“Death & Beyond” encompasses the cosmological hierarchy and structure of the universe and man’s place within it. It’s based around Tigh, a mortal human being. It commences with his death, judgement, resurrection and his journey beyond. It’s narrated from his guardian seraph’s ‘point of view.’ As his soul sets out on this incredible voyage, he goes from the shores of his home planet to the center of the universe. What he discovers on the way is Earth’s true human history beginning with the Paleolithic era, carrying through the Mesolithic and concluding at the end of the Neolithic, the advent of our biblical times. He also describes his surroundings and the metamorphic changes that he witnesses from within.


This is not a creative book, although there are imaginative components to it. I’m not the author, but the editor, collector and compiler. My goal is to create a more user friendly and approachable book from what has been published in the past, regarding the many archaeological, astral and biblical events on this planet. It also tells us that we are continuing to evolve as a human species and the progressive objectives, immortals have set for us are attainable but likewise in peril.


I am part of a group that’s making an effort to draw people to the center of the spiritual spectrum, away from the extreme religious right and the anti-theist left. In this manner, create a universal faith that would eliminate substantial tensions that exist in our world today. Rather than try to sway the entrenched beliefs of our older generation, our goal is to win over the hearts and minds of the young people on the planet.


Some of the sentence structure is presented with an odd rhythm or cadence to it. It’s because I wanted to stay true to the authors who are celestial in nature. There is also repetition in many places, usually dealing with a particular fact or concept and this is deliberate, as a learning tool for the reader.