of the period of ‘Life and Light’ (the rapture in Christian teachings) is the ultimate goal we have as a species on the material plane. This exalted period will not occur until we accept; a universal spiritual religion or faith, a single spoken and written language, a world governance that is effective and blessed, unanimous racial tolerance, equality between the sexes and the realization we are not alone in this great adventure that continues to unfold before our eyes. There are other inhabited planets out there. Our curiosity needs to consider that they exist and why we puzzlingly have been provided with no physical evidence up until now. It’s an important revelation that was first addressed in the Bible and is now brought forward in the pages of this book and The Urantia Book itself.


We need to look at the world in a different way. Today’s mythology will become our future history and our current history will become our future mythology. I’m not religious nor am I anti-theist. I am spiritual in my outlook on life. What has been written in ancient texts and religious documents like the Old Testament and in particular the Books of Genesis as well as documents from other religions, need to be revisited by scholars with an open mind and an ability to think outside the box. Only then will we make substantial progress as a human race.


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